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Football fans help police arrest two boys over vile video of kid getting beaten up

Football fans help police arrest two boys after over a vile video of one kid getting beaten up in the area of Leeds last week.

West Yorkshire Police (WYP) have confirmed that the attackers have been arrested in connection with the assault.

The incident reportedly happened between the 21st and 22nd of September and police say it was believed to have took place on Kippax High Street in East Leeds after it was originally thought to have took place in Pudsey.

A Snapchat video has been doing the rounds online, showing a young boy in an England kit being kicked in the face by an older boy.

During the short clip, a young boy is seen on his knees being asked to kiss the shoe of the older male.

His face is then forced down onto the boy’s foot and he is then kicked in the face at full force.

West Yorkshire Police have issued a statement on the assault, a spokesperson said: “West Yorkshire Police are investigating reports of assault involving a teenage male and a younger male victim following the circulation of a video on social media.

“Two male youths have been arrested in connection with the incident which is believed to have taken place on High Street, Kippax, East Leeds, between 21 and 22 September. The incident did not take place in the Pudsey area as has been incorrectly circulated on social media.”

@shereehankir1 had tweeted about the video on Twitter, she ended up having to take it down following some backlash to it.

She wrote: Really horrific, nasty, triggering video to watch But unfortunately this is the reality of the world we live in. More needs to be done, especially in schools. My son suffered something v similar on many occasions, nothing was done. But why should we turn a blind eye to this.

“Horrible, children need to be taught more about how much it impact and trauma this has on another child when they do this. Bc I don’t think they understand, it stays with you for life. Obviously causes ptsd, depression, fear, hurt, so damaging.

“For all the people saying I shouldn’t share this But what is the point in turning a blind eye to this, this happens everyday, people need to be aware & instead of trying to put others down or even more online bullying, calling me a slag for sharing it, that is also bullying!

“If people are not aware & don’t actively try to stop this or make others aware of how much damage actions like these cause ,then how can we Prevent or stop this or punish accordingly? This does happen, fact, shouldn’t happen. These children & their parents should be mortified.

“Bullying & harassment in any forms can long term effects on mental health We definitely need to actively do more about this, schools, social care, nhs etc could def more to protect victims I shared a video to raise awareness, bc the same happened to my son. Now taken down!”

This also comes around seven months after a different incident saw a 12 year old attacked by a group of young thugs. See more on that and the victim’s response thanking everyone for their support by clicking HERE.

As mentioned, football fans help police arrest the two boys after watching a vile video of the kid getting beaten up…

@kennyp1886: absolutely disgusting 🤬🤬

@Byr65849126Andy: Shocking stuff, that poor kid hope he’s OK,, and these people are named and dealt with

@c0p11791: Absolutely disgusting.I would personally hand mine in myself! Poor boy 😢

@damon_watts: All those kids need a taste of the same for putting that kid through that, especially fatso

@daverock87: Vile 😡

@Dinglesaints: This is so sad 😞, the kid needs to be found and dealt with, coward

@Bonner_DJ: Absolutely sickening!! Makes my blood boil! Disgusting.

@SeanMacMUFC: Poor lad, hope he is ok, as for the waste of space kicking him, hope he gets identified and karma teaches him a valuable life lesson 😠😡🤬

@TonySpurano: WTF 🤢 Always the same story, parents don’t want to do anything about until there’s public outrage, then they go to police/authorities for ‘protection’ or ‘income’. Praying in this instance, bigger kids get to them before authorities.

@laurbarr71: Omg, that kid looks so young and the big chav kicking him looks so much older, yeah he’s hard, someone needs to give that one a taste of his own medicine! Wtf 🤬

@Alfred_East__55: this is just horrific, poor lad. the bully will have his day, like every dog

@IbroxIsHome: I will lose my job (most likely my freedom) if this ever happens to my son. 🤬🤬

@SpankTheBookies: Don’t think I’ve ever witnessed something that’s got me so angry, so quick. If that was my child I’d go kick the living shit out of the child, and his dad. I hope the poor little boy recovers ok, and justice is done for that fat prick of a bully.

@United_Webby: This as just knocked me sick absolutely disgusting I hope they are found soon and get what deserve

@Steveha94785875: This has absolutely broke my heart. Aswel as making me angry. Vile vile bullies. I would be absolutely ashamed if that was my kids doing that to anyone. Disgusting. Hope little mans ok ❤️

@tedio74: Absolutely sickening, I hope the poor young man is OK 🙏 and that vile bullying piece of 💩 gets his comeuppance plus his accomplices also 🤬🤬🤬

@mufcmacca70: Give me 5 minutes with him, he wouldn’t be kicking anyone anytime soon, shocking behaviour, hopefully he’ll get caught and up for an assault charge 😡😡

@JoeFidler10: Hopefully the parents found the bullies school and got him expelled. If that happened to my little brother I’d absolute twat the person who did it. Unacceptable. The parents and the kid should be ashamed, so should the person recording it, absolutely disgusting.

@justinbcfc92: What a absolute scumbag

@eternallyred99: wow this is a disgrace . im actually raging watching this . they need to be named and shamed as do the parents. if that was my boy being bullied i can’t put on here what i would do 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

@Luke96475753: Hope karma happens to the fat little f*ck

@HoanDaoVu: Just hoping the boy will be alright after that…Hope he get all the help he need to recover the horrible episode 🙏❤️

@WestHam_SW: Absolute scum 🤬

@jeffercakes45: Makes my blood boil seeing things like this, I hope he gets caught!

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