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Footage surfaces of Watford and Luton fans clashing with police involved on derby day

Footage surfaces of Watford and Luton fans clashing with police involved on derby a day that saw the Hornets hammer the Hatters on Sunday.

They claimed local bragging rights with a 4-0 dismantling of their near neighbours in the Championship with first half goals from Keinan Davis and William Troost-Ekong getting them off to a strong start and the visitors’ defeat was sealed when goalkeeper Ethan Horvath gifted Joao Pedro a third before Ismaila Sarr completed the demolishing.

Hatters substitute Gabriel Osho also saw red card for a dreadful challenge on Ken Sema, just giving that atmosphere inside the ground that more interesting.

Both games ended as 1-0 home victories two seasons ago, when Watford were promoted to the Premier League, but this was the first M1 derby watched by supporters since 2006.

Bottles and coins were reportedly thrown and police were had to draw their batons hit out at a number of people as well as separate crowds after trouble before the game.

Hundreds of police officers, with horses and dogs, were brought in to manage crowds and according to Watford Observer, first signs of trouble emerged came on Vicarage Road at around 11.35am.

A group of males walked up to the stadium when there was an exchange with a small group of fans outside an off-licence shop near the junction with Occupation Road.

A man is said to have tried getting at the group by the shop before police officers, who had been a few yards away, stepped in and took control of the situation.

Plastic bottles were also thrown with one striking a female police officer’s helmet. Flares were also set off, as the report details.

During the incident, one person by the shop was hit by an object, as they were left curled up on the ground without movement. Though 15 minutes later the person was no longer there and there was no sign of medics on the scene.

There were chants of ‘Watford get battered everywhere they go’ and ‘You Orns’ belted out as fans from both teams were in the immediate area.

Police then took to move a row of their vans into Vicarage Road in a bid to get fans further up towards the stadium with batons drawn as supporters looked to fight with one another, with just a line of officers separating them both.

Away fans headed towards the away fans entrance as police managed to get on top of the clashes and restore order, though there had been further heated scenes between rival supporters in doing so.

Unfortunately there was some crude chants heard around the statue of ex-Watford manager Graham Taylor, which was protected by fencing ahead of the game.

‘Graham’s in a box’ referencing the death of Taylor, who passed away in January 2017, was also heard in the ground.


Police say no arrests were made yesterday in connection with Watford’s football match against Luton.

There was a heavy police presence across the town with the rivals meeting for the first time in 16 years with fans in attendance.

Numerous officers were kept by the stadium in Vicarage Road as well as in the town centre and at train stations for the 12pm kick-off.

Ahead of the game, police said disorder and anti-social behaviour would not be “tolerated”.

Hertfordshire Constabulary has confirmed it was not called or made aware of any major incidents but did say it dealt with some “minor disorder” involving a “handful” of fans.

In a joint statement issued with Watford FC on Sunday evening, the force said: “The constabulary and Watford Football Club worked closely together to ensure today’s (Sunday 23 October) highly-anticipated fixture was a safe and enjoyable day out for people of all ages. We’d like to extend our thanks to all those who enjoyed the match sensibly.

“There was a significant policing presence in the area throughout the day and, although there was some minor disorder among a handful of fans before and after the game, the event passed without major incident and no arrests were made.”

Some trouble did occur in Vicarage Road around 30 minutes before kick-off with police stepping in to separate crowds and also used their batons on some people.

Bottles and coins were thrown and one person was left on the floor outside a shop.

Police add that enquiries into some of the disorder that it is aware of both before and after the game are ongoing.

Officers were in a position to be able to move on some supporters who were attempting to get inside the Moon Under Water pub in the high street after the game ended.

Twitter users reacted as footage surfaces of Watford and Luton fans clashing – with police involved on derby day…

@TomiJ1906: 6 bizzies holding em all back 🤣

@NigeWolves: Come on then while standing there doing nothing

@GrahamGolfBoy: I’d have them all

@AMCNALLY55: Imaginary barrier on the road 😂 hold me back hold me back. All been watching too many films. Gimps

@adam_major1: There’s six coppers holding them back and they’re still all doing absolutely nothing 🤣

@bexbrfc: Might just be me but this is alot more embarrassing than a conga line

@HornetMatt: Is there anyone over 12 in that lot?

@AndyKaufman12s: State of them. Backing off so quickly. Using bottles. Can’t wait for them to go to reverse fixture and get a good hiding.

@_iainmurray: The bloke walking past on 15 seconds 😂😂😂

@BcfcMaddocks: Imagine this was blues vs villa 🤣🤣🤣

@cathypops2010: Maybe the police need to put this much effort into getting the ‘stop oil’ protesters to move

@Oliviaingham17: This is meant to be better than Burnley Blackburn

@AlfieR1878: Lad at the end going for the copper. Game fella

@belly_eighty5: State of these lot holding themselves back. Shock that its luton.

@lewismcneeLFC: 🤣🤣 All dressed up for the occasion and they all just stand there. Pathetic these lower league clubs, just go and watch the footy instead of standing and jumping looking at each other

@BG__85: Guessing they all took a wrong turning on the way to the train station

@JaseWheatley: Weird how these old bill love laying into football lads while the filthy, protesting mob get to block up highways, and the police just stand their 🤷🏻‍♂️

@RossyYNWA: No fucking way is there a geezer in a Hawaiian shirt on a Zimmer frame just rolling through the middle of all aggro! Hahahaa

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