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Fight breaks out on Southend beach with chairs and bottles thrown

A video has gone viral this week as fight breaks out on Southend beach with chairs and glass bottles thrown on the hottest day of the year.

Horrified members of the public made the most of enjoying the 28 degrees weather, however at the same time as England were winning in the Euros, beachgoers could be seen fleeing as a group starting chucking bottles at each other at the beach cafe.

The culprits could be seen left bleeding as they brawled while still in their shorts with no shoes or tops on.

The cafe was left covered in broken glass and torn apart chairs following the carnage, with one of the groups then making their way from the scene as their blooded rivals yelled after them.

It is not clear what caused the fight and now an investigation has been launched by the Essex police after seeing the shocking scenes with the clip doing the rounds.

It comes after Ron Woodley, a deputy leader, called on the Army to come and help tackle violence on the seafront.

The popular destination, packed out on Sunday, has been plagued by thugs brawling, smashing bottles and leaving mountains of litter behind.

There are now fears the carnage could get worse now England have started their Euro 2020 campaign, seems the first game and it’s done exactly that.


England fans fighting amongst themselves in Southend yesterday😂😂

Posted by Football Home & Away on Monday, 14 June 2021

Mr Woodley said: “I have a meeting with police but if we have not got enough police I would want to bring in the armed forces.

“If people can’t behave themselves we will have to do something that is outside the box.

“If we don’t have enough police officers in Essex then we need to call in the Army, but it would have to be central Government doing it.”

The Your Southend group posted the video on Facebook on Sunday, saying: “We were sent this shocking video of a fight between two groups of men on Southend seafront, which reportedly happened today.

“A number of deckchairs, tables and glass bottles were thrown during the altercation.

“The seafront was packed with thousands of people when the incident happened, including families with children.

“The fight, involving around 10 men, reportedly took place in the area around the Pebbles One cafe on the beach.

“Police are continuing to increase their patrols along the seafront as the hot weather brings more visitors into the town. Officers carried out a number of successful stop checks on people and vehicles over the weekend, as well as aiming to deter anti social behaviour with their visible presence.
It is not yet known if any arrests were made.

Chief Inspector Ian Hughes, District Commander for Southend, said: “We are aware of a video circulating online showing a group of people fighting in Marine Parade, Southend, yesterday afternoon.

“The people shown in this video behaved recklessly, with no care for the injuries they could have caused to friends and families around them.

“We’re progressing enquiries and working to identify those pictured and will continue our high visibility patrols of the area.

“For anyone who thinks they can come to Essex, to our towns and beaches, and commit crime, violence or anti-social behaviour, you can’t and if you do, you can expect a visit from us as we simply will not tolerate it.”


Cllr Martin Terry, Cabinet Member for Public Protection, said: “The violent anti-social behaviour shown in the video by this group of people is unacceptable.

“The Council works closely with the police through our Community Safety Partnership, and we will be supporting them to help identify those involved.

“Thankfully, after another incredibly busy weekend for the town, the vast majority have behaved responsibly, which we are thankful for, and it was reassuring to see extra police officers on duty.”

If you have any information that could help police identify the individuals involved, please contact Southend CID on 101, send a report on the Essex Police website or contact Crimestoppers anonymously.

The thugs have been slammed by locals, who say they were “acting like children”.

One said: “What a load of tossers ..a complete embarrassment.The sun comes out/there’s beer and they lose their minds”.

Another wrote: “And that’s why I will not take my children there when it’s hot as there are so many idiots around. Hope they all get arrested”.

While one added: “That is disgusting, innocent people and especially children could have been hurt in this”.

Essex Police also hit out at the thugs for attempting to “spoil it for everyone else” with their behaviour.

Fans reacted as the fight breaks out on Southend beach with chairs and bottles thrown…

@DrMcScott: “Greetings from Southend!” – Postcard.

@Socialistdawn: One thing I enjoyed about lockdown was being able to walk through the centre of town on a Friday & Saturday evening – it is normally a no go area, as drunks fight & abuse anything that moves.

@AjwWoody: Chairs get a really bad deal sometimes. Sat on by arseholes and then thrown by some bigger arseholes. Going to be long summer.

@MrJunkerBarlow: Fat lads in shorts; always fat lads in shorts. 🙄

@Zimzz: They need to re-label the non-alcoholic lager after the second drink & give them that instead!

@Ed74663303: I bet the Spanish, Portuguese and Greek bar owners are pleased that the English tourists are staying at home.

@obbsie: As I’ve said before, if chair throwing was an Olympic Sport, we’d clean up.

@AndreJo89945597: The annual Southend chair throwing championship.

@mickm115: Sarf End innit…

@BurneLeigh: Stay classy, Southend.

@jimmywebb10: One of the best things I ever did was move out of Southend absolute shit hole now !!!

@Rob76540279: It’s coming home 😂😂😂

@arleneconnoll14: What a waste. Such lovely chairs.

@NatashaFalvey: I don’t understand, we have been in lockdown for so long, a small bit of freedom is given and then tw*ts like this ruin it. Just sit down and have an icecream and enjoy the sun.

@warsawcoys: What happened? Did the Mr Whippy van run out of flakes?

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