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Fresh Sunderland twist with favourite out of running and club push on with other names on shortlist

There is a fresh Sunderland twist with the favourite reportedly out of running and the club now push on with other names on their shortlist.

Sunderland have now gone 112 days without a permanent head coach/manager since the sacking of Michael Beale, becoming the second-longest in the club’s modern-day history it would seem.

The fanbase have grown frustrated, and no clearer as to who will be their new boss with every day a new manager is linked, dropped out, or up for speculation.

Alan Nixon said on Thursday (6 June) the club have former AZ Alkmaar boss Pascal Jensen, St Mirren manager Stephen Robinson and Stockport’s Dave Challinor on their list.

Later that day, James Copley of Sunderland Echo reported that Dave Challinor and Stephen Robinson aren’t under consideration at this time, but there is something in talk surrounding Pascal Jansen.

Michael Graham followed up by adding ‘also told Challinor and Robinson are not under consideration for Sunderland right now. I understand Liam Rosenior is though. Hard to get accurate, up-to-date info. A LOT of agent talk out there. Just wish they’d bloody do something so all this madness can end 😡.”

Will Still was said to have been in advanced talks with Sunderland, but then had a change of heart with RC Lens interested in him and then became their manager on the 10th of June.

On the 9th June, Sunderland Echo stated that Pascal Jansen was no longer under consideration for the role, after he had been an early contender to replace Beale.

Chairman Kyril Louis-Dreyfus broke his silence last Friday, saying to supporters that an appointment was ‘imminent’, yet it is clear that it will not be Jansen taking charge. So who will it be?

He said: “We appreciate the support and patience that we’ve received from you throughout the summer and our aim has always been to ensure that the right candidate is appointed. The outcome remains our focus. On and off the field, we have learnt from last season when we fell short of our expectations. We are hungry and ambitious for success and determined to ensure we all enjoy a great 2024-25 season together.”

Ex-Hull City boss Liam Rosenior and current Queens Park Rangers manager Marti Cifuentes are also linked with the role at Sunderland.

But if the Black Cats want Cifuentes, journalist Alan Nixon reports that they will have to pay a ‘hefty’ compensation fee to bring him in.

Nixon said: “Sunderland will have to pay a hefty compensation fee for QPR boss Marti Cifuentes.

“The Black Cats have switched their managerial search around dramatically in the last few days with the Spaniard a favourite of leading figures at the club.

“But Rangers will ask for a six figure fee for Cifuentes and Sunderland would have no option but to fork out.”


(Sky Bet – 10 June)
Liam Rosenior – 5/4
Rene Maric – 5/1
Pascal Jansen – 8/1
Gerhard Struber – 10/1
Frank Lampard – 12/1
Stephen Robinson – 12/1
Alessio Dionisi – 14/1
Dave Challinor – 14/1
Paul Heckingbottom – 14/1
Raphael Wicky – 14/1
Wouter Vrancken – 14/1

(BetVictor – 10 June)
Liam Rosenior – 6/4
Marti Cifuentes – 7/4
Rene Maric – 4/1
Pascal Jansen – 12/1
Frank Lampard – 14/1
Stephen Robinson – 16/1
Dave Challinor – 16/1
Paul Heckingbottom – 25/1

This is what fans are saying regarding the fresh Sunderland twist with favourite out of running and club push on with other names on their shortlist…

@smelIyboy: I’d legit take Lampard over Rosenior if Lamps is still on the cards #safc

@haymansafc: The way our club is being run is nothing short of a shambles. Because of the amount of time they’ve taken to appoint the ‘right candidate’ as they say, a poor start to the season and they should feel the wrath of the fans, but will they? #SAFC

@BTSAFC: 😂 if it’s heckingbottom or rosenior we may as well skip next season

@towbray65381: But KLD said an appointment was imminent? Does he know what that word means or what? This club is unbelievable. Didn’t think it could continue to piss me off once the season was finished but boy was I wrong 😂

@nathangunn13: Genuinely couldn’t care anymore tbh

@AmadMackem: We talk to these guys, then they are no longer interested. Will Still, Pascal Jansen. Read into it what you will. Either not prepared to pay the salary, or not convinced by the model/hierarchy.

@paulthomase: Thought it was imminent according to Kyril. Gunna look silly if we don’t have anyone in next week. IMO this has been put out there to dampen down hopes of a decent head coach.

@martinio16: The gift that keeps on giving the club are a disgrace

@mebigsy: Absolutely crazy if it’s the club’s choice to rule him out 😬 Only name that seems likely now is Rosenior, which wouldn’t be a bad appointment but surely you wouldn’t have him over Jansen?

@sportingminute: Just how many managers can reject one club?

@AdamGibson112: Lads it’s boring now just get Allardyce for a laugh.

@J_H96: But we should be buzz with KLD and his statement!! Fuck off man the lot of yas I’ll fight anyone who reckons this is sound #safc

@DavidHindmarsh7: We’re just never going to appoint anyone are we 😂😂

@CraggsSpeaks: Honestly, just at the stage where I’m laughing at this complete farce of a setup.

@Ridderz86: Like he was ever coming. Why not just start the interview process again? Quicker to win the apprentice

@m_tbeck: 😂 fucking hell. This is painful

@slennon115: “Pushing on with other names on their shortlist” they put a statement out the other day saying they were looking to make the appointment imminently. This board is a joke.

@EkwahFanSAFC: Honestly I wouldn’t mind Rosenior, it would just be underwhelming after waiting for so long for a new manager #SAFC

@EthanSmith1717: I’m rapidly falling out of love with football

@MFos2: Don’t get the anger over the possibility of it being Rosenior 🤯 Finished 7th with Hull (which was far higher than expected) and was only sacked as the owner wanted to play a certain way. We could do FAR worse. #SAFC

It’s the list of conditions, it’s always the last thing to be hammered out, and seems to be where the coaches “drop out”
Existing staff
Funds for new players
The “system”
Interference of senior staff in team (discipline, selection)

@pjennings73pj: Honestly this has gone on too long now. They have not got a clue and when they do pick someone they dont want to work under the plan. Simply because the plan is too restrictive to get promotion or the play offs.

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