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GamStop and FC Arsenal Possible Partnership: Pros & Cons

If you’ve been a regular online sports punter, you must have noticed the efforts of many bodies to curb gambling problems. One of the organizations that have been leading in this area is Gamstop. The popularity of Gamstop has continued to surge since most of the online bookies that are not on GamStop have been mandated to feature self-exclusion schemes. In recent times, Gamstop has proven its commitment to helping people with gambling problems by partnering with many English football clubs. This seems like a good move, considering that football is the most betted sport.

Football teams like Middlesbrough FC and Luton Town FC have joined the partnership with GamStop in an attempt to promote safe and responsible gambling. However, even though there are potential benefits from the partnership, there are also some drawbacks. In this article, we have considered some of the pros and cons involved if Arsenal FC partners with GamStop.

Advantages of Partnership

As a non-profit organization, GamStop’s major aim is to fight compulsive gambling and keep people safer. To do this, they offer a free online self-exclusion program for gamblers. This program allows gamblers to restrict their online gambling activities in the UK. If Arsenal FC joins the other football clubs to partner with the scheme, it will help to promote GamStop’s aim. Here are some of the advantages the partnership will bring.

Helping UK Punters

Due to the easy access many people have to online betting sites, they find it difficult to resist the urge to bet. This problem has persisted despite the strict rules promoted by the gambling watchdog. Over 1.3 million people in the UK are problem gamblers and this is a big source of concern.

Therefore, helping these punters who are vulnerable to addiction is quite important. And when the Gunners join to promote this course, the goal to assist the vulnerable gamblers will be easily fulfilled.

Educate fans about gambling

One of the ways Gamstop pushes its agenda is by educating people about gambling and how they can do it responsibly. Arsenal FC, one of the most successful teams in England has about 100 million fans with over 35 million followers on its official Facebook page. A partnership between GamStop and Arsenal will be a good opportunity to promote safe gambling within the United Kingdom and beyond.


The Gunners is already one of the most reputable football clubs in the UK and around the world. The team has won several competitions with two League Cups and 13 EPL titles. Also, it has won a total of 14 FA cups, making it the club with the highest wins in the tournament.

With this global reputation, the club has, partnering with GamStop will increase the prestige of the self-exclusion scheme. It will also encourage more teams to promote self-exclusion services and responsible gambling.

Drawbacks of Partnership

While the benefits of a partnership are great, there are many drawbacks it may cause for the football club. Note punters will have to sign up for the GamStop service. When they do this and activate the self-exclusion service, they are prevented from using betting apps and sites which are licensed in the UK for a period that they choose. Here are some ways the partnership could cause a drawback:

No gambling sponsors

It is no surprise that gambling companies are some of the biggest sponsors of football clubs as the game is the most popular sports punters bet on. Many football clubs promote betting companies with their jerseys and kits. While Arsenal does not have a betting company name inscribed on its jersey, it also has gambling sponsors.

However, if Arsenal partners with GamStop to promote the self-exclusion scheme, it could cause many of the gambling sponsors to withdraw. This is one thing Arsenal will want to avoid.

Lack of Sponsorship Funds

As many punters get to use GamStop self-exclusion service to stay off gambling, there’ll be a drop in income for gambling operators. Thus, the funds used for the sponsorship of clubs may not be readily available. And that’s even when the gambling company decides to keep sponsoring the club.

If the company stops sponsorship, the club will begin to lack money for some of its activities. The management of Arsenal FC understands this and will put it into consideration before going into partnership with Gamstop. Arsenal FC will have to weigh the pros and cons and make a final decision. However, promoting safe gambling is a move that has to be taken seriously.

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