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Female fan reveals erotic name she has for Tottenham’s Ben Davies at meet and greet

A video has gone viral this week which shows a female fan reveals an erotic name she has for Tottenham’s Ben Davies at a meet and greet.

Now we all know how they go down, us fans arrive at the ground of where the club are at the time based, and take the opportunity to be allowed the chance of greeting our idols.

Usually words are exchanged, photos and videos are taken, signatures galore written out, however what this one woman did was a route surely no other person would even think about doing especially the words she used.

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The 28 second clip, which can be viewed below, shows the supporter film herself with the Spurs footballer who looks as though he had been expecting a photo instead of video.

She says to him: “I met you in New York, I made you laugh, I have a photo of it.” By this point Davies looks rather awkward following the comment before smiling and saying “that’s cool”.

‘Sarah’ continues: “It’s all fine, anyway, erm so, I need to ask you a question.”

Davies replied: “Okay” and she adds “you need to give me your honest reaction.” before glancing over at people nearby the woman.

Sarah: “No don’t look at him, alright, alright, I call you Daddy Davies when I see you play…”

Davies: “Daddy Davies?”

Sarah: Mmm hmm

Davies: “Is that okay?”

Sarah: “Yeah?”

Davies: “It’s okay”

Sarah: “You like that? Can I call you Daddy all the time?”

Davies: “If you want”

Both of the pair laugh loudly at the conversation they just had between themselves.

For those who don’t know what she’s talking about, ‘Daddy’ is a sexual slang word used for a significant other.

Some may use it to show dominance over someone else in an aggressive, playful, or sexual way, others find the term a turn on.

Hence why the conversation gets rather awkward but it seems Tottenham’s Ben Davies doesn’t mind what the female fan as she reveals the erotic name she has for him at the meet and greet.

After posting the footage on social media, Sarah was blown away by the reaction, with the post getting 13,000 likes and hundreds of comments, likes and shares.

She wrote via her Twitter account: Didn’t expect that video to blow up but glad we all had a good laugh! ben was just being polite & those who were there/know me know that it was all in good fun & i’m just outgoing & goofy 😂 please no more DM’s i am very much happily taken & i’m pretty sure daddy davies is too!”

Ben Davies was on the scoresheet in midweek, helping his side knock out Stoke in the Carabao Cup to advance through to the semi finals stage of the competition.

For more than a decade, those from North London can finally have something to look forward to as they have been desperately searching for a sign that they might actually win a trophy… and this season couldn be the season they achieve that.

Tottenham, who sit 6th in the Premier League table, have not won any silverware since the League Cup in 2008 but were drawn with Brentford in this week’s draw.


Youth career
2000–2001 – Swansea City
2001–2004 – Viborg FF
2004–2012 – Swansea City

Senior career
2012–2014 – Swansea City – 71 games (3 goals)
2014– Tottenham Hotspur – 138 games (3 goals)

National team
2011–2012 – Wales U19 – 3 games (0 goals)
2012– Wales – 58 games (0 goals)

Davies revealed after the defeat against Liverpool what ambitions his team had for this season. “That has to be our aim [to be in the title race]. We’re taking every game as they come obviously but we’re up there. We want to fight,” he said.

“This was a big game which unfortunately didn’t go our way. The next one is vitally important now.”

He added: “We’ll see at the end of the season where we are. That’s what we want to do. We want to be as competitive as we can.

“Winning something this year is what we’re aiming for.”

“Looking back on the game I think we had some very good chances,” said the Welshman. “We hit the post, a couple of one-on-ones, so the form our boys have been you’d back them to take it.

“It’s a tough one to take but there are a lot of games coming up now and it’s important that we crack on and make sure we get as many points as possible.”

On dealing with Liverpool’s attacking threat, he added: “They have one of the best attacks in the league so we needed to be ready at all moments.

“I think we did a pretty good job for most of the game. They had a couple of shots but we felt ok with it. It was just very disappointing to concede the two goals.

“We’re ok [mentally]. Look it’s obviously tough right now after the game but we’ve got the drive now that the big games are coming up and we need to be ready to win.”

Fans couldn’t help but laugh at what they were seeing in the viral post, and took to reply in the comment section, see what they had to say below…

@bigadt: God that was intense

@Chayts82: He looks petrified

@NuFc142: Big Ben Davies is in there like

@__dembones__: Ben was #nervous

@nub1a9: Dangerous girl that.

@Lilywhite_Rose: Looooooool

@jacobs_drew10: This is freaking brilliant!!

@ashcporter: He has a girlfriend why would you say this

@SpursViews_: This is phenomenal content

@squatsandpints: This is the greatest video of all time

@MissSBassett: You’re my hero.

@west_saeeed: It’s the lack of blinking for me

@MDCoop3: Your moment FINALLY arrived. Had that locked and loaded.

@cameron9229: doesn’t know what to do bless him.

@bread_whole: I remember seeing this video couple years ago and thinking… props this girl got some game- and damn shes also gorgeous!

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