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Fulham confirm supporter taken ill at Blackpool game has died

Fulham confirm that the supporter who was taken ill at Saturday’s game against Blackpool has sadly died despite best attempts to treat him.

The Championship fixture at Craven Cottage was suspended because of a medical emergency about 10 minutes into the first half.

Medical staff from both clubs helped paramedics attending to an emergency in the Hammersmith Stand, with fans using flags to provide first responders with some privacy.

Referee Peter Bankes ordered both teams off the pitch as a result, before the game eventually resumed after a lengthy stoppage.


It is with immense sadness that we inform fans of the passing of supporter, Paul Parish.

Paul suffered a cardiac arrest and received treatment in the Hammersmith Stand at this afternoon’s match before being transferred to the hospital. He sadly passed away this evening.

Our condolences and the thoughts of everyone at Fulham Football Club go out to Paul’s family, friends and loved ones.

The family would like to thank the fans of Fulham and Blackpool for the respect and care they showed as well as all staff at Craven Cottage and at the hospital for their assistance, care and attention.

Rest in Peace Paul.


Meanwhile, a similar incident unfolded at Boundary Park, where Oldham’s League Two game against Rochdale was also halted.

Oldham said the fan was responsive and receiving treatment.

‘A heartfelt thank you to supporters who alerted it quickly to the stewards and medical team in the Main Stand Upper,’ the club tweeted.

‘We will try to provide a further update but he is back responsive and receiving treatment.’

The game at Boundary Park also restarted.

just before half-term in Wycombe’s 1-0 defeat against MK Dons, play was paused for a third medical emergency of the afternoon, albeit for two minutes.

Tributes have been paid as Fulham confirm that the supporter taken ill at the Blackpool game has sadly died…

@HinnHeartsBeer: Respect to all who helped shield in H6, and again to the quick response by the fans around Paul, the physios and paramedics who attended. Thoughts with Paul’s friends and family, and thanks to Blackpool’s travelling support for their unity.

@TheWhittards: I’m terribly saddened by this loss to the football community. No fan should ever not return home from a football match. Love, prayers and condolences to all those affected by this tragic loss.

@JamieDReid: Such tragic news. My thoughts go out to Paul’s family. I cannot begin to imagine how they must be feeling. I know the medical staff worked so hard and I am so sorry to hear that we have lost one of the Fulham family. Hug your loved ones tonight and say a prayer for Paul’s family.

@katedixon80: Have watched his family grow over the years from a couple of rows back. My thoughts are with them all and to those who did their absolute best to save him. RIP Paul

@simmoffc: Rest in Peace Paul, God bless to his family, and for all those that tried so hard to save him, @BlackpoolFC your physios were so quick to try and help and are a credit to your club and we will always be thankful, as were your supporters. Sleep well fellow Fulham Fan

@TalksLuca: No fan should ever go to a football game and never return home. Result is irrelevant today. RIP Paul

What are the signs of a cardiac arrest?

A cardiac arrest usually happens without warning. If someone is in cardiac arrest, they collapse suddenly and:

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What causes a cardiac arrest?

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A heart attack and cardiac arrest are not the same.

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How is a cardiac arrest treated?

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