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Fuming Mikel Arteta rips into his players after defeat at Nottingham Forest

A video of a fuming Mikel Arteta rips into his Arsenal players after last season’s surprise FA Cup defeat at Nottingham Forest.

The Spaniard reached boiling point after the Gunners’ shock FA Cup third round defeat to Nottingham Forest last season, and now behind-the-scenes footage of that moment from Amazon Prime’s ‘All or Nothing’ documentary.

Back in January, the 14-time FA Cup winners Arsenal crashed out of the competition after suffering a surprise 1-0 defeat to then-Championship outfit Nottingham Forest, who won promotion via the playoffs this summer.

A late goal from substitute Lewis Grabban in the 83rd minute sealed a historic win for the recently promoted side, who went on to play Leicester City in the fourth round.

In the new documentary, video footage from after the game shows how furious Arteta was at his players for their performance in Nottingham.

Nuno Tavares was subbed off after just 33 minutes following a poor display, while former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane suggested they were playing “like a pub team.”

“It’s been so poor,” he said on ITV. “Pace of pass, decision making, passing it behind people. Really… rubbish.”

After the full time whistle, Arteta didn’t hold back when he entered the dressing room.

“I accept losing guys, I accept losing. I don’t accept these f****** standards, I’m telling you. I don’t accept them, I don’t accept them, these standards,” Arteta said, wagging his finger.

“It’s nowhere near, nowhere near. I’m not criticising the attitude but attitude is not enough, courage is not enough, to run is not enough, you have to have much more than that and it’s nowhere near.

“You agree with me guys? Yeah? But between you f****** do it and demand yourself, that’s what I’m telling you in f****** training because I see it in training, that it doesn’t matter to give the ball away. ‘It’s okay, sometimes I go to the next ball and I run,’ no! Because in the game it’s a goal.

“When I lose a duel, I am upset,” Arteta is heard saying. “When I lose the small-sided games, I am upset because that’s the f****** standards, because you come here and f****** lose.”

Arteta lifts up the kit trolley and slams it down before walking away. “It’s nowhere near guys,” he says. “It’s f****** s***. I’m telling you, s***.”

He called for his Arsenal squad to rub their palms together in an attempt to get “everyone with the same energy”.

“We’re going to do something, guys,” Arteta said.

“We’re going to get all the energy in this room together. If I tell you I want you to start with this (rubbing palms). I want you to close your eyes and I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen in the game.

“And then you’re going to grab each other’s hands and we’re going to create energy in a bubble and play f****** there [pointing towards the pitch]. Close your eyes.”

Twitter users reacted as footage emerges of a fuming Mikel Arteta rips into his players after defeat at Nottingham Forest…

@___ryan___14: Arteta sounds like he’s about to cry.

@Trevorlloyd92: I would be laughing 🤣 how can anyone take him seriously

@boonycarlsberg: You know when you’ve been Coopered!

@lachojski: Nearly tripping up on his way out 😂😂

@MaxChels: The Spanish David Brent.

@NG18Trickytrees: How would you not laugh

@gavinspurs: What a bellend. How can you watch that and say he’s a top manager? He nearly started crying for ffs.

@SarcasticForest: Only thing that would’ve made this funnier is if Arteta had to stop mid-tirade because of Depeche mode

@sceneoriginals: Brilliant, let’s hope we can do it again.

@bryangilsbarber: “The last thing I want to do, me as a coach, is blame any of you in difficult moments. My responsibility. I take the shit.”

@TimBinstead: Even at his most angry, MA is as threatening as a wet flannel.

@Darodo01: He’s angry because he had just spoken to Spence who told him he’d rather play for an elite manager at Spurs.

@KSWalkerSpurs: Imagine this guy trying to motivate you 😂

@BoxingWgli: Fucking hell, it’s like Mr Bean losing his temper! Jesus wept.

@andysimms1989: What happened to his voice when he shouts no 😂😂

@kimbopaul1: Love his Spanish expletives “eezz fookin sheet” 🤣

@MatthewHailes: How did they all not piss themselves laughing…. plus I’ve seen more luxury changing rooms on a Sunday morning

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