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Footage shows Steven Gerrard struggling with language barrier during Al Ettifaq training session

Footage shows Steven Gerrard struggling with a language barrier communication during the Al Ettifaq training session earlier this week.

The Liverpool legend appears to still have some hurdles to get overcome as he tries to manage his new side out in Saudi Arabia.

He took over as head coach of Al Ettifaq in July after initially rejecting the club’s advances, and is finding it a tad tough getting through to its players.

Prior to his new role, Gerrard was in charge of Aston Villa, but was sacked last October following a 3-0 defeat to Fulham, winning two of 12 Premier League games last season.

Footage has now surfaced online of the 43 year old at his new club, taking a training session with his squad where he looks to be struggling in getting through to players.

In the clip, Gerrard puts the ball down on the ground, he signals for a one-two, shouting to a player off-camera: ‘You want it?’.

He is met with silence, as it becomes obvious his message hasn’t been understood, asking the same question again: ‘Tell me then, tell me then!’

After a few seconds of quiet and confusion, he picks the ball up and in comes a different player, who stands there then runs away as Gerrard starts shouting: ‘Go orange ball, orange ball’.

He then turned back to the original player he was giving instructions to, then looks unhappy with how it all played out.

He points and says: ‘No communication’.

Gerrard takes up a job in the Saudi Pro League at a time when it has been making headlines with more and more players leaving top European leagues for Saudi clubs.

Meanwhile, he hopes to bring in 33-year-old Jordan Henderson.

According to Sky Sports journalist Melissa Reddy, it is Gerrard’s pitch that is crucial in convincing Henderson to end his 12-year stay at Liverpool.

“The allure will be that reunion with Steven Gerrard,” Reddy says. “Who would have appealed to Henderson’s desire to play regularly, would have appealed to Henderson’s ambition, saying, you know, ‘come over here, build something great with me, help me hit the heights I want to achieve, help me restore my coaching career.’

“I’m also told there might be an element of Gerrard saying ‘you’d be a player, but also you’d slowly learn to coach and manage alongside me.’ Gerrard will also have spoken to him about all the noise that he would have expected and that is currently emanating around this potential move. How to quell it, how he can still sustain his legacy and how people have short memories, things like that.

“Henderson has been so influenced and inspired by Gerrard, so it’s no shock really that the person who has been able to sway him and who we think has got him over the line in saying yes to this move is Gerrard.”

This is what fans are saying as footage shows Steven Gerrard struggling with the language barrier during an Al Ettifaq training session…

@goonie2008: He’ll enjoy the money but Danny Murphy saying it will do his coaching skills a lot of good has certainly back fired.

@94_JordanAV: A scouser shouting in scouse in Saudi Arabia and he’s worried about the lack of communication

@LeeClarke72: Probably can’t understand his accent 🤣

@beki5rider: State of it 😂😂

@Annie_LFC: I love that he’s shouting ‘communication’, mate, they can’t understand a word you’re saying 😂

@OvertheWallNUFC: What an absolute disaster

@smithyjames7: Getting big Mike Bassett vibes

@BBrownCFCVT: This is gonna be a meme for sure 😭😭

@38Wilko: This can’t be real

@MarkNesbitt1888: this is why Michael Beale took training at Rangers and Villa 🤣

@SelfDaniel: Perhaps Henderson is going over as translator?

@iLukasx100: “look me dead in the eye and tell me you want the ball”

@DPCFC: This is gonna be like the scouse David Brent in Saudi Arabia, gonna get some absolute comedy gold out of him next season

@OhffsRyan: That was a painful watch

@ChressyP: Is it the under 11’s team? 🤣🤣🤣

@ColinJJordan: Why would they put this out there?

@Balto2017Balto: It’s he training children? Looks like they don’t know football. Oh yeah that’s right they don’t know football. Not even a top 30 league. Going there to improve my manager skills he said. What a joke.

@TheMickWeston: The sceptic in me says this ain’t gonna last

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