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FIFA trial five controversial new rule changes in football leaving fans angered

FIFA trial five controversial new rule changes in football leaving fans angered because it will change the beautiful game forever.

Mundo Deportivo says the world football governing body is looking for ways to improve the game and is currently looking at a series of different rules in the ‘Future of Football Cup’ youth tournament.

Under 19 sides from PSV, AZ Alkmaar, RB Leipzig and Club Brugge are all participating in the experiment, which features five key regulation changes.

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Firstly, games will be made of two 30 minute halves in lieu to standard 90 minutes in a men’s adult football. It is believed this idea was borrowed from basketball and futsal.

Secondly, the referee will stop his watch whenever the ball rolls out of play in an attempt to crack down on the time-wasting and there will also be kick-ins, instead of throw-ins.

Usually, teams are allowed to make three substitutes – that has of course been extended to five in recent times due to the Covid pandemic.

In the event these plans go ahead, unlimited substitutions will be permitted across the board.

And then finally, yellow cards will result in a sin bin similar to what is seen in rugby. The offending player would be temporarily suspended for around a five-minute period and forced to watch from the sidelines to calm down before returning to play, reducing their chances of getting sent off and limiting their chances of flaring up and causing trouble to opposition.

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As mentioned, FIFA trial five controversial new rule changes in football leaving fans angered, see exactly what they had to say on it below…

@Tactical_Times: While I’m not against change for the sake of being against change, I feel FIFA are approaching it from the wrong side. Isn’t the rules or format of the game that need addressing, it’s the financial, political and social aspects. The actual football is the only bit they get right.

@CFC_Benjamin19: Some awful rule changes* Only good one is clock pauses when the balls out but why reduce the game by half an hour? Cam footballers really not play football for 90mins not even for £100k a week?

@BitOf285: Even the ‘stopping the clock’ rule is a bad one. Yes we all hate the time wasting, but the games would be stupid lengths of time otherwise. They shouldn’t change anything about football, they’ve done too much already.

@ben_ghazzie: So what if a goalkeeper gets a yellow card. Meaning they play without a keeper for 5 minutes. Lol

@SpikeUnited: This is practically the 5-a-side rules with unlimited subs and a time out for yellow cards 😂

@BoszieKing: They just want to kill the beautiful game . What in the actual fuck is this 😔😡

@HowieRobbie: All 3 are terrible ideas so just can them now.

@Lukas___Lowe: Stop Americanising football

@_georgeatkins_: Might as well do 4 quarters ffs

@S1NGHN3SS: FIFA ruining football

@CMTrades2204: Games gone

@dingjme: Why do people have to ruin the world.

@ThreeLionsDan: Are they high?

@cole_qpr: wtf no

@Ferneylfc27: No. Just no

@TomJebb8: Fuck me if this happens, games gone! Why change a perfectly good game?! The only thing that need to change are players diving and play acting to get players booked or even sent off. It ruins the game completely. After all this is meant to be a mans game!

@TheGJRichards: Sounds absolutely shit. There’s nothing wrong with how it is now.

@hotspur1925: What part of leave football alone do uefa, Fifa and anyone else not get

@DanielJenks89: Someone from FIFA went to a leisure league, went back into the office and thought this was a brilliant idea

@Jason_Kavanagh: If any of them happened I will stop with football altogether. Absolute fucking nonsense

@HeySarki: FIFA trying so hard to ruin football entirely. Maybe the Super League doesn’t sound bad now. There was a time implementing a new rule like Goal Line Tech took several years before it was even tested, and that was actually for the good of the game

@Gbradley1204: Who the fuck is suggesting these ideas, the full lot need sacking at fifa there all corrupt bastards anyway

@Dan58153370: Leave our game alone @FIFAcom

@kennyjermyn: 60 minute match, ticket prices still won’t go down

@ianbozwell: FIFA totally lost the plot

@OlamideRaheem8: Don’t fix what is not broken

@Don22934815: Ffs why don’t they just leave it alone?

@usher933: Why change a sport that is so popular worldwide. None of this is required.

@jimmy_thompson5: Is it April 1st??

@26Pandy: Leave the game alone

@CelsoDN23: RIP football

@anthonyseddon: Just leave football alone for fucks sake

@Louise_Taffa: Give us a break. How about everyone stops trying to change the fundamentals of football.

@skylos1022: Whoever considers changes like these, should be banned from ever going near to a football game. Perhaps it’s time to ban FIFA and have a new organization that respects the game!

@coxon_jamie: I mean what the actual fuck man. Leave things alone for fucks sake.

@TheGJRichards: And I suppose for 30 minutes of football each half, players will take pay-cuts for playing/doing less, and fans would also get charged less for match tickets? Nah, didn’t think so. Shit ideas.

@mmsimco: I swear who’s in charge of this and how have they managed to still have a job

@Ke_Jmha: Just leave the game as it is, diluting the game which too much changes is killing it

@William51237799: Ffs leave it alone

@clay_archie: Don’t change what ain’t broken

@MkD8705: Next they’ll want it played indoors 🤔

@joelthemole3: 30 minute half’s ???? Piss off fifa

@ANDYBCFC84: Fuckin hell sounds like 7 aside at goals

@LordDanieI: Super league doesn’t sound bad now

@JamesRo33330795: So its changing football so the big teams get more advantage typical FIFA.

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