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Footage goes viral of huge scrap and disgusting challenges in Bournemouth v Garuda friendly

Footage goes viral of a huge scrap and disgusting challenges in the friendly between Bournemouth youngsters v Garuda Select.

The main objective of the Garuda Select Program is to grow professionalism in the best talents from all over the world so that they can develop in the world of professional football.

In each season the Garuda Select technical team selects the best talents from several countries to be intensively train in Europe, focusing on their mental, physical, technical, and tactical side of the game.

To be selected, the scouting team must saw their potential to develop in the future, and not only just the abilities they have for now.

Garuda are a UK-based football academy based out of Loughborough University hosting Indonesian football protégés who are starring on a sports documentary called ‘Dream Chasers: Garuda Select.’

The programme is in its fifth season and shows some of the best young players in the country facing English academy sides including the likes of Arsenal and Manchester City.

The Garuda Select squad, who have Dennis Wise at the helm alongside Des Walker, visited the AFC Bournemouth academy headquarters at the Canford Park Arena and boy dd it go off with some crazy challenges made as can be seen in the viral clip below…

After playing goalless in the first half, Garuda Select came away smiling after recording a 2-0 win at against the Cherries.

Since the early minutes, the Garuda squad pressed and created a number of opportunity, putting extra pressure on the young Bournemouth defence.

They continued this throughout the first half, but couldn’t make the most of their chances, and then it was Bournemouth’s turn to attack. The half finishing 0-0.

Entering the second half, Garuda Select was immediately surprised when a cross came in from Bournemouth, only for it to be saved by the goalkeeper.

Ob the 63rd minute, the Garuda squad had a superb opportunity on goal when Christian Mazzara sent the ball to Raihan Utama, but against could’t put it in the back of the net.

Garuda Select shortly got their first goal mid-way through the second half, coming from the substitute, Utama.

Entering the 78th minute, Christian Mazzara took a corner that led to the front of the goal. Ragil heading in to make it 2-0.

Towards the end, Bournemouth attempt to spring a comeback, creating some dangerous opportunities, only to be thwarted by the Garuda Select defenders.

This is what fans had to say as footage goes viral of huge scrap and disgusting challenges in the Bournemouth youngsters v Garuda friendly this week…

@hedleyrchardson: @jonny_stuttle love it you

@BarryDunn99: Nice friendly game

@george_stuttle: Disgusting challenges, doesn’t help that their manager encourages it @jonny_stuttle lucky to come away without any broken legs

@Tom22Watts: This isn’t a football match this is a WWE Royal Rumble 😂😂😂

@J_B_N1905: That one on the sidelines was a career ender 😳

@adameustace8: Majestic viewing

@MattPerks3: This is the best thing I’ve seen all day

@NathanRossFox: The last one 😂😂😂😂 fekkkk

@Fazzzzerr: that’s embarrassing

@StephenDChef: That’s every Sunday in #nottsyouthleague and on the occasional Saturday game I’ve watched my lad play over the years

@furiouschin: Is this actually our academy @afcb. This looks awful.

@HopsV1: proper football there

@MorganScottUK: I’m glad to say I enjoyed this very much the ref lost control completely! And me and @samdavisuk got out of the arena nice and safe ! I’m not a horrible person but 3 red cards and the fights was bloody brilliant 🤩

@Aaron_Briggs1: Refs really controlled the game well

@evertonfinest: That last challenge wtf 😭

@ColonelG45: That last challenge was insane. Lucky he jumped over

@ArtOfMatty: Number 12 is a proper teammate. Get him in the first team

@jamie_afcb7: Oh dear #afcb

@thatrossbloke: I have a suspicion the ref may have lost control

@9Matthew7: Didn’t Dennis Wise go work in Indonesia? I think this is his influence 🤣

@ben_dwyer98: Christ that last one is horrendous 🙄 he’s properly lost his head there 🤣

@theafcbfanpage: Ummmmm…. Interesting.

@CT02798: Fuck me 😭😭😭

@chrisrumbelow1: #afcb some interesting challenges on here

@b_afcb: Games gone soft

They’re pretty good tbh
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Garuda Select 2-0 Bournemouth

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