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“Fuck Brentford” – Fans baffled after Ivan Toney is caught violating his own team

Fans have been left baffled after Ivan Toney is caught violating his own team in a video quickly getting views on social media.

The 25 year old Brentford striker may have landed himself in hot water after a video of him saying “fuck Brentford” did the rounds online.

He has been a breath of fresh air as well as a welcome addition to the Premier League since being promoted to the top tier from the Championship last campaign.

His goals have been a key contributing factor in Brentford’s efforts to keep above the drop zone, but will be looking over their shoulders as we end the second half of the campaign and the form isn’t impressive right now.

He will no doubt be an important figure for Thomas Frank’s side going forward, however you’ll have to wonder how his rather flippant of late manager will think, no doubt a good talking to when he returns to training after the winter break.

Whether it’s a joke or not, it’s not wholly appropriate, or excited great to see from a fan’s point of view is it?

It his already starting to cause anger within the fanbase, so you imagine there will be a well-written apology to come from the man himself.

Ivan Toney recently spoke how his team can compete with the system in place at Brentford so that every member of the squad can compete at the very highest level.

The centre forward was speaking to the written media after the Bees were edged out of a thrilling clash with Manchester City by a single Phil Foden goal in late December.

But he was full of praise for the players who stepped up to the mark to leave Pep Guardiola’s side sweating until the final whistle.

“From the starters to the subs we have quality all over the field. We’re missing some main players but the other boys came in and did great,” said the forward. “It’s not just quality though – it’s wanting to work hard and knowing your job when you get in the team, and they did both.”

Toney said the true mark of this history-making squad will be when the spectre of COVID, injuries and suspensions has gone away.

He added: “Everyone is always ready for the opportunity to play and the players who came in did well, but when we get everyone back we have a great squad and we can compete at the highest level.”

He was disappointed not to take something from the game, but admitted: ”We could have scraped something out of the it but lacked quality in the final third. But to start the year in the Championship and end it in the Premier League losing narrowly to one of the best teams in the world is an achievement, and we can hope for better things next year.”

The boyhood Liverpool fan ended by saying “we want to finish as high as possible. We take things game by game and it would be a great achievement to stay in the Premier League and hopefully we can finish in the top half.”

His team then went on to lose to Man City, and said after that on Twitter: ‘Not the best kick about. Year 11s stole our ball.

‘But we go again next year. Fans were behind us right till the end.’

As mentioned, fans were left baffled after Ivan Toney is caught violating his own team, see what was tweeted below…

@VivaAsplando: Ivan toney knows #fuckbrentford #tinpot

@Kloppista_LFC: Hope we steer clear of signing Ivan Toney. Such blatant disrespect for a club that (from our point of view) have been really good to him. Don’t want to see him in a Liverpool shirt.

@adamtaylor11111: @ivantoney24 fuck Brentford really all for a bit of skirt 😂😂😂 wow so much disrespect and you footballers are meant to be role models. Role models my arse how stupid must you be

@Mobyhaque1: Yeesh that Ivan Toney’s choice words for Brentford caught on video cant be good PR.

@paulhibbert71: @ivantoney24 why say fuck Brentford!!! Explain!!! iv supported the bees for 46 years never I never heard a player disrespected us like that!

@Propermister89: The only acceptable argument in @ivantoney24’s favour is Imagine having to deal with Benham, Cliff Crown, Barney McGhee, Canos etc…day in day out. On top of all that you’ve got Gilham floating around the dirty laundry basket 24/7. You’d probably have the same attitude.

@thesoopabees: Brentford loyal idiots on here giving it large all day telling Brentford fans not to get upset and let the club do their job (over us losing Thompson) yet start going absolutely mental at Ivan Toney pissed up saying “f*ck Brentford” saying he should be released

@CharleyBonner5: @ivantoney24 there’s a video circulating of Ivan saying “fuck Brentford” on a boat/ party, one normal day of being a bees fan I swear man

@Amo__84: Brentford fans gonna be pissed seeing what Ivan Toney has just said. shocking.

@PremierLeagueJC: Ivan Toney needs Marcus rashford PR. He needs to bring out the I helped volcano victims last summer stuff and everything

@Propermister89: How the fuck can you show complete disrespect to the fans that have supported you since joining. Explain this @ivantoney24? Do you think you’re bigger than the club? Is this you acting up for some washed up slut in Dubai? This brother starving.

@OssieAdan: Ivan Toney not helping to get rid of the dumb football players stereotype 😭

@mxddylfc: what an idiot ivan toney is

@Richlloyd1984: Ivan Toney what a dickhead

@ColBennettH4: Ivan Toney absolutely going in two footed on his employers, lovely stuff.

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