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Four arrested after trouble breaks out at smashed up pub after England win

Four men have ended up getting arrested after trouble breaks out at a Birmingham based pub after England went and got a win against Croatia.

Officers have stated that said group of men returned back to the venue after being asked to leave the British Oak, off Pershore Road, in Stirchley on Sunday.

People in the pub was left shocked when chaos played out with furniture getting damaged at around 7.45pm on Sunday the 13th of June with the sunshine and alcohol getting some people just a bit too heated.

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Thankfully, no one ended up getting hurt and subsequently, three men, aged 23, 27 and 36, were arrested on suspicion of affray and criminal damage. A 27-year-old was also arrested on suspicion of committing the same offences and of assaulting a police officer.

A force spokesman said: “We were alerted to a disorder at the British Oak pub in Pershore Road at 7.45pm last night (13 June).

“It’s understood a group of men had been asked to leave the premises but returned to cause trouble.

“Items of furniture were damaged; no-one was seriously hurt.

“Four men aged 21, 23, 27 and 36 were arrested for affray and criminal damage.

“The 27-year-old was also arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer.

“They remain in police custody.”

Meanwhile on the same day, number of football fans wearing England shirts claim they were turned away from pubs on the Barbican in the area of Plymouth.

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Punters have stated they were told to leave for no other reason than because they were wearing England football shirts.

But staff at two venues, which PlymouthLive is choosing not to name, have refuted these claims and say punters were only refused entry if they were drunk or if the venue was already at capacity.

One man claimed: “I got told by the barman that anyone in an England shirt while the Euros is on is not allowed to drink in here!”

“We got there about 6pm on Sunday, we’d been to a couple of pubs before and went to this one to sit in the sunshine outside.

“The barman said he had been told by his bosses that they [the staff] are not allowed to let people wearing England shirts [sit in their seating] while the Euros is playing.

“There were loads of tables empty, it was ridiculous.”

In a on social media, another fan criticised another pub: “Imagine kicking five people out because they’re wearing England shirts!” she wrote. “Literally came over, we’d just got there, and said, ‘We can’t have you wearing England shirts in here’.”

But pub staff have defended turning away some pub-goers, claiming they were either drunk and disruptive or the venues were already at capacity.

Staff say they have no issue with people wearing football shirts during the games.

A staff member at one Barbican pub said: “We don’t turn people away for wearing England shirts, we were probably at capacity.

“We were full all weekend because of the sunshine.”

Another added: “We did turn away one group, they were drunk. They were clearly drunk and I’m not letting people in if they’re drunk!”

A staff member at another Barbican venue said they “never” turn people away just because they’re wearing football shirts.

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Fans reacted after seeing that four were arrested after trouble breaks out at a pub after England win…

@deanobluenose: Feel sorry for the furniture, always in the thick of it 🥺

@tall_bloke63: Particularly the plastic chairs when England play away. Somebody think of the chairs!!

@AlexDra94731771: Just the usual knuckle dragging footy thugs.

@MeatOneVegBlog: Got told about this last night. Absolutely disgusting attacking door & bar staff. It wasn’t the only place in Brum to happen at either. If I’m not at Wembley I’ll be at home. The world doesn’t need this shit right now.

@Bluewurst1875: Usual thing when a tournament comes round. Rent a fan are out in their droves showing they handle their football about as well as their beer.

@lordfannybaws: Why can’t English football ‘fans’ watch the football without attacking everything in sight?

Dave Wilkinson: So all the drunk people without England shirts where fine to come in

Jen Wallis: England fans getting drunk and out of control? Never!

Scott James: Pubs shoukd be taking all they can get, be all closed again soon. Get your cash, forget paying the brewery, cash in quick! For anymore professional legal advice just ask.

Mickey Byrne: They were moaning coz they were loosing money in lockdown. Now there turning custom away, 🤔

Ellie Hudson: Can’t blame the pubs, they are under inmense and intolerable pressure to keep punters abiding by the restrictions and a load of drunk fans are really going to abide by the the rules without causing trouble.

Tim Rogerson: Pubs can turn anybody away for any reason they want.. dry your eyes mate 😂

Kayleigh Cooper: Obviously no one thinks about licensing laws … if they were let in they would want to be served (and as much as it happens all the time) it’s against the law to serve someone who is drunk add Covid restrictions and licences premises are in a tough spot… yes they have lost money through lockdowns but I doubt they want to lose their licence

Ian Smith: What adult wears a replica strip to the pub? 😂😂 should be banned for life for that alone.

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