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Forest Green’s Dale Vince slams fans with no sense of humour after anger to his Queen tweet

Forest Green’s owner, Dale Vince, slams fans with no sense of humour after causing anger with his Queen in the club kit tweet.

Vince uploaded a bizarre photoshopped image of the Queen wearing the green and black striped home shirt, at around 9:40pm on Thursday night, a few hours after confirmation of her passing.

He captioned the image “Thanks Liz”, with the original picture appearing to be of the Queen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Football fans on Twitter were left confused by Vince’s tweet, with one writing: “I don’t get this at all. What’s the deal here? At best you’re totally devaluing your business.”

Forest Green published a tribute of their own to the Queen at around 10pm on Thursday night with the words: “Thank you, Your Majesty. #WeAreFGR.”

A day after his tweet Forest Green’s Dale Vince then slams fans with no sense of humour after causing anger to his Queen tweet. He wrote: “Met the Queen when picking up my OBE – she was wearing a green dress and we talked about green energy and stuff. It was a funny experience, and she had a good sense of humour – unlike some here.”


@WillFealey: Imagine being employed by @DaleVince and being asked to photoshop this, I’d be ashamed to work for @ecotricity and have you as my boss.

@LRbix: What a dickhead.. 🤦‍♂️

@Staceywestblog: Tasteless. Not surprised.

@Rob23go: Social media has certainly plunged some new depths over the last day. Individuals who should know better posting sheer bile. But for a business to post this is beyond sense. A true misjudge of what’s right & proper in this country of ours at this time.

@BristolOli: You absolute whopper – insulting a monarch in other countries means you wouldn’t be seen again – Now there’s an idea 🤔

@nightsaj_yt: no im sorry this is so disrespecful. how DARE you photoshop the queen to advertise ur club DISGRACE

@MediaGL1: You should remove this..

@Flowergirl0404: Sometimes things arent about football, this is about a lady who served with grace and dignity, have some respect.

@DruidJon: Extremely poor taste. Very disappointing.

@samj_tay_ell: Poor form, Dale.

@sue_etha: Sorry not good, you are doing yourself no favours

@pilk01: I don’t get this at all. What’s the deal here? At best you’re totally devaluing your business.

@DavidChalmers1: Extremely poor taste..

@Brad1Molloy: Disgraceful that

@von_no_toes: This is disgusting, you should be ashamed @DaleVince but you won’t be as you are clearly classless.

@lpfgrtus87: FGR fan, but this is disrespectful and not representative of our whole club, from someone who was happy to accept an OBE. Even those who dislike the monarchy can surely respect that an elderly lady has just passed away, and should not be made fun of so soon afterwards.

@jamiemartin1990: Grow up Dale

@darrell_ben: The sooner you go back to non league the better.

@pheemccouaig: Just shows how shallow people who have any sort of spotlight have become fml show some respect don’t advertise your club in a literal devastating and historical moment. Get a grip.

@Stroudgreen1: How pathetic and disrespectful.

@SamKingCTFC: How can I make this about me? Says it all.

@SpeckledHens: You are way off the mark with this, totally inappropriate in so many ways… @EFL have a word!

@gtfc1967: I knew there was a reason I detest your club. Utter disgrace.

@atkinson9ao: Treasonous! Disgraceful! Lowest of the low. Disrespectful to the late monarch and your little football club!

@Corny07: This is when you realise no matter what you have, you can’t buy class !!

@KeithIles: You really are a contemptible, classless person @DaleVince. @FGRFC_Official please have him remove this.

@BenCFCT: Disrespectful and Classless. Disgrace to the Fans and Club

@Rieger10: Completely inappropriate! The chairman of a football league club should have much higher expectations, no class at all very disappointing from our local football club that I used to be a part of!!

@joshseabourne95: What an disgrace and you call yourself a chairman of a football team you should be a shamed of yourself 🤬🤬🤬

@Voodoov21: Not surprised to see this from someone like you. No class.

@IJN3: What an absolute tool your are mate! Have a word with yourself.

@Saralimback: Are you actually serious @DaleVince? This is a cheap attempt to market your business and totally inappropriate. Stop it, take it down and apologise

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