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Football fans, players, pundits mock Boris Johnson’s decision to quit as Prime Minister

Football fans, players, pundits mock Boris Johnson’s decision to quit as Prime Minister with an announcement made Thursday lunchtime.

Boris Johnson is quitting as Tory leader after ministers and MPs made clear his position was untenable and urged for him to step down amid the wave of resignations from the government and party exceeding 50 after Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid resigned.

A No 10 source said: “The Prime Minister has spoken to Graham Brady and agreed to stand down in time for a new leader to be in place by the conference in October.”


“It is clearly now the will of the parliamentary conservative party that there should be a new leader of that party and so a new prime minister.

“I’ve agreed with Sir Graham Brady… that the process of choosing that new leader should begin now.”

He confirms he will serve “until a new leader is in place”.

“The reason I have fought so hard over the last few days to continue to deliver that mandate in person was not just because I wanted to do so, but because I felt it was my job, my duty, my obligation to you.”

He continues: “I’m immensely proud of the achievements of this government in getting Brexit done, to settling our relations with the Continent… reclaiming the power for this country to make its own laws in Parliament.

“Getting this country through the pandemic, getting the fastest vaccine roll-out in Europe, the fastest exit from lockdown and in the last few months leading the West in standing up to Putin’s aggression in Ukraine.”

He then addressed the people in Ukraine, saying the UK will “continue to back their fight”.

“To that new leader… I say I will give you as much support as I can,” he says.

“And to you, the British public. I know that there will be many people who are relieved and perhaps quite a few who will also be disappointed.

“And I want you to know how sad I am to be giving up the best job in the world.

“But them’s the breaks.”

He goes on to thank Carrie and his children for their support.

Lastly, he thanks the British public for the “immense privilege that you have given me”.

He adds that until the new PM is in place “your interests will be served”.

Mr Johnson concludes: “Even if things seem dark now, our future together is golden.”

He is applauded again by MPs and his family as he leaves.

During even in the darkest times, there is always humour. A social media is the place to be for that. Seeing Johnson’s list of resignations hit 52 earlier in the morning, Lineker took to Twitter, with a nod to England’s all-time record goalscorers, to write: “With 52, Boris Johnson has now ahead of Harry Kane and is just one behind Wayne Rooney.”

Then came the news that Boris Johnson was resigning, adding another tweet which read: “He’s going. Give it to Big Sam for the rest of the season.”

Darren Fletcher: Straight fight between Chelsea & Number 10 for Ronaldo I’m hearing

Josh Windass: Get me in #PrimeMinister

Aaron Mclean: It’s like a diving competition in parliament atm. Who can dive off the sinking ship without leaving a splash. Boris just do a belly flop and be done. #shambles

Jake Humphrey: This sorry chapter appears over, but the problem remains. Our political system is broke. Promotes the wrong types of people, exists for personal gain, fails to serve the electorate… is letting our great country down. We need a complete reset. Across every party, every level of the system, every media outlet. The whole thing is about self-serving the self-promoter and has our interests as an often forgotten afterthought.

Gary Neville said: “If we were watching this in another country we’d think they’re mad that lot over there! It’s us! He’s making/made us look a mess on the world stage and it needs to stop. His Cabinet have cheered him,backed him, lied for him and created this monster! It’s all of them not just him!

Before adding: “He’s resigning yet staying 😂”

David Cotterill: Boris johnson served his masters well. No doubt klaus and billy boy have a big fat bonus waiting for him. The puppet that launched lockdowns in the UK. No doubt the elites have already chosen his replacement, another wef puppet which will further their agenda, whilst the masses think they have a new leader. Selected, never elected. If voting mattered, it would be illegal.

@Guymowbray: Has Big Sam been appointed Caretaker PM yet?

@StanCollymore: Fuck him off today, none of this 3 months nonsense. Country needs to address cost of living crisis where millions are struggling. Not time for a 12 week long eulogy from papers, pundits and flag waving lunatics. Taking the piss.

@tobytarrant: Peter Odemwingie is in the car park at Downing Street demanding he’s made Prime Minister

Potential caretaker Prime Ministers:
Big Sam
Alan Pardew
Steve Bruce.

@ThomasCutter: Give it Big Sam ’til the Autumn….

@KieranMaguire: Boris Johnson has just said on Sky News “I’ve not seen a cabinet this empty since I went on the official White Hart Lane tour”

Mark Duffy: Now he’s gone, all his dodgy dealings should now be investigated. Millions of taxpayers money has been swindled into his an friends pockets. #BorisJohnson #corrupt

@thfcwiII: BREAKING: Arteta has been offered the role of Prime Minister following the resignation of Boris Johnson earlier this morning, as the Conservative Party look to keep Britain out of Europe.

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