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Female broadcaster reports anti-Semitic comments made by fan going to match on train

Female broadcaster Abbi Summers reports anti-Semitic comments made by what seems to be a fan going to a match on a train on Wednesday.

She wrote a social media post outing the culprit as they travelled on the Tube heading for White Hart Lane prior to the Carabao Cup game between Tottenham and West Ham.

A video included in the post has one on to get over 300,000 views, and you can hear the Abbi outraged at what she just heard, calling them out whilst he tried to act hard in front of his mates as they sung.

Summers wrote: Hi @metpoliceuk would like to report an incident on the 18:45 train from liverpool street to white hart lane. This man continuously shouting anti Semitic comments and behaviour and clearly not sorry when called up on…

This got a huge amount of reaction, but with the help of that, this prompted a swift response from the police themselves who replied back: “Please DM us directly so that we can discuss this further.
Thanks.” while MPS Haringey said: “@abbisummers We are aware of this footage and have shared it with our colleagues at @BTP, which is responsible for policing London’s rail network.”

Meanwhile, five arrests were made in total following a the crowd trouble outside the ground as Tottenham beat West Ham 2-1 to reach the Carabao Cup semi-finals.

The two sets of fans came to blows before the game with several police officers forced to intervene with a number of incidents also reported to have happened inside the stadium throughout the game.

The arrests were for violent disorder, actual bodily harm, drunk and disorderly behaviour and assaulting an emergency worker.

One fan was also arrested on suspicion of invading the pitch.

The two teams were competing for a semi-final spot, with Spurs winning thanks to goals from Steven Bergwijn and Lucas Moura.

Metropolitan Police said a “robust and proportionate policing plan” was in place for the fixture, with officers responding to “sporadic” fighting outside the ground. See more on that HERE.

Twitter users reacted after the female broadcaster reports anti-Semitic comments made by fan going to match on the train…

@Dave_Finch60: Let’s also hope his workplace sees this. I’m sure they’ll be a policy that will see him looking for new employment come the New Year.

@AF_Spurs_OSC: @WestHam – want to claim him as one of yours? An away ticket holder so should he easyy to trace…..if you’re serious about tackling anti-Semitism that is! Over to you!

@AndyByr85142357: Good for you for standing up for yourself, and the same time you shouldn’t have to no room in football for racism is any forms!!! We all stand together with you on this!!!

@adamnathancater: Good for you Abbi – thanks for standing up to him

@ShinAujla: Well done for calling this out. His family and employers will be so proud to see this.

@ChrisHallUK: @SpursOfficial stadium security should have quick search of the crowd at kick off and kick him out. He’ll be easy to spot, the guy out of breath after 1 pull up.

@pippa_monique: It’s become a culture for some football fans to verbally abuse people and others just sit and watch! Sorry you had to go through that Abs

@craigieboy2021: Nothing will get done as per usual @WestHam sort this out @SpursOfficial

@leemarkjudges: The bloke will be embarrassed after seeing that. Hope your ok Abbi & well done for sticking up for yourself 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👊🏻

@techprocess1: Utter shameful! Makes me sick seeing such behaviour. Sorry you had to hear abs see this. Hoping some action will be taken by the Met Police!

@WillisonLouis: Hope this picks up a bit of momentum and club doesn’t allow him in tonight. Good on you Abbi!

@CazzaCarrington: Twitter do your thing #TOTWHU

@robertreed10: Thanks for posting – clear view of his face..

@Treborchamp: Sorry you had to go through that. Some very very sad people in this world

@lamdeinu: W⚓ thinks he’s brave, such a hard man. The courageous one here is you, Abby, for facing up to him, filming it, and taking action. Thank you.

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