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Fiorentina ultras attack West Ham fans with some hospitalised ahead of final in Prague

Fiorentina ultras attack West Ham fans with some being hospitalised ahead of the Europa Conference final in Prague on Wednesday.

Around 3pm, the celebrations in central Prague turned sour when Hammers supporters drinking in a pub were ambushed by Italians wearing black clothing and masks.

Videos and photos have since surfaced online showing it kicking off, with loud banging noises, glass smashed and people watching on before fearing for their safety…

Alfie Mulligan @AlfMulligan tweeted: “Just been stood in a lovely bar in Prague … 50+ Fiorentina fans come round the corner shooting fireworks, armed with batons … but looks like a war hospital.

“Completely unprovoked. Children in the bar. I got hit by a chair.

“Pensioners being taken to hospital.

“Shambolic scenes from the Fiorentina support. I’ve never been so scared in my life.

“Italian ultras … more like cowards…

“Completely unprovoked. Be careful.

“Not a pretty sight. For context, I’m under the blue sign.

“Worried for post match now.”

According to MailOnline, Hammers fans began to move towards a bar as it was made known that fellow fans had been assaulted.

A group of riot officers intervened and prevented the two groups from clashing.

Around 100 West Ham supporters attempted to run to the bar, where it was alleged that their fellow fans had been attacked, but were held back by 50 police officers, some of whom were armed with automatic weapons and batons.

The ultras tried to flee the police by running through a busy shopping area, some ran through tables outside a cafe, where people were eating, with bottles shattered, and tables overturned.

They were then rounded up, and forced to stand outside with women who had been working seen taking photos of the thugs with their mobile phones and peering through the windows.

MailOnline add that they saw a group suspected of being thugs handcuffed, arrested and then led through the crowds.

The police, speaking in Italian on a tannoy, told the remaining Fiorentina supporters and ultras to leave immediately.

This comes after hooligans from AZ Alkmaar, who were also violent and aggressive, tried to attack the families of West Ham players in Holland at the end the semi-final.

In the hours leading up to the cup final tonight, riot police had been on standby.

One fan had quickly been detained earlier by the police after firing a flare in the square. He was reportedly later released following a ticking off.

Fans of the Italian rivals without tickets were directed to a separate zone away from West Ham fans.

One Hammers supporter who witnessed the scenes said: ‘They targeted a group and attacked them quite violently then ran off before anyone could react. It was completely unprovoked. They were all ultras dressed in black. It was pretty grim.’

Here’s what Twitter users are saying as Fiorentina ultras attack West Ham fans with some hospitalised ahead of the final in Prague…

@scan2702: Really does make me wonder exactly what pleasure they get travelling hundreds of miles just to start fights… f**king morons. 😒

@Footballtilley: Just no need. The bars, restaurants and people have been so nice.

@Cob_Muncher: I will never understand people who behave like this. Why cannot people have a good time and enjoy the football….

@connor_mh: Every time a English team has been in Europe this season, this has happened…and everything I’ve seen is all started by them but it’ll be the English fault im sure 🤷🏼‍♂️

@WHUFCGeezer: European fans are from the dark ages . We did this and grew past it probably 40 years ago and yet they STILL think its an acceptable part of football culture. Very sad.

@mcandidate: you know summer has hit when you see your first chair being lobbed somewhere in a european city 😎

@aarons1308: Jesus! Stay safe out there Hammers fans! 👊🏼

@Lea_EFC: Lock the fuckers up and throw the key away. Everything I hate about football.

@KeithMan111: Wait till the GSE arrive. Pete and bovver will stand their ground

@weareBCSRF: Where’s Knollsy when you need him? 🤷🏽‍♂️🧐

@madwhu: How funny they have a go when all the West Ham have gone somewhere else where were they when West Ham owned the square , light waits just laughed at them

@andysmit69: Hate football me ! Rugby league just had a weekend in 1 stadium With all 12 teams and I’ve not seen any videos of trouble !

@lhwhu200: Once again we’re being respectful and the other team ruin it

@MarcClimpson: I did have my worries about going out there tbf. These Italians fans are off the rails. Stay safe hammers ⚒️

@MatthewBowe11: Nowt better than seeing 50 year old bald blokes picking up plastic chairs and holding them up as if it’s an Ak47

@robpatterson24: 20,000+ West Ham go to Prague over three days and no trouble, respecting the city (which is absolutely beautiful) Fiorentina turn up and trash the place. Now tell me why English fans still have the troublemaker reputation and European nations get a pass!? Boils my piss

@hammersaint: Seriously pathetic. I hope arrests were/will be made. #COYI @WestHam

@driseborough: If chair throwing was an Olympic sport then GB would be in the medals 🥇 😂

@andertony95: What’s with these teams abroad more interest in a punch up then the actual football, sad lol

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