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Footage of waterlogged Scotland pitch goes viral with raging Georgia told to shut up and play

Footage of a waterlogged Scotland pitch on Tuesday night goes viral with a raging Georgia side told to shut up and play by UEFA.

The ball barely moved on a damp surface before the Scotland vs Georgia match was suspended for over an hour.

The Euro 2024 qualifying match was stopped after just 10 minutes with Steve Clarke’s team leading 1-0 thanks to Callum McGregor’s early goal.

The Hungarian Referee Istvan Vad was forced to remove both teams of players from the field due to excessive surface water.

A video from the stands showed just how bad it got with Scotland’s full-back Aaron Hickey rushing past the ball when it suddenly stopped and landed in a puddle.

Even though the play had been stopped for a long time, there was plenty of drama with Vad inspecting the pitch twice, and the crowd cheered him on with every ball bounce.

The group also sang Travis’ smash hit ‘Why Does It Always Rain on Me?’ The spirits were high, despite the situation.

After Georgia refused to leave their changing rooms and resume the match, it was resumed at 9.35pm.

Man Utd midfielder Scott McTominay scored Scotland’s second goal within two minutes in the second half. The win was sealed after Napoli sensation Kvicha Kvaratskhelia’s stoppage time penalty went over the bar.

Scotland are now eight points ahead of the rest of Group A, having won its first four matches in a qualifying campaign. They have played more games, however, than Georgia, Spain, or Cyprus.

Speaking post-match, McTominay told Viaplay: “At the start we were all saying we couldn’t play on the pitch but we kept our heads and kept to the game plan and we did it really well.

“We came here to play, the crowd was amazingly patient. They kept us going. We thank them so much.”

Regarding their position in the table, he added: “The job’s not done yet. Until we’ve got definite qualification, we’ll keep working.”

Willy Sagnol has revealed that Georgia came under “UEFA pressure” to play their Euro 2024 qualifier against Scotland.

“It was a situation that nobody wanted obviously,” he said, as per Herald Scotland. “To go back on the pitch and then go back in the locker room three times. But I don’t understand why we even started the match because after five seconds everybody could see it was impossible to play.

“After the third minute Steve Clarke and I said: ‘Please, we can’t play the match, it’s impossible’. The fourth official said: ‘We can’t stop the match until the (UEFA) delegate comes down’. Then after that we have been told it was the referee who had to make the decision. It was a lot of nonsense and a lack of communication.

“The fact the referee stopped the match after the first goal (Callum McGregor scored in the sixth minute) meant he put himself under so much pressure.

“If we had stopped when Steve and I spoke together and asked him to stop the match before the goal, things would have been much easier and less stressful for everyone. We started the match as we had been asked under massive pressure from UEFA.

“The only thing I regret is the lack of communication. You don’t know who decides, you don’t know why they decide something, they don’t give you explanations. Then you have to cope with your players who have to wait and wait and wait and get cold. It wasn’t easy for us or for Scotland either.

“I spoke with Steve Clarke after the third minute of the match and we both agreed it was impossible to play football in the conditions. But the referee allowing the game to go on until after Scotland scored the opening goal made it a very difficult situation for everyone.”

Sagnol added: “The only thing we asked was ‘please communicate with us because we have to talk with our players’. The last time they came the delegate of UEFA said: ‘Okay, you have to play in six minutes’. How can you say that to players, who have been inside for 30 minutes, who haven’t had a proper dinner or lunch for four-and-a-half, five hours, to professional people?

“That is why, for me, it is a lack of respect. Maybe some people should respect things a bit more. It would make things easier. I know decisions are never easy to be made, but as a manager. I have to take decisions every day. It is my job as it is the job of the people who organise the match. The break and lack of decision. It would have made for a more peaceful atmosphere if the referee had done his job at the beginning.

“In the 20 or 30 minutes when they weren’t playing they heard ‘yes, no, maybe not’. But the worst was when the referee and delegate said to the captains and to the teams that they need our feedback. We gave our feedback. Even Robertson, the captain of Scotland, said: ‘Maybe we shouldn’t restart the match’.

“Everybody had had enough of the situation. We felt they considered us as objects. It was basically ‘shut up and do what I tell you to do’. But it had nothing to do with the rest of the match because the conditions were the same for both teams.”

“Scotland with another win will be almost certain to qualify,” he added. “They deserve it. They were brilliant in the first three matches and I think they deserved to win again tonight, so congratulations to them.”

Twitter users had plenty to say as footage of waterlogged Scotland pitch goes viral with a raging Georgia side said to have been told to shut up and play…

@harrykrane: Fair play for DJ playing Travis, why does it always rain on me. 😂☔️☔️

@ChrisLukeJones: Who let them play on that, farcial

@1966lufc: Fair play to the officials. The pitch is holding up well and some good football is being played. Just a small area on the dugout side go be dried more at half time and theres no issues. Seen far worse pitches.

@Conor__S22: Like the Plymouth goal from a couple seasons ago haha

@iainclarkson69: Pitch was fine once the game restarted. Hats off to the ground staff. Sour grapes pish. Players were cold 🙄

@LiamMcgovern7: Imagine having a real job working out in the wet and cold for minimum wage. Dry up

@Chris_Gilmour: Hampden’s pitch is a disgrace. Even with bucketing rain, it should drain more quickly than that. When was the last time there was a decent surface at the place?

@JoshUTM2004: Let me guess Cardiff fans.. Scotland cheated as well? #RUFC #CCFC

@JoeZBlair: Oh Shower Of Scotland #Hampden

@Germufc: How on earth did the ref allow this game to go ahead 😂

@jamesmitchell88: Don’t let the Cardiff fans know about this! #rufc

@townsend910: Could only happen in Scotland!!!!! Where else in the world could a player take out 3 players with a touch of the ball only to get beat by a puddle 🤣🤣

@ArranEwart: The pitch was fine though. Have to be considerate of the players, also the 50,000 supporters who had travelled there and spent plenty of money to be there. And also the ground staff who had worked for an hour and a half to get the game restarted

@maccalad10: Why did the ref even start the game 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

@blairnicol360: Looks fun to play in TBH . Used to play football in that back in the day 🌊🌊😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

@Babsytherunner: Look at the state of that ball! Love Scottish football 😂😂🌧️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥰

@Blazespage: Water polo tonight

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