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Further details emerge with Jonjo Shelvey told to stay at home after angry spat with Steve Cooper

Further details emerge with Jonjo Shelvey told to stay at home after having an angry spat with Nottingham Forest manager Steve Cooper.

According to The Telegraph, Steve Cooper told Jonjo Shelvey last weekend to stay home after the Nottingham Forest player’s angry reaction to being selected as a sub.

Shelvey was excluded from Cooper’s matchday team for the Premier League game against Liverpool on Saturday after an altercation at a team meeting.

It’s said that Shelvey became angry when being told that he would be starting the match on the bench for a second time in a row.

He had been carrying a minor injury to his calf, but was willing to make himself available to play against his former club where he spent three years between 2010 and 2013.

Because of Shelvey’s reaction to being told he wouldn’t be starting, Cooper then told him to not travel to Merseyside.

The January signing will now have to fight for his place in the starting lineup over the last six matches of the season.

Cooper is said to have also been unhappy with Shelvey’s performance in training the previous week, and felt that he needed to make a statement.

By signing 30 players in this season’s squad, there is now a culture of togetherness and culture within the dressing-room and found Shelvey’s response was unacceptable.

Shelvey signed a 2 and a half year contract with the club for a small fee during the winter transfer window.

He has played eight times so far, but hasn’t been used since the costly error against Aston Villa that led to the first goal of the 2-0 loss earlier this month.

Forest haven’t won in eleven matches, with the threat of relegation much more serious.

Cooper’s team get set to play against Brighton at home on Wednesday, sitting just one point behind 17th-placed Leicester who play Leeds on Tuesday.

“The run is far from what we want it to be,” said Cooper. “We have to take responsibility for that and always try to change things around, and the challenge continues.

“We’re not in the situation we’re in because of the last two games, it was the phase before that. There’s still six games to play and we’re in amongst a group who are in a similar situation.”

Scott McKenna is the latest player to pick up an injury and will miss the rest of the season with a fractured collarbone.

Willy Boly is also expected to miss the remainder of the campaign with a serious hamstring injury, but Serge Aurier and Cheikhou Kouyaté could return to training later this week.

On Brighton, Cooper added, as per the club website:

“Brighton have quite rightly been getting a lot of praise for the season they’re having.

“When you play an opponent you study them a lot more and they seem like a really aligned and joined up club who are very clear about how they do everything and that’s very much been taken on to the pitch this season.

“They will be a really tough opponent, but one that we’re preparing well for and one we will be ready for.

“There’s a lot more scrutiny on games and results at the moment, but we’ve got to look after ourselves.

“It’s at The City Ground and we know that we can have good times there, so we’re going to give everything we can to make Wednesday another good night.”

On the mood in the dressing room…

“We’re all aware of the situation and the challenge continues, there’s no doubt about that.

“We’re speaking very openly about the present situation and we know the run is far from what we want it to be.

“As I’ve said before, we have to take responsibility for that and always look to try and change things around.

“We’ve got to keep looking forward, we’ve got to keep doing whatever it takes on a day-by-day basis to be at our best in the next games.

“There are still six games to play and we’re right in and amongst a group of teams who are in a similar situation. Things can change quickly, we’ve got to make sure that happens.”

On the defeat to Liverpool…

“You don’t want to speak too positively after a defeat and you never should, particularly on the run we’re on.

“As a coach you have to look at everything in the game and try and put everything together to move forward, I say that even when we win.

“In terms of what went well, I liked the attitude of the players. To go to Anfield and cause problems for Liverpool, shows there is a belief in the team and a commitment to doing well.

“We obviously let ourselves down with the goals we conceded, but we never gave up in the game and kept going until the end.

“Of course, it was another defeat away from home, but it was one of our better performances away from home.

“We’re always looking to grab hold of things we do well in a game and build on it.”

On The City Ground crowd…

“Our supporters have been incredible this year and we will never take their support for granted. It can help enormously.

“On Saturday before the game kicked off, the players in the huddle said that the supporters they could hear most were ours.

“We’ve got to play our part and make sure we try and have the connection we do have to make it tough for Brighton.”

What Shelvey said on life at Forest (March 2023)

“There is such a good team spirit here. That’s very hard to find when such a lot of players have signed for a football club. 

“It’s hard to put so many new faces into a dressing room and expect them to gel, but everyone’s been spot on with me personally.

“You can feel the team spirit, even the lads who are not involved or injured are here on a matchday and speak in the dressing room. The team spirit here is fantastic.”

“Until I came here, I didn’t realise how loud the ground can be. The atmosphere is electric, even when you go out to warm up it gets you right in the mood for the game.

“I know what the club has won in the past but I’m probably too young to understand the history in terms of where it has been, but my Dad is the one who said to me ‘you don’t realise how big of a club Forest is.’

“You only have to walk around the city and the people remind you how big of a club it is, the pictures that are hung up on the walls at the training ground, the atmosphere here on a matchday, it makes you realise how big of a club it is.”

Here’s how social media users reacted as further details emerge with Jonjo Shelvey told to stay at home after an angry spat with Steve Cooper…

@SidneyC73: Looks like someone is getting a summer transfer to Olympiacos!

@martynscribbler: Worst signing of the season…..which says a lot seeing as we signed a player with a broken leg for 13 mil who hasn’t played at all!

@Bob_Helpful: £5m and 70k a week for 2.5 years. This combined with with £15m for Chris Wood almost makes up for that Ian fucking Woan goal.

@agbnufc_: So glad we didn’t trigger his contract extension. So thankful to Forest for getting us decent fees for Wood/Shelvey and speeding up our project even more.

@ThespenceUK: Shelvey wanted out of #NUFC. As much as I liked Shelvey playing in that deep role last season, him going has benefited us as it has meant Longstaff and Willock have had more game time #NUFC

@forestforever11: Wood & Shelvey have to be 2 of the worst buys for #nffc in recent history. Both are old, slow, crap, on massive wages & cost a small fortune & the attitude of Shelvey is nothing short of scandalous for the shit show performances he’s given us. What a arrogant tosser he is.

@jaacknffc: Got some front hasn’t he 😂 lucky to make the bench never mind start. Get out of my club you fraud

@FiSpartacus: This is really stupid. I never liked Shelvey but had respect for what he did for Newcastle. His ability has clearly diminished along with his common sense as this will only serve to alienate him further in fans eyes and ultimately lead to an ignominious exit. #NFFC

@TrickyLMC: Big headed tw*ts doing nothing apart from give a peno away and an assist for Villa and he’s kicking off!! This is exactly what you get with has beens like him they disrupt the changing room and bring a bad atmosphere. Sad when you see the team spirit last season #nffc

@markyyypoyser: Would like to say I’m shocked. But I’m not. Worse signing than Harry arter and I’m not even joking. Blokes a prick. Hope him and wood never set foot on a pitch in red again

@Chris78901: Get him gone, one of the worst signings we’ve ever made. Let’s just hope someone’s stupid enough to stump up for his wages #nffc

@Grantnffc1: Let’s hope we survive. But we going to have to step up & grab the initiative a lot more in these final 6 games. In the summer we have a lot of work to do to get our squad respectable by number & by getting back to an athletic team with a shared ethos. Wood/Shelvey can go 1st.

@ashbashforest: Sounds like a prima Donna

@BackseatsmanLFC: I was furious too. He usually always comes back to Anfield and gifts us something.

@nffcalways1: Good to hear Cooper doesn’t tolerate that kind of behaviour, we always see the arms around players image from Cooper and it’s good to see he has this side to him as well #nffc

@eracdave: Good, strong management. No-one has a divine right to a starting place (or for that matter, a seat on the bench). JS could spend a bit of time practising the defensive side of his game in his garden….#NFFC

@PlayAllTheWay: What Forest have done so poorly is sign some players based on name and not form or the character to dig in and fight. Lingaard and Shelvey are fair weather players only interested in joining them to collect their wage packets, they have no care for that Club at all

@Jiminy_Bob: He’s made a catalogue of errors since we signed him. The fact he doesn’t expect to be dropped because of this says all I need to know.

@MattyBrault: What’s happened is they signed far too many players, making it almost impossible for Cooper to keep everyone happy & you end up with a divided dressing room with people all pulling in different directions.

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