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Furious Graeme Souness turns his back on Micah Richards in heated row on Sky Sports

A furious Graeme Souness turns his back on fellow pundit Micah Richards in what was a heated row live on Sky Sports at the weekend.

The pair got into a discussion on old comments which were made by Paul Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola about the Frenchman’s future at Manchester United.

In what seemed to be quite the unprofessional manner, they all spoke over each other and angrily tried to get their points across before Souness then rather childlessly turned his back.

Raiola has been infuriating supporters since back in December 2020, when he claimed that Pogba’s time at Old Trafford was ‘over’ just 24 hours before Manchester United’s critical, and ultimately unsuccessful, Champions League tie with RB Leipzig.

Pogba himself has kept up his efforts on the pitch despite running into the final year of his contract – and showed the quality he has during the Euros and again at the weekend in the Premier League with four assists during a sensational performance against Leeds on Saturday.

Discussing the Red Devils midfielder, Micah Richards said: “His agent might have done the talking, but he’s not done anything.

“He’s just gone out there and tried to do the best he could – and (Harry) Kane the same, that’s what players want to do.”

Souness quickly interjected, saying: “Do you think the agent speaks without the permission of the player? Do you think the agent just talks out nonsense?”

Richards hit back: “I actually do, I actually do, definitely.”

However Souness disagreed: “Not a chance, not a chance. He’s echoing the thoughts of the player.”

Richards went further, before a fuming Souness interrupted again: “Can we move on from Manchester United? We haven’t got much time left, can we talk about Liverpool?”

Souness angrily turned around, with Dave Jones saying to Gary Neville: “Let’s put it this way. If your agent comes out and says three or four times ‘I want to get Paul a different club’, Paul does enough interviews to say ‘My agent’s out of order, he’s got that wrong’.

“He’s never said that either, has he?”

Souness turned his back on the discussion at one point

Richards then replied: “He’s not going to do that though, is he? You wouldn’t do that with your agent.”

Neville responded, prompting more laughs: “I didn’t have an agent. My strings weren’t being pulled by anyone, I wasn’t a puppet.”

Going back to talking about Harry Kane, after pundits just watched Tottenham beat Manchester City 1-0 without him, Richards said: “I’m only mentioning it because it’s similar to the Kane situation.

“Kane’s not turned up for training and we’re calling him a saint. Pogba’s never said he wants to leave but he’s getting abuse! What’s the difference?”

A barely composed Souness returned to the discussion, saying: “My information about Kane, it’s not that he didn’t turn up for training, there’s another story behind that. Can we move on and talk about Chelsea or Liverpool please?”

Richards got the final word in, however, saying: “We’re meant to be neutrals.”

Fans reacted as the furious Graeme Souness turns his back on Micah Richards in a heated row on Sky Sports…

@tuite147: Disgraceful behaviour by souness and the sky panel in general towards Richards here, how can sky allow souness be so dismissive of a colleague because he dosent agree, shocking behaviour, he wouldn’t do it to Keane that’s for sure.

@NettyCiteh: Why does souness turn his back like that, as if he’s entitled or something?

@OnlyBuilt4CL: Imagine the uproar if Pogba had casually done an interview with a well known pundit and full camera crew down the golf course and then refused to play or even turn up for training. I’d love to know how many people would be defending him. So why is Kane being let off so lightly?!

@UtdAbid: Fair play Michah. Putting Neville and Souness in their place. Funny how they wanted to change the subject ahahaha

@UtdSamm: Can we please have a 1-to-1 interview between Pogba and Souness before he leaves?

@veb_mufc: huge respect micah!

@sismai: Shout out to Micah Richards. All we need is for the pundits and media to keep that same energy when criticising the players. SIMPLE

@ToneyVanMartial: Gary Neville the same man that went golphing with Kane to speak about leaving a football that he has no reason to leave

@OneandonlyGLA: The hate for pogba still goes on , he won’t leave he will sign the contract and do his ting real talk

@toothyplays_: That’s cause Sky absolutely love Man Utd. Any player saying they need to leave United to go to a better club is an insulting thought for Sky. But they’ve been absolutely egging Kane to leave Spurs for ages. So of course they’re gonna defend when he finally tries to do that.

@NoodleHouseAlex: Souness does my tits in. Him and Keane embody everything shit about English punditry. Micah’s absolutely right to bring up the difference in responses to the transfer rumours.

@gazza7963: It’s about time Sky got rid of Souness he’s so bias and out of touch, childish behaviour, bring new blood in like Micah

@TonyTsta63: Why does @SkySportsPL keep churning out old, biased, ex Liverpool players, acting as so called pundits, who have an obvious agenda against certain players? Isn’t it time to refresh? #mindboggling #Sourness

@_Razmann: The only man that has sense here is Micah Richards

@olebiggestfan: Souness is perhaps the most biased pundit on any of the major networks. How does he still have a job

@kangenwelluk: Doesn’t matter whether Pogba wants to leave or not. He shows up. Is positive around the squad. Doesn’t sulk. Opposite of Kane. Souness is not objective. Has an anti Pogba agenda. Should be sacked for bigotry

@SundayGirl1972: Sourness Souness has a massive problem with Pogba not one positive comment from him just aswell @MicahRichards talks sense.

@Identic_WG: Souness is just a sad person. Dont know what his problem with pogba is.

@deNoronhaUK: Well done Micah for shutting up Souness who loves to hate Pogba

@Lyonsycrag: I love Richards.. it astounds me how Souness is still on Sky, what a miserable old git.

@greengoldfc: Richards bitch slapping souness and Neville

@manlikenb: Souness the prick just needs to admit he has a Pogba agenda and just move on. It’s like it hurts him to give Pogba the credit he deserves. Pogba was a cut above the rest on that pitch yesterday, and this prick said Greenwood was the star of the show.

@domJlucas: Can we talk about Souness acting like a petulant little child here not getting his own way. I’m going to turn away because we aren’t talking about my team. What an idiot!!!

@Aphiwe_35: Take that Souness idiot off air.. He clearly has an agenda against Pogba. He can’t even say anything nice about his display Saturday. He’s clearly bias and it’s targeted racism from him!!! Disgraceful, I’m turning off my TV whenever he speaks. What a idiot!!!

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