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Former West Brom player reveals “glad I’m out of there”

A former West Bromwich Albion player has come out to reveal that was glad to leave the club as he now searches for a new club.

That man is midfielder Alex Bradley had been at the Baggies since he was seven where he went on to rise up through the many age groups of the club.

But claims his situation at the club ‘stagnated’ after not making a single first team appearance with the player now 20 years old.

He said to Worcester News: “Whenever I played for the under 23s I gave it my all like I did in every game.

“But I just didn’t get the chance in the first team that I thought I maybe deserved. I was told to move on and search for first-team football somewhere else.

“I do look back at my time at West Brom with fond memories but I do think that it was definitely time for me to leave.

“I got stale in the last year or two and I was not really progressing as much as I could have been.

“I am glad I am out of there. Not to sound harsh or say a bad word about the club but it was time for me to move on.”


He was told he would be rewarded for his performances, though that never came to fruition and instead headed to Havant & Waterlooville and Burton Albion on loan.

In his time with Burton, he made his Football League debut as well as score his first ever goal in the EFL which came during a defeat against Peterborough. Check out that moment and how he performed in the highlights below…

Bradley was also disappointed that other youngsters who did get a chance to impress had a worse attitude than his own.

He added: “It didn’t really matter how well you trained or performed, they were just saying that you need to keep playing well and your chance will come.

“But I don’t think that was the case.

“For some players as much effort as they put in they are just cast aside and for some of the young players at West Brom that is how it was for us.

“There were two or three there that were given chances when their attitude was not better than anyone else’s. If anything, it was probably worse.

“But they were given a chance because the club wanted to give them a chance. It became a bit stale for me as I was just training with the under 23s and going out on loan. It just got stagnant.”

He was given an initial contract offer by Burton for the new season, but that was “knocked on the head” after Bradley and his representatives decided to go for another offer.

“The loan move was a chance for Burton to see what I was like for next season in terms of coming in on a permanent basis.

“I signed on loan until the end of the season and came off the bench seven times.

“I did really well, scored my first Football League goal in the last game against Peterborough United and Burton did offer me a contract.

“It was fine but it wasn’t on terms that I was happy with.

“I can understand why Burton brushed it aside once we went back with another offer.

“Burton had done me a favour in January. They looked at it like ‘we did you a favour, we have offered you a contract so sign it or don’t sign it, there’s no negotiation’.

“I can understand that. But football is a job at the end of the day.

“I am still young and don’t care about the money just yet as that will come later as I want to be playing football.

“But you have got to earn enough to get by.

“I could have made do with what they offered me but it was less than what I was on at West Brom so I was not prepared to do that.

“That is what happened there. We went back with another offer and Burton said they would consider it but came back and said they were going to knock it on the head and it all fell through.”

On not bringing him in permanently, Brewers manager Nigel Clough said: “We’ve had a change of thought on that one, the circumstances with signing the three young players that we have done from the academy as well.

“We’ve got a lot of young players in the squad at the moment, so unfortunately we can’t do anything with Alex either.

“We are always open to taking from other places and other academies, but I think we have to give our own the opportunity.”


After learning that Alex Bradley is glad to have left West Bromwich Albion, fans took to reveal their sadness that he departed, some however decided to criticise him – check out those tweets on the next page.


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