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Furious Oldham manager filmed giving middle finger to opposition fans

Furious Oldham manager John Sheridan filmed giving the middle finger to opposition fans following a dramatic finish at the County Ground.

The 57 year old swore back at his old club’s supporters, after Swindon Town’s Dion Conroy produced a last gasp header in additional time to send the home supporters wild.

Sheridan, who has won three of his nine fixtures since taking over from interim boss Selim Benachour in January, let his emotions get the better of him and in doing so, was caught on camera as he made his way down the tunnel.

Despite insisting that he ‘doesn’t worry’ about Swindon fans – the middle finger he showed them said otherwise, and as footage goes viral, many sees it as rather unprofessional.

Sheridan had said: “I’m not worried about Swindon.

“You know I’ve played at Leeds United for eight years, I played at Sheffield Wednesday.

“I am not bothered about 6,000 fans shouting at me. I have got a lot more about me.

“They even booed Hallam Hope off who won the title for them and that is typical so I don’t worry about them.”

Five yellow cards were handed out during the League Two clash which threatened to boil over, with Sheridan having stern words with Swindon players throughout the game.

The Latics sit second bottom of the fourth tier having won only seven of their 34 fixtures so far this term, but are three points from safety with games in hand.

Swindon are 17 places higher as they eye up an automatic promotion, with only three points separating second place Northampton and Bristol Rovers in eighth.

“To concede with near enough the last kick of the game… we’ve defended heroically when we’ve had to. It’s just a downer we’ve ended up conceding a goal like that,” said Sheridan.

“We shouldn’t be giving a silly foul away. That’s what’s caused the goal. We shouldn’t give a silly foul away. We’ve got two centre halves who have gone off. We should never give a cheap foul away in that silly area at that time of the game.

“We battled away. I’d like us to be brave enough in our decision making but there were too many people again off their game.

“If we’d have come away with a point I would have probably been talking more positively. I would have said probably the same things but we’d have been taking a point home. It’s hard to take.”

Sheridan felt there being six bookings and one sent off highlighted a lack of judgement.

“We make silly fouls and decisions. A lot of it is probably our fault,” he said.

“I’ve had a little go at them but it’s not a time to be hard. The game’s gone now, we’ve thrown a point away.

“It’s making decisions. You can’t give a silly free kick away in the last seconds of the game in a dangerous area. Stand on your feet. It just puts you right under pressure. He puts a great ball in, but they’re overloaded because we’ve got two of our best defenders off the pitch.”

With the furious Oldham manager filmed giving middle finger to opposition fans, plenty gave their reaction…

@rachw101: Rattled 🐍

@shaunthesheep89: @dionjc95 look what you have done! 🤣🤣🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖

@SwindonSparkle: I hope the Football League fine him.

@Stfc26stu: Ha ha ha. Bless his cotton socks.

@Danjw89: Go on Lord Shez 🤣 😂

@JoeTickle5: Lord John Sheridan living absolutely rent free in Swindon’s head 😂. The amount they go on about him is unreal. What a fucking legend!! My Manager 💙🧡 #oafc

@stfcmas2572: Apparently not bothered he said…. Fkin liar

@sn2sam: Hope the FA charge him for his unacceptable gesture.

@btsheard2211: Oh Jonny Sheridan Oldham loves you more than you will know

@hewi1989: Absolute fucking legend 😍 #oafc

@Liamoafc13: My manager 🤩🤩

@PaddyStavros: @OfficialOAFC Hope John Sheridans finger gets better soon. It was that sore he insisted on waving it at Swindon Town fans to prove how swollen it was. #PrayForSherisFinger

@ashkelly2610: Ladies & Gentleman….. Mr John Sheridan

@ccoulthard: 😂 😂 😂 Classic Sheridan

@Tommy_Bostock: My hero #oafc

@TCarter66208: Oh this is world class.. well done #STFC and fuck you Mr Sheridan 😆👏🏻

@ste08cufc: @EFL you’re not allowed to do that are you? #sheridan #leoparddoesntchangeitsspots

@Dawn_Marsden: Just when I thought I couldn’t love The Lord anymore than I do 😍😍😍 #oafc

@BradleyKnowles1: My manager #oafc

@Leo_OAFC: Shezza 😍 nothing could possibly stop me from loving this man 💙🧡 #OAFC

@jackogara2000: Can his statue be this please

@1carlisle: My dislike of this man his attitude, behaviour and contempt for football fans increases.

@LukeHOAFC: Shez lives rent free in Swindon fans heads

@woodythecoach: Me: walking up stairs when my mum used to tell me to tidy my room.

@stacearse1: Absolute fucking hero shez 🤣 #oafc

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