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Football Players Who Chose Older Women and Are Happy with Them

The trend where younger guys date older women is on a constant rise. No one can blame either side. Younger guys want to have a drama-free relationship with an experienced woman. Older women want someone who can keep up with them and match their libido. Reasons vary, but when we talk about football players, they are pretty much the same. 

Younger football players want to date a woman who is not after their money. Younger girls are drawn to money and fame like a moth is to the flame. Older females are stable and independent, and money means nothing to them.

Below you’ll learn more about older women and why young football players choose them for relationships.

Why Are Older Ladies So Attracted to Younger Football Players?

Older ladies are attracted to younger football players for various reasons. 

When dating a younger guy (especially a sports guy), a mature woman knows he can match her stamina. Most men her age aren’t in the shape they used to be. They can’t keep up with always-on-the-go women who are full of energy. Mature women love younger football players because they’re financially stable and aren’t at work during usual working hours. That means he’ll have enough time for her. Nothing can turn off a mature lady faster than a freeloader.

Maybe you’re not a young football player, but you’re young. For many mature ladies, you’re already halfway there. If you feel lucky, you can meet local MILFs in the UK on local niche sites. That way, you can see if you’re a fit before wasting each other’s time in the real world. Chatting can help you connect even more, but video chat can deepen the desire to meet. Don’t worry about discretion. Modern sites have top-notch security features that help people relax and focus on fun.

Places to Meet an Older Lady in the UK

When in the UK, there are a few good spots to go to and meet an older lady.

A pub is a great place to start your search. It’s a well-known fact that the people from the UK love their pint of beer. Go to a local pub, and we guarantee you’ll find a mature woman waiting just for you sooner or later. Surprise her by ordering her another pint of beer. Sweep her off of her feet by showing her dancing skills. Just keep in mind to be yourself. Older ladies fall for that. Always.

A football match is another great way to meet the older woman of your dreams. You came to the game because you love football, and we assure you she did the same. Older women don’t have to fake their interest in things; they’re past that. If you see her watching the game, approach her and start the convo. Be bold. Tell a trivia about the clubs, or buy her another drink. Stay close to her and let her know you want her.

Dating sites are great for you if you want to talk before you meet. That may not be the way Halland scores dates, but who cares? Online dating offers a lot of freedom for both males and females. Show your lady what you’re made of, be funny and bold, but mostly be yourself.

Football Stars Who Dated MILFs

Keep reading. We’ll show you some of the luckiest football stars who dated astonishing MILFs. Maybe that will be the kick you need to ask a mature woman out on a date.

Gerard Pique and Shakira

This Spanish football player is known for two things. His football talent and the privilege to date AND marry Shakira. They have two sons together and were one of the happiest celebrity couples. It seemed they had it all. The couple was together for 12 years and split up a few months ago. The world was left in shock when they announced their marriage was done. Shakira found Pique in bed with another woman. She was much younger than Shakira, which proves that Gerard wasn’t a true MILF admirer. All we can say is that many fans worldwide were disappointed by the way Pique cheated on one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Nicolo Zaniolo and Madalina Ghenea

The Roma player has it all. After he broke up with his long-term girlfriend Sara Scaperrotta, he flourished when he met model Madalina Ghenea. The couple went public on Instagram after weeks of speculation. Zaniolo is only 21 (Ghenea is 32!). Madalina has a child from a previous relationship, an info Zaniolo surely knew before. But he didn’t know that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his baby. Now he has to be a father and a stepfather, not an easy task, especially when he’s so young. We’re sure he’ll do fine. He has an experienced woman by his side to guide him through fatherhood.

Maybe this article inspires you to go after a mature woman you’ve been eyeing. If nothing, it’s easier to approach an older woman. Younger ones are always in a herd, but a real woman can handle being alone. Go for it; you might score sooner than you think.

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