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Football pitches is one of the most important aspects of matchday

The pitch can be a source of pride and joy for a football club and, if managed poorly, can be something that fans and managers alike moan about. Keeping a pristine surface of play leads to better football being played and makes it more enjoyable for all involved parties.

Unless the club in question uses turf or a hybrid surface, taking care of the grass is a full time job. The biggest clubs in the country have massive staff who’s entire jobs consist of making sure that the field is looking pristine and is optimal for play. This is a job that requires a whole lot of watering and planning in regard to sunlight.

Groundskeepers generally take a massive amount of pride in their work, something that becomes evident from the stream of insults that can come pouring out if somebody with no business being on the pitch steps on the grass. Many clubs often also

High-tech advancements

Technology has not only infiltrated the way judge players performance and recovery, but it has also made its way to everything from big clubs to smaller institutions. New innovations such as robots that deal with line marking and the like. This way it’s ensured that everything is exactly to regulation, and a lot of time is saved by not having to go out there and to it all by hand. A field painter has allowed for even small-scale clubs to have pitches with markings that are top notch.

But this has also been applied when it comes to watering the field. Today big arenas use massive, industrial, watering machines set to specific schedules put together by an expert. The knowledge about how to grow grass most efficently has increased massively in later years, and today pretty much all clubs with enough resources can boast of having a top-notch pitch to play on.

The quality of the grass dictates play

By having a grass that is up to par, you enable the players to play football at their most efficient way. Today there are strict regulations about how tall the grass is allowed to be, and if the grass is not healthy it impacts the game negatively.

The grass is tested before play

The country’s football pitches are controlled by the FA on a regular interval. Here the officials check the quality, strength, and overall playability of the grass. There are very strict guidelines about how hard and how soft the surface is allowed to be to ensure that the players don’t run the risk of injuring themselves due to a fault in the

Turf fields are rare in professional play, but have become commonplace where it’s hard to grow grass or where the costs of having live grass is too cost prohibitive.

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