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Fight breaks out in the stands between West Brom and Wolves fans with FA Cup tie suspended

A fight breaks out in the stands between West Brom and Wolves fans with FA Cup Fourth Round tie suspended on the 78th minute.

A huge brawl broken out in the stands at two different ends of the stadium and the referee decided not to let the players kick-off until it was sorted as police and stewards quickly swooped in.

Fans could be seen getting ejected out of the ground after trouble spilled out onto the pitch before Wolves and West Brom players took themselves off and down the tunnel and back into the dressing room.

Violence erupted after Matheus Cunha doubled the visitors’ lead, but with the game stopped, there was speculation over whether it could continue.

ITV reporter Katie Shanahan: “I’ve just been speaking to a number of the team around here and the referees are waiting for the go-ahead.

“A number of the players’ children are in that area.

“The referee can’t go ahead until they have had confirmation from the safety team.”

The game resumed after 25 minutes of it being stopped with Wolves holding on to the 2-0 victory and progress through to the next round.

Commentator: “It does look like there has been a little bit of disorder down in the corner and it has stopped the game and there does seem to be some quite troubling scenes.

“In fact there are. You can see them now. I think that’s because there’s a few Wolves fans that might well have ended up in the home end.

“And there’s actually some quite troubling situations here where a kid has had to be taken out of the ground and onto the pitch to get him away from the trouble.

“And Craig Dawson actually has come out. It’s a West Brom fan, I think the kid who’s gone over and just had a quick word with him to make sure he’s okay.

“The police are coming onto the pitch here and going over to that corner to try and sort things out and this is exactly the kind of thing we didn’t want to see.

“Derby day passion is great, derby day intensity is great. But this sort of overspill is not acceptable in any sense.

“It’s getting really nasty in certain sections of the ground where I think Wolves fans have bought tickets, police are having to use batons.

“It’s really ugly. I have to tell you. We’re restricting what we’re showing you because some of those scenes are undesirable.

“The situation is not under control and that is the real problem. This is harking back to the bad old days. I can’t remember the last time I saw scenes like this in an english ground and at the other end of the ground. So this is happening in the Birmingham Road end at the corner of the main stand, at the other end where the Wolves fans are actually.

“It started to flare up in that corner too. So there’s two incidents that police have got to deal with and actually so many of them came round this side of the ground that they then had to go back and make sure that it was secure at the other end.

“There’s a few West Brom players over that side trying to calm and make gestures to the fans. I think there’s a few Wolves fans have been found out, if you like, in that West Brom end and the police are having trouble to get to them.

“There’s a few policemen sort of in the crowd asking for a bit more assistance and they’re taking a few plans out now.

“The police, we’re not too happy that leaving and there’s nothing you can do as a player.

“Just got to stand back and hopefully the police get it under control as soon as possible.

“But it’s certainly not under control.

“This is not going to start for a while.

“There’s a big knot down in the corner of the ground, away to our left hand side, and the police are just trying to eject some fans that actually, I think, are trying to escape down one of the exits.

“Wolves are now leaving the playing surface. They’re going in. The game is going to be stopped after 82 minutes.

“There’s a West Brom fan on the pitch at the other end now who is being taken away by the stewards and the players being pulled off and taken down the tunnel.

“And there will be a pause in the game until order can be restored and it is safe to continue here at the Hawthorns this afternoon.”

Simon Stone (BBC Sport at The Hawthorns): “There are loads of police and stewards in the far corner trying to get the situation under control.

“Immediately after Matheus Cunha’s goal, missiles were thrown from into and out of the visitors section.

“The fighting started at the other end of the stadium. A fan has been taken past me by police.

“There are huge numbers of police in the far corner trying to restore order.”

John Murray (Commentator on BBC Radio 5 Live): “Kyle Bartley has come out with a child in my arms and I think that must be where the families are sat. That is why many of the West Brom players ran over to that corner. My assumption is that is where the West Brom families are.”

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This is how Twitter users reacted as a fight breaks out in the stands between West Brom and Wolves fans with the FA Cup tie suspended…

@Jordhy123_: This is what English football is about 😍 more of these types of draws are needed in the cup 🤣

@HoppersGuide: Pretty incredible stuff! We have Sam Matterface saying we aren’t showing the trouble because nobody wants to see it and the TV director must agree We then have the ITV Football social media account promoting their account by showing exactly that! Hypocrisy of the highest order

@BennettDave85: Honestly blows my mind how easily grown men with fully grown frontal lobes are willing to risk jail time over a footy match you know 🤣 Just go and have a bevy with your mates without turning into a caveman terrifying young kids.

@mozzerjnr: Grown men kicking off at the football 🤦‍♂️ embarrassing

@AlexBallsy1: You’re seriously mental (brave) to celebrate as an away fan in the home end at a game of this calibre 🤨

@Topcatsmith: Bellends, the lot of them. But surprised that this hasn’t happened sooner as most clubs seems to be selling ‘home’ tickets to away supporters now just to get the tickets sold

@The_Paris_Angel: I mean, it’s not 1989 5-1 levels but the lad legging it across the pitch to get involved and the lad in the white SI jumper being “ushered” down the tunnel is entertaining.

@jacob_lind02: Like 11:45am kick off was going to make a difference 😂

@TobyBurtonMusic: Embarrassing for everyone involved – if you’re going to a game to do nothing other than get hammered and start scrapping you’re not a proper football fan, stay at home 👏

@thfclp__: The beautiful game may not be dead after all ❤️

@jess_jonesxxx: Scumbags who think this is acceptable behaviour!🤬 the reason I don’t attended mens football games to much trouble 🤦🏻‍♀️

@CoventryKing: The fact of the matter is fans love this shit I’m sure this will be the highest viewing game in a long while purely because of the enjoyment factor 🤣 the English game is violent and it’s why it’s amazing #PUSB

ITV football commentator – “Nobody wants to see this”
ITV football social media team – “Shall we post this?” “Yep”

@taylorlc02: Some derby that , none of this same city shite , 2 shitholes that absolutely despise each other what it’s all about.

@jay_barwood: This is exactly what I wanted to see actually. Proper derby day

@tanky7: Oh come on, 10, 20 years ago those “scenes” would have barely raised an eyebrow. These commentators in their 40s and 50s will have seen far far worse and yet choose to wet their pants over essentially handbags.

@BadeshaArmaan: So they hype up these derbys to be passionate, but when it actually gets feisty they start crying

@PapacSassy: Absolutely beautiful scenes ❤️❤️❤️. I was worried English football was completely sanitised by the EPL money but 1970’s disorder like this in a derby gives me hope the game isn’t completely dead over there. You love to see it.

@tommo2611: What was going through their minds going into the home end on a Derby day fucking hell

@JurassicBowes: Football is great but this sort of thing is absolutely embarrassing. Grown men having a scrap because of a game. Grow up.

@ls_lyndsey: Appalling scenes at the West Brom V Wolves match. There are kids in the stands and a bunch of fans are putting peoples safety at risk and spoiling the beautiful game #FACup

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