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Gabby Agbonlahor claims Casemiro should be arrested as new video of incident surfaces

Gabby Agbonlahor claims the sent off Casemiro should be arrested as a new video of incident viewed from the stands surfaces.

Erik ten Hag’s men cruised as goals from Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford and the in-form Marcus Rashford gave Red Devils a 2-0 advantage.

Things turned heated in the 70th minute when an all-out brawl broke out after Jeffrey Schlupp, Palace’s man, shoved Antony, United’s winger into the advertising board.

Referee Andre Marriner gave Schlupp a yellow card, but VAR intervened to decide that Casemiro deserved to go.

Replays showed that the Brazilian put his hands around Will Hughes’ neck, a gesture which was captured on video.

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The win continued United’s fine run of form, despite Schlupp scoring in injury time to try to make a late comeback.

Agbonlahor went in on Casemiro’s actions, and demanded that he should be arrested.

Speaking on talkSPORT’s Saturday phone-in show, Agbonhalor slammed the behaviour of Casemiro, saying: “Casemiro thought he was Brock Lesnar back in the UFC.

“The way he was strangling Will Hughes, he should be arrested for that. Kids are watching that later on, on Match of the Day. Seeing Casemiro strangling an opponent.

“This isn’t ice hockey in America where they have a scrap during the game. This is football, we don’t want to see that.

“So Casemiro needs to be disciplined by Manchester United.”

“Casemiro crossed the line; you saw that,” the Dutchman admitted.

“However, I’m unhappy with the inconsistent refereeing; not only this game but also [away to] Palace. They elbowed Martinez and last week with Eriksen.

“A lot of other players crossed the line, including some Crystal Palace players. VAR didn’t intervene with them.

“This is a good team, they stick together. They’re there for each other. You see that in the outcome. [Rashford’s goal] was a perfect team goal for me, ended with the cross from Luke Shaw.”

He added: “You bring it up, but that was one of the players who did even worse, I would say, than Casemiro,” Ten Hag said of Ayew. “With Casemiro, you freeze the moment and he’s crossing the line there, but I do definitely.

“You have to be consistent as a VAR. Last week we missed Christian Eriksen (who is out for three months) by a bad foul. No interference from VAR.

“In Crystal Palace (last month), (Jean-Phillipe) Mateta is elbowing (Lisandro) Martinez, he is running for two weeks with a mark on his eyebrow and (VAR’s) not interfering. I see this is not right.”

It’s unlikely that Casemiro will be suspended and will therefore miss the Premier League’s next two games against Leeds and Leicester.

It means that he will be back in time to face Newcastle in the Carabao Cup final later this month. He will also be available for the Europa League legs against Barcelona.

Here’s what fans had to say as Gabby Agbonlahor claims Casemiro should be arrested while a new video of incident surfaces…

@SmnLlyd5: He’s out-Agbonlahord himself here

@ARavenscroft43: What am I hearing 🤣

@MoleyManning: ‘He should be arrested for that’ 😂😂😂 How does this clown get a gig week in week out 😩

@kwhitehead2019: Why do they give this muppet airtime? Parody channel

@Conor_Wynne1: Thats some take 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@MrCowper: Percentage of strangulations Brock or any other MMA fighter have done in UFC history. 0%. Percentage of the time Agbonlahor talks shite. 100%

@manc_down_under: @talkSPORT has some decent pundits. You may not always agree with them but at least they talk some sense and make their points eloquently. I’m convinced that this muppet is solely employed to say ridiculous things to get reactions. Either that or he genuinely is a complete moron!

@UtdXtra18: This guy needs sorting

@matty_j_dcc: Somebody seriously take this guy off the radio 🤦🏻‍♂️

@SeanKeaneMUFC: What a tosser 😂

@laura_mol11: This guy is pathetic 🙄

@UtdKeza: Jesus Christ you’d think he tried to murder him. Their agenda against united on this shit show is so tedious

@georgeblues10: Come off it gabby you stupid cunt

@RPassion1999: It’s ok @gabby_10 we have been told how it all works on this show. Troy Deeney has called you all out 😉. You keep embarrassing yourself on a weekly basis mate 🤣🤡👍

@UTD_Merchant: I’ve had enough. I’m delete this shitty radio station

@Tommy_crank: 😂😂😂 proper muppet this lad

@BigMoss88: He’s a proper parody this fella 🤣 like ghandi from animation fella

@JoeNic8: Haha this guy is an absolute 🤡😂

Duty of care is needed for this guy🤔 ..
Talksport are to blame though for no doubt briefing him to talk utter bollocks and gain clicks ..gotta respect his balls for playing the dunce ✅
Easy money for him ✅

@AdWilliamson05: How is this bloke allowed a platform to share his football opinions. They are absolutely horrific nine times out of ten.

@ConnerArm3: I honestly don’t think there is a worse opinion in football, tragic

@Justjohnhi: Absolute 🤡 won nothing, knows nothing

@crofty_12: ‘He should be arrested for that’ 😂😂😂 Agbonlahor, give over 🤡🤡🤡

@bradjenks: Consistency is the problem with the decision, hands where raised by numerous players the an opponents neck or face and only one red card. this was VAR intervention and only looked at one player @FA_PGMOL on Friday night on @SkySports with Howard Webb went on about consistency

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