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Football community pay tribute as 23 year old dies following stabbing at Birmingham nightclub

The football community pay tribute as a 23 year old dies following a stabbing at a Birmingham nightclub on Boxing Day, say reports.

West Midlands Police confirm a murder investigation has been launched after their officers responded to an incident at The Crane on Adderley Street, Digbeth just before 11.45pm on Boxing Day (26th December 2022).

Efforts had been made to save him, but he was sadly pronounced dead around 30 minutes later, officers said.

The police force say that the man had been on a night out with some pals of his when he was approached by a group of people.

Police on Wednesday the 28th of December said two men have been arrested on suspicion of murdering Cody Fisher. A 22-year-old man was arrested in Birmingham while a second man, 21, was arrested in London.

Det Ch Insp Ian Ingram, from West Midlands Police, adds that “good progress” was being made in the investigation.

“We’ve been really pleased with the response from the public and have already had a number of witness accounts and images sent through, which will help with our investigation,” he said.

“Cody’s family and friends are devastated by what happened, and we’ll continue to work to bring them answers.

“It’s vital that we hear from everybody who saw any part of what happened that night – no matter how insignificant they think it might be.”

The venue was filled with hundreds of people when the stabbing happened, and now detectives are looking at footage from the CCTV while also urging for information for anyone who may have saw anything.

As can be seen below, speaking from the scene, Sky News’s Becky Johnson said the nightclub was opened just a few months ago.

A man who had been working at the club the same night a 23 year old male died, but didn’t witness the stabbing, described the aftermath as ‘absolute mayhem as people ran out of the club when they realised someone had been stabbed.’

The nightclub has since been criticised over it’s security searches at the event and described a “moody” atmosphere inside the venue.

Sydnee Power, from Birmingham, said: “As soon as me and my friends walked in, we got a very weird vibe and the atmosphere wasn’t good…There were just groups of lads everywhere, most of them looked moody.

“A lot of them were definitely looking to cause trouble, they clearly weren’t there to enjoy the music.”

An 18-year-old man from Wolverhampton, who did not want to be named, said the incident was a “disaster waiting to happen”.

He said of the security searches: “Me and the friend I was with, not once did we get asked to clear our pockets out even though mine were full. I had cargo trousers on with pockets full.

“They didn’t even touch me whilst searching me, they just followed the outline of my body with their hands then tapped me to say go on through.

“Obviously you want everyone to have a good time and enjoy themselves (but) when we got in I said to my friend: ‘That’s the worst search I’ve ever seen’. Anyone could have brought anything in.”

The Crane issued a statement via Instagram, saying: “We are deeply shocked and saddened that a man lost his life last night as our Boxing Day event came to a close. Our thoughts are with the victim, and his family and friends.”

They have cancelled the New Year’s Eve event.

Leading the investigation, Detective Inspector Michelle Thurgood, said: “This was a young man enjoying himself with friends on a Boxing Day night out and our thoughts are with his friends and family today.”

She goes on to say that there were “hundreds of people in the nightclub at the time” and that the force believes the victim was “approached by a group of people, and was then stabbed”.

The victim’s family has been told and will be supported by specialist officers, police add, with the scene remaining closed while the investigation is ongoing and they look for evidence in coming days.

Fans, friends and the football community pay tribute as a 23 year old dies following a stabbing at a Birmingham nightclub…

@KingyBen: Gutted to hear one of the former Walsall FC scholars has lost his life to something so senseless. Such a good kid! RIP Cody

@zxxrius: Can’t even described what I saw last night man, so fucked, no one should have to witness that. But I literally can’t help but blame the security, obviously after the cunt carrying a knife. RIP Cody, feel awful for his family and friends. Shit like this can be avoided, take action

@RileyOs45401810: Rip cody ❤️❤️🤲🏿

@khamsteventon: Life for Life 🤬 rip cody

@BlackburnRavers: Used to go raving and DJing in Digbeth nearly every weekend, Air, Custard Factory, Rainbow Venue etc etc….. I just can’t understand why anybody would take a knife anywhere let alone into a club or a rave and I know shed loads of people due to go to Air on NYE, be safe! RIP Cody

@J_Turner99_: RIP Cody 💔🕊️

@liamrs16: Such a shame man rip Cody 🙏🏾❤️ was a top person

@rich_gregoryx: RIP Cody 😩 💔

@Kristian_Green: 😔😔 Real good lad man. Rip Cody 💙

@nathanhayward55: Rip Cody, great lad and good friend will always cherish the memories brother 💙 cowards carry knives fucking scumbags

@loonyballooney: Loads of comments slagging the venue off, how about a few comments on the poor 23yr old lad who has lost his life. ask yourself what sort of person actually carries a blade and on top of that actually thinks its ok to stick it in another person?

@GarethLivesey95: Who goes on a night out with a knife? Don’t get these people that think they’re hard but carry a knife with them everywhere they go…

@Muha_sb8: Wow that’s so devastating!! RIP Cody 💔

@Tommo155: This is shocking but sadly not surprising. There is no deterrent to people carrying knives and very little action taken against those using them unless it results in a death. We need to have harsher punishments for those carrying and just as harsh to those who sell them.

@Showtimeshyza: How tf first of all does he pass security with a knife in a nightclub ? That’s the real question

@RyanHTAFC8: Absolutely heartbreaking 😭 Another innocent life lost with his whole life ahead of him 💔 Things have to change and quick! RIP Cody 😔

@RichieZuLuBatch: Good lad rip Cody 🙌🏾

@conbcfc95: You’re the lowest of the low if you carry a blade man, fucking tramp

@nathanJ_123: No words to describe how much of a Cunt you are to go out and use a knife, just a lad out enjoying himself with his friends. This world/Generation is so so fucked. Rest in peace fella 🙌🏻

@JoeWillis4_: One of the good guys. Rest easy code you’ll be missed brother💔

@jordonsangha: One of the good guys man , rip cody ❤️

@Lawton_05: Absolute scum. RIP Cody 💙

@DecDavis_: Caught with a blade should be 10 years minimum. Any attempt, successful or unsuccessful of using it should be life w/o parole. In a cell with nothing but your thoughts. Don’t deserve the chance to be ‘rehabilitated’ for stabbing someone. Another life taken for no reason at all

@tnbilly_: Rest easy Cody👼❤️. Such a lovely lad.

@ScottDuts: RIP Cody 🙏🏼❤️ Worlds gone mad!

@dan_sweenz: Disgusting!!! Nothing but a clown and a coward if you carry a knife! Man up and fight like a man!!! RIP Cody 💔 Way Too Soon 💔

@BelmonteKyle: I’ll never understand why people carry knives let alone actually use them. Scary world we live in. RIP Cody 💔

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