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Fuming Cardiff manager slams “disgraceful” comments from Sheffield United fan during match

Fuming Cardiff City manager Steve Morison slams “disgraceful” comments which came from a Sheffield United fan during match on Saturday.

He claimed that vile abuse was aimed towards the Bluebirds’ 65-year-old club doctor, coming in the first half of the match with the Blades, Morison and his assistant Mark Hudson having to talk to a member of Bramall Lane security after Bluebirds wing-back Cody Drameh had received treatment for a knee injury by Len Nokes, the club’s chief medical officer.

While the coaching staff members singled out by a supporter in the crowd, Morison alleged that what the supporter was shouting towards Dr. Nokes was unacceptable.

“It’s amazing how some people are allowed to talk to you and talk to someone like Len Nokes, who has been at this club for 30-odd years. Someone talks to him like that? Obviously I can’t say what they said to him but it just shows a complete lack of respect,” he said after the match.

“When asked to sort it out, because you can see the culprit, nothing gets done. ‘Oh, he’s been spoken to’, well, he carried on for the rest of the game. Imagine I had said that? I think it’s an absolute disgrace.

“But it is what it is and that’s football. You’re allowed to say what you want to us but we can’t say anything back because we are the professionals. It’s an absolute disgrace, what they said to him. An absolute disgrace.

“They heard it, everyone knows who it was, but he was allowed. I maybe should have said it was racist, because then they would have gone and done something. But it was an absolute disgrace, he is an old man, a doctor, looking after a player on the pitch. And they talk to him like that? Totally wrong.

“And when they know who it is and they let him carry on and sit there for the rest of the game, because it’s easier to do that, and we wonder why we’ve got problems in the world. It’s a disgrace.”

The game itself saw Cardiff pick up a third straight Championship defeat on Saturday afternoon with Iliman Ndiaye getting the only goal.

“Nothing negative coming from me today,” Morison added. “That was excellent from our lads. We limited a top, top team to their least amount of shots this season at Bramall Lane.

“We had just as many chances as them, we could have easily been in the lead. We could have been level or come away with something, but we haven’t.

“We are a team in transition. I am really proud of that [performance]. I thought we played really well, it’s just they took one of their five chances and we didn’t take one of ours, so I am frustrated from that point of view. But they are a top team and fighting for the play-offs.

“You could see their reaction after the game, they were desperate for that game to finish. I really enjoyed standing there and watching the players carry out what we asked them to do.

“The changes at half-time maybe killed us a little, because people were not in the game where others were. Ultimately, that’s maybe cost us in the end.

“It was an average age of 23 when we left that football pitch today, but it shows just where we are. There were £2m worth of transfer fees [on the pitch for Cardiff], whereas they’ve got over £30m. So it’s something to be proud of for our football club.”

Twitter users reacted reacted as a fuming Cardiff manager slams “disgraceful” comments from Sheffield United fan during Saturday’s match…

@BellersTheBlade: Only been sitting near the away dugout since 2014 but their management team today was the worst I’ve seen for just completely disregarding the boundaries of a technical area. Up and down the line, getting in the way of players warming up etc. Someone was quite rightly reminded

@Neil1889: Irrelevant manager of an irrelevant club

@boothysufc: Should look at his own behaviour as well.

@Blades_Mad: Thought his touchline behaviour wasn’t befitting of a first-team manager either 👍 squaring up to the fourth official isn’t exactly professional is it.

@goodolblade: Watched Morrison for much of the game from the back of the south stand. Whinged at 4th official all match and appeared to be happy to wind up the fans behind him especially after he bumped into Billy

@Champagneblade: As long as he’s not deflecting away from his side being easily turned over, eh?

@Ijblade: What about his behaviour towards jack lester after a challenge then all over 4th official. Get over it son part of football.

@SubtleBlade: an exchange? So wasn’t just one way?

@foxy81: *I don’t want to make a big deal about it…” Yet here he is

@dbrownblade1: I’m not going to make a big thing about it, then spends 10 minutes crying about it. Didn’t show me respect? Why, what have you done to deserve any?

@lewisturton2291: “Maybe I should have said it was racist because something would have happened then” what a strange comment! 🤔🧐🤷🏻‍♂️ and as for an ‘absolute disgrace’ he should look at his own behaviour on the touchline, he squared up to the 4th official a couple of times! 🙈

@bladeslad1977: He’s always been a nob

@JimPhippsPro: A. Morrison’s cynical, ugly comments reveal more about himself than they do about the supporter, the security personnel & the club whom he presumes to criticise.

@goodolblade: Absolutely, his comment regarding racism, is a devaluation of the abhorrent act of racism, itself

@DaveWilson5209: Shown a lack of respect?? I’ll have a look in my first aid kit to see if I’ve got a tube of “there there cream” for him!! Never liked the twat and I can see why now!!

@Ranny_Blade: This bloke spent years at Millwall where abuse of opposition staff is simply normal behaviour. Fronting it up is what gets respect there. He’s gone daft in the head. Especially as he spent most of the game in the face of the fourth official.

@KopFinest: “Maybe I should’ve said it was something racist” absolute freak.

@leegarryallen: Why did he have to bring race into it? Odd that! “I’m not protected cus I’m white”…. Very closeted racist thing to say.

@Loft1981: He gobbed off back at him and got owned!! Spent rest of match moaning like a whinging old woman!!

@Justlewy_: Hope he gave the 4th official a big kiss as he basically was sucking his dick his whole game

@KieranCraig2016: Surprised he ain’t phones the police on them the whinging inbred

@Thisisred5Five: “Maybe I should have said it was racism” but it wasn’t was it you fucking mug. Exactly the sort of statement that trivialises actual racism.

@TrueBlade1889: Lost his head that bloke “maybe I should’ve said it was something racist” proper cretin

@benjacobhague: “Maybe I should have said it was racism” absolutely vile comments from Steve Morison.

@JeniParker4: Somebodys going in the naughty corner 🤣 fancy spitting dummy out cos somebody called him OLD 🤣

@BTL_Analysis: “Maybe I should have said it was racist because something would have happened then. Totally wrong.” What do u mean “maybe I should have said it was racist”? Fuckin bellend, so u would’ve lied claiming you’ve heard a racist remark just cos u was getting sworn at during game?

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