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Five-goal thriller and late penalty save in ‘title decider’ sees Wrexham beat Notts County

A five-goal thriller and a late penalty save in the ‘title decider’ between Wrexham and Notts County in what was quite the spectacle.

Cedwyn Scott saw his injury-time penalty saved as Notts County slipped to defeat in north Wales. The substitute saw his kick saved by Ben Foster as the Magpies were denied a point.

Coming into this game, both had already amassed 100 points, both had scored 106 goals, and both boasted the division’s top scorers with Macaulay Langstaff netting 41 for Notts County – a National League and club record over a season – and Mullin with 34 for Wrexham.

But come the final whistle, Wrexham are three points clear with a game in hand.

John Bostock had given the away side the lead with a stunning free-kick, only for Paul Mullin to equalise shortly after the break.

The hosts then went in front thanks to Jacob Mendy, only for Kyle Cameron to equalise.

But, after Elliot Lee restored his side’s lead, Notts County couldn’t find the much needed response even after being handed a spot-kick right at the death.

This is how social media users reacted as a five-goal thriller and a late penalty save in the ‘title decider’ sees Wrexham beat Notts County…

@WxmSimpson: One of the reasons I want to get out of this league is to escape the godawful @TheVanaramaNL officiating – how we managed to win despite their best efforts to deny us is a massive credit to the #WxmAFC team.

@jamiebogle: What a frigging legend

@ethanhenson0: Some save that for a PR signing..

@lackeyadam: The absolute size of his balls to pull this save off…at this time…in this match….against this team….!! #WxmAFC @BenFoster

@wouldy26: The best non league game I’ve watched for a while!! Was certainly a testament to both of those teams and how well they have done this season!! Big Ben foster will be buzzing on his podcast this week great penalty save!!

@jomsull78: Reminds me of the save Schmeichel made against Arsenal in 99 (drawing in the semi final replay), last minute pen. Big save. Extra time… and boom the treble is still on. Big moments need big characters and big nerves. Hope both teams go up. Mad league. #WxmAFC

@ShorkieGames: What a game, this is going down in history, what a story for Wrexham, non league and even Ben foster to maybe have the deciding save at the end of his career to give back to the club that stated his breakthrough

@_cflock1_: Absolutely fair play to Ben foster after all the criticism he got, big players for big moments

@skinio: Wouldn’t say you blown us away but congrats either way. Horrid defending cost us today and langstaff quiet all match. Dont think you’d have let title slip even if penalty went in. Great season for both teams and just hope we get up in playoffs. #notts

@KerronCross: Do @VancityReynolds and @RMcElhenney love drama? Look away now…..not bad for a ‘PR keeper’ @BenFoster. Class is timeless! Absolute scenes in squeaky bum time!

@Aidan_1874: Unreal game of football as a neutral that is one of the best games I’ve seen in quite some time

@Alialhashimi139: is this the best non league game of all time? everything has just been incredible from minute 1

@WiggumCharm: Sorry, but you’re a giant nerd if you’re against Wrexham going up. It’s not their fault your silly little club didn’t attract Hollywood investment. Ryan Reynolds has decided to take 20 years off his own life for no reason other than to give us a good documentary. Enjoy it, losers

@Fynnxe_: Ben foster has just got the go pro footage of his life 😭

@isthatscully: Nah. He came out of retirement for a Hall of Fame performance 😂 this next Vlog is gonna be crazy. He might even get the Disney budget from Wrexham.

@JamesL25: Just to make the movie version Reynold’s will inevitably make a bit more dramatic

@mattlyynch: The fifth league of English football – a football pyramid like no other. Should be 3 up 3 down to the Football League and now

@whu_hearney: One of the best games I’ve seen in recent years. What an advert for non league football 😍

@YNWA_4Life: What a truly insane game of football that was. End-to-end, bad moments, great moments and edge-of-your-seat footy! What more could you ask for!!

@matthewcoca: Not a single drop of beer will be left in any pub in town

@evo2965: What a game !! As a neutral that was some advert for entertaining football, brilliant from both sides and as for Ben Foster 👏

@Redandblack999: What an incredible game and finish. If only a documentary could have been made about this season as it would have been a great watch.

@craigylou: What a game of football

@ZVMoney16: Quite possibly the greatest game of football I’ve ever watched. Congrats Wrexham

@Akpommed: Be real, do you think there’s any better feeling in football than saving a penalty and then pushing the defenders away to tell them to defend the corner

@ThePostalJoe: This could become one of the biggest saves in #WxmAFC history!! Potentially the save that holds on to the win that helps send them to automatic promotion from the National League for the first time in 16 years!


@Lausters: What an insane game and what a moment. Notts County and Wrexham, 1st and 2nd in the table and both on 100(!) points pre match, squared off vs each other. Then this happened. A Ben Foster who came out of retirement to sign for Wrexham a couple weeks ago. Football is unreal

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