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Football fan gets cleared by jury of giving ‘disgracefully behaved’ police officer black eye

Football fan Edward Papas speaks out as he gets cleared by a jury of giving a ‘disgracefully behaved’ police officer a black eye.

The Barrow supporter has taken to social media, explaining what happened, showed the evidence, and revealed what he intends to do next.

How also says he is putting this out there in order to help others who have gone through or in future might find themselves in a similar situation and need help as to what they need to do next.

In a Twitter post, he wrote: “10 months ago, I was assaulted by PC Richard Mannox of @WMPolice multiple times and on one occasion he threatened me by saying “I’ll break you f***ing fingers” before attempting to punch me. I was charged with assaulting him after I acted in self defence, I was found not guilty.”

Deliberation lasted 37 minutes, with the jury finding Edward Papas, 27, not guilty of assaulting Pc Richard Mannox after Barrow won their League Two clash at Walsall on the 4th of March 2023.

Those at the trial, which took place at Wolverhampton Crown Court, heard how was heading back to his car from Bescot Stadium as stewards directed visiting fans to waiting coaches, there had been a noisy altercation, with the defendant then finding himself being pushed then struck repeatedly.

He said to the jury that he acted in self defence after being struck with a punch by PC Richard Mannox, giving him a black eye, which then saw the fan arrested and charged with assault.

Following the verdict Judge Jonathan Gosling praised the jury and said, as per Express & Star: “The fact that the jury took just 37 minutes to decide is quite telling. I know the police have a difficult job, but the officer’s behaviour was disgraceful.”

Express & Star reported on Thursday the 11th of January 2024 that West Midlands Police took note of the judge’s remarks in the case and respect the verdict.

Meanwhile, Edward Papas had spoken more about what he went through on social media.

He writes in response: “Got anything to say about this? @WMPolice

“They tried every dirty trick in the book up until the verdict but I wasn’t having it and held my ground and stuck with my defence.

“I will be taking legal action shortly still exploring my options. There is more to this case, 4 different officers and 2 stewards corroborated against me by lying and toying with the evidence so they will all be dealt with as well.

“Preserving my good character was my main concern, now will be pushing for for what’s right.

“This doesn’t stop until justice is served.

“It is only fair that he goes through the same process I did for 10 months when I was assaulted multiple times first.

“I’ll try to best to make sure he faces the full penalty of the law.

“They’re trying to make criminals of us football fans whilst they’re behaving inappropriately and assaulting members of the public.

“The last 10 months have been hell specially having to defend myself in court after I was clearly attacked first by an aggressive police man. Wouldn’t have made it without my family and missus who helped me stay on my feet during this difficult time.

“Sacking would be a start but certainly not enough will follow this up as much as I can.

“Let’s hope justice will prevail, can’t help but think how many times this has happened to other fans but swept under the rug.

On proving his innocence: “It was hell and extortionate but it had to be done and I couldn’t take any chances, they tried offering me so many plea deals but rejected them all. Would only be right that he goes through what I did because I struggled for 10 months when he was the aggressor in the first place.”

When asked what happened: “Walking to my car after the game, steward thought I was supposed to be on the away coach and be started pushing me. Officer steps in and starts pushing as well eventually slapping me. When getting his collar number he slaps me again and punches me.”

This is what Twitter users are saying as the football fan gets cleared by jury of giving a ‘disgracefully behaved’ police officer a black eye…

@miller_element: Just listen to some of the old bills words –
“I’ll fucking do you ya little prick”
“Someone take this arm before I break it”
“Punch him – take this cunt out”
“Before I break your fucking finger off, now move”
Whilst he’s being punched in the back of the head as well 😂 Glad to see a bit of justice has been served and hopefully every copper responsible gets their comeuppance. Biggest firm of rats in the country.

@EddWhiteoak: Sorry to hear this mate. Sounds an awful situation. I think the judge’ first comment is quite telling. 37 minutes to prove your innocence and it’s very telling. Hope you’re okay.

@OOffthepitch: Yet again football fans seen as the lowest of the low all because we like a few beers and going to the game! Glad you were found not guilty and hope you take him for all he’s got!

@Wards187: Well done for going against them and winning your court case. These people are employed to protect us and they’re one of the biggest threats.

@Ticketmancity: Shocking to hear @WMPolice involved in something like this 🙄. Biggest set of c*nts going

@Jamesdunn1989: About time someone fights back against them. They do what they want at football and get away with it time and time again. Hopefully he takes legal action himself now and pushes back against them.

@CansAndBansV10: Fair play to this lad for sticking by his guns and being found not guilty. Football fans have been treated like 2nd class citizens for decades now and the pigs think they can do as they please. Hope he gets a good payout and that hired thug loses his job the cunt

@Hayward77Joshua: So glad he was found not guilty, As usual @WMPolice think they can do what they want and get away with it scott free, Football fans have been treated like scum for years for 0 reason, This ain’t the 80’s/90’s anymore, 99% of football fans behave at the games now

@Bensonsleftfoot: Share far and wide. Football fans are treated like criminals just like every other stereotype this is unacceptable.

•8 hi-vis vests, 1 supporter
•Multiple blows to the back of the head
•Pain compliance
•“Someone break this c**ts arm”
•“I’ll break your f***ing fingers”
Is it any wonder that football fans feel it is ‘us’ and ‘them’ when it comes to policing?!

@StuB53: Goes on too much this, well done for fighting it. ACAB.

@ChrisLukeJones: Shock horror WMP causing issues. Horrible bastards

@dan_j_1991: WMP are just a bunch of bastards. Got similar threats walking with my then 4 year old after a game for simply trying to get to the train station. ACAB.

@RNGWarr1or: Oh dear oh dear @WMPolice the copper wants sacking

@UtdKeza: Scum pigs. Whichever one did it deserves to be fired and put in prison for aggressive behaviour, assault. And more. Why was he trying to break his fingers and arms and punching him cos he wanted to get to his car. Fucking scum the lot of them.

@Ste_Story: Work with police & have a lot of mutual respect in my job, but things like below are why I struggle to have any time at all for football game policing. I’ve witnessed or been subject first hand to far too many occurances of this nature, football policing has a real problem…

@JRWFC08: Good on him coppers at football get away with ridiculous things like stewards.

@Shteyven: Won’t be long before positive interactions with the police are the more newsworthy headlines. @WMPolice and other forces up and down the country are full of angsty, childish men that think they’re above the people they’re sworn to protect. @WestYorksPolice have a few, too.

@Stuj4z: Well done this man. Anyone who goes to live football knows what the police are like.

@Ashh1390: This is actually massive! the way police behave towards football fans simply for being football fans is disgusting at times.

@BeardClubGary: Good for this fella. Coppers policing football do get away with some right shithouse stuff.

@StarWarsLukeUk: Take them for every penny you can, legal bullies think they can do what they like. Good luck 🙏

@LukeStallard1: Said for a long time that police cause 90% of issues at football and are by far the biggest firm in the country. Come in looking for trouble and violence while hiding behind the badge. This thread and the videos attached just prove it. Corrupt cunts.

@ffiiisshh: Police treat football fans like thugs when they themselves are the biggest group of thugs about.

@BhoyLast: Superb. Well done Edward 👏 I hope you can move on with your life now 👍

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