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Gabby Agbonlahor scrutinised over controversial ‘biggest club in London’ verdict

Gabby Agbonlahor and talkSPORT has been scrutinised over their controversial ‘biggest club in London’ verdict on Friday morning.

Agbonlahor’s beloved Aston Villa are prepared to face West Ham at Villa Park in the Premier League on Sunday and the former striker has heaped praise on the Hammers.

When doing so however, he had a cheeky swipe at Arsenal and Tottenham – not only claiming that Chelsea are the biggest club in London but that West Ham have overtaken the North London giants.

He was reacting to the news that Czech businessman – and co-owner and president of Sparta Prague, Daniel Kretinsky is in talks with West Ham over purchasing a 27% stake in the club.

It has been suggested the 46-year-old could invest £300million into the Hammers, who have also been given permission to increase the capacity of the London Stadium to 62,500 – making it the biggest Premier League ground in the capital.

This all comes in the week West Ham became the first team to beat Man City in the Carabao Cup in five years and with David Moyes’ men adapting to life in the Europa League well and sitting fourth in the league table – ahead of both Spurs and the Gunners.

All of which led Agbonlahor to tell talkSPORT: “Why not, if I was a billionaire I’m thinking the club is in the perfect place isn’t it?

“They have got a great squad of players, a great manager at the moment, they are looking like a team that is going to keep getting into European places, looking a real good outfit now, West Ham.

“And apart from Chelsea for me they are the biggest club in London, they have overtook (sic) Arsenal, they have overtook Spurs – Brentford, Watford.

“They are the biggest club in London after Chelsea for sure now West Ham. Great players but they have got to now hang on to [Declan] Rice, hang on to [Michail] Antonio, hang on to [Aaron] Cresswell, these players.

“Hang on to them add more players into their squad now and why can’t they start looking at the top four?”

Speaking after the win over Man City, West Ham assistant manager Stuart Pearce promised that his side will be again ready to work hard against Villa.

“We feel as though we’re in a building process if I’m being honest with you,” he said.

“There’s a real level of honesty in the dressing room, hard work as well underpins everything that we do at the football club.

“We will not get washed away with it. We know there are big challenges up ahead, but we feel as though, certainly, the manager does, and I speak on his behalf tonight, that he is developing this club and growing this football club.”

Gabby Agbonlahor was scrutinised on Twitter over his controversial ‘biggest club in London’ verdict…

@Kopster10: Biggest in terms of what? Trophies, Net value, fan base, player values or income generated? Coz I thing the word “biggest” is being thrown around casually.

@OakleySean: I’m a West Ham fan but let’s be honest….we aren’t bigger then Arsenal or Tottenham! Arsenal’s history speaks for it’s self. Huge club. But I’d put us above them in terms of team and ability, and I think if we keep players fit we will finish above them both again this season ⚒️

@AdamFFC: another terrible opinion

@TheSpursLink: TalkShit has hit a new low

@GaryLittle4: If he said something like ‘West Ham form wise are currently outperforming Spurs and Arsenal’ then I’d accept that. But his obvious limited intellect prevents his ability to make that observation. This is @talkSPORT standards.

@ReeceFitzsimon1: This has to be a pisstake?? 😂😂😂😂 a good couple of seasons but still couldn’t get top 4 and that apparently makes them bigger than us and Arsenal. Fuck off talksport 😂

@louengland: This is why I stopped listening to talksport. When you hire delinquents to give their opinion like Agbonlahor this is the shit that gets served up. Absolute fucking idiot

@Heressss_Alex: Jesus Christ… the absolute nonsense. West Ham have finished above us and Arsenal once in about 15 years.

@nick80uk: I’m bored with the club size argument. It’s all about the now, not 2, 5, 10 years ago. All that matters is where you are now and where you are heading. West Ham are heading in the right direction. COYI ⚒️

@kingyyid: Talksport have appointed some bad pundits over last couple years but this guy just hasn’t got a clue, West Ham are a average club they don’t even own there ground

@GEORGIE_35: Is he pissed 😂😂

@peter_pdm: No.. just thick

@masumba1: 😜 nearly choked on me tea 🤣🤣🤣

@JamieDaviisx: He’s confusing bigger and better. They’re certainly 2nd best in London at the moment but they’re 4th biggest as a club.

@CTCity00: Sometimes people can’t seem to know how to differentiate between big and best. It takes a lot and time to be considered the biggest club. Best could be about form over certain time. Arsenal and Tottenham are still bigger clubs. West Ham is better than than them at the moment.

@jstevens123: Can West Ham pour upside down pints??? I very much doubt it 🤔

@ScottPr09202328: 🤣 don’t even own their own stadium.

@rarlingup: What is this guy on West Ham are bigger than Arsenal and spurs loooool

@JosephEvzzTHFC: We’re in a crisis, created fewest chances in the league, want our manager sacked. West Ham are flying, in the form of their life’s and yet they’re still only 2 ahead of us?

@GerFrancisBarbr: I think Impractical Jokers must be in his ear

@lillywhite10: Punditry is the only job in society where you can keep on being poor in your role and stay in the job.

@lawtowler86: No need to blow things out of proportion. We’re on the best form. Probably have a better team than arsenal, not sure re Spurs – it’s close. But to say we’re bigger than them both is stupid

@BigAd1985: I and every other real West Ham fan know we aren’t bigger than Arsenal or Spurs, silly thing to say by Agbonlahor really…. what he should of said is on current form West Ham are a better ‘team’ right now which is true.

@JimboG1425: Don’t think Gabby understands the difference between biggest and best. Arsenal are the biggest club in London, Chelsea are the best, and West Ham are the 4th biggest but second best.

@weaselinjeans: Another example of Talk Sport purposely trying to be contrived with its Z-list pundit, backward, comments. The standard of pundits on TS is so very poor. Jamie O’Hara and Gabby Agbonlahor are just there to be laughed at. Sad really.

@Nickyh_yiddo: Biggest club hahahahahaha don’t be silly now, better at the moment yes, no doubt! Biggest, sums thicko up really 😆

@ben_bob10: Cant believe they pay this guy, hes so thick , west ham doing really well , but bigger than arsenal, come on now

@stuartjohnson89: No way West Ham are bigger than Arsenal.

@Kinoutd: Bigger and better are very different

@Stonewolf68: Gabby been on the weed again 🙄

@nathancarty112: Do you just use him to piss everyone off 😂

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