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Favourites to become new Sheffield Wednesday manager as Chansiri has his say on matters

The top six favourites to become the new Sheffield Wednesday manager has been revealed as chairman Dejphon Chansiri has his say on matters.

Chansiri spoke at a fan forum which was already set to take place prior to the announcement of Darren Moore’s departure.

It was held at Hillsborough on Tuesday night, and of course was faced with so many questions from supporters that needed answering amid the club’s current on-field situation.

When questioned for an update on the situation with Darren Moore, Chansiri sad as per The Star: “It’s not a complicated situation, in football this happens. Coaches come and go. I cannot talk much, because I promised with him that I wouldn’t say anything unless he said something first… Our relationship is still good, on Saturday we were out for dinner together. The fans may think why now, but he went on holiday after the game – he just came back last week, and we had a meeting on Wednesday. It’s just the football business… We still have a good relationship, maybe he will come and watch games, he’ll sit next to me – he even said he was happy to come to this meeting, but I said it was fine.”

“We want to have the new coach soon, we’re trying, and we want to have it done by the time the players come back… Please be patient, it’s not as fast as in League One unless you recruit the players that nobody wants. We have the list, of our targets, and we’ve already started work.

“I spoke to (Barry) Bannan this morning because last night they contacted me… He asked me what happened, and then we talked about the coach – I said I’d try to bring as fast as we can. He joked he could be the coach if we don’t have one yet for preseason… I hope that the next manager is better, and that you don’t need to Google him.”

When asked who is in charge of recruitment now, he replied: “The one who has done the recruitment list is our team, not Darren… We have a long list, then we make a short list – then that’s presented to me and we go, one by one. We don’t need to worry about the coach or not, whoever I bring in will still use that list. I won’t allow a coach to come in and change my player – they have to come in and fit to my players.”

He felt Moore deserved a chance to manage in the Championship, saying: “I agree with you, after bringing us to the Championship he deserved a chance. I always support as much as I can, I would have been happy to leave him here. But as a football business this is normal… I’m sorry that I can’t go more in depth – if you want to know more you need to go and ask Darren…:

Questions turned to ticket prices. Asked ‘why do we have to pump the money in?’, he said: “I like it when people say this face to face rather than from the outside. Even with the money from the fans doesn’t make us break even… You have your opinion, I have mine, we don’t have to agree. I understand the fans want cheaper, that’s normal… But everything needs to be balanced. We started at £395, why did people not buy? I want to give back to the fans who show loyalty and buy the cheaper tickets. I lose £1m giving back to loyal fans, I could start at four hundred and something… Our expenses are a lot at our big stadium, more than other teams – at matchday we have hundreds of staff, you don’t know what it costs.

Dejphon Chansiri adds that if 30,000 buy season tickets this season then he would make all of them £400… And those that have already paid over £400 will get a refund for the amount they’ve paid over that figure.

On plans to get back to the Premier League, he responded: “I think next season is not easy, there are big teams that have come down and big teams that have stayed in the Championship. There are a lot of former Premier League teams in there. Teams that were relegated and have parachute payments, so that’s why it’s difficult… If you stay in the Championship too long you will die, you have to find a way to go up.

“If I said the top two it would be a dream, but for me my minimum aim is to get into the play-offs. If we aren’t going to try, what’s the point in staying in the Championship?

You can read more on what Chansiri had to say regarding recruitment, coaches, contracts, drug use within the stadium, and a number of other topics by clicking HERE

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Sky Bet – 21 Jun – 12pm
Steven Gerrard – 11/4
Vitor Campelos – 4/1
Torsten Lieberknecht – 7/1
Bruno Lage – 12/1
Nathan Jones – 14/1
Gary O’Neil – 16/1

This is what fans are saying as the favourites to become new Sheffield Wednesday manager are revealed as Chansiri has his say on matters…

@Michael11975155: No high profile manager is going to abide to what chansiri wants, he wants a yes man, Vieira, Gerard etc dream on, I’d be very much surprised if he did , he has systematically lost the feel good factor just under one night of his egotistical ramblings #swfc

@LewisHastie: At the forum last night, it was confirmed Moore didn’t leave for another job. He won promotion in spectacular fashion, galvanised a fractured fanbase, repaired a brand damaged by the FFP issue & gained admirers from across football. Why didn’t Mr Chansiri fight to keep him? #swfc

@chelmsford_owl: So Chansiri wants a top six finish but all done through loans and free transfers. Which means, given that Moore was looking at something more modest and realistic, he effectively walked. Chansiri will have a job finding someone prepared to take on that level of expectation.

@jonhill79: Would it be fair to deduce from the comments made that DC clearly expects a return of play offs at a minimum for a 10 player investment and DM thought an10 player investment would only get the assurance of safety at best? Would suggest the amicable split of ways

@_WaWaW_15: I think last season showed anyone can finish anywhere. It’s about getting the right players, the right manager and the right attitude all at the same time. Don’t have to spend fortunes to be successful. Appointment is key. Needs to be done ASAP.

@desertgold2: There’s nothing wrong in aiming for a top 6 finish BUT I think DM was thinking more about a season of sustainability in the Championship with realistic targets and DC didn’t like that – It’s just madness

@WednesdayRetro: Chansiri can’t take Wednesday forward.There’s just no long term plan with him regarding anything. All about opinions but I’m baffled with people who back him 🤷‍♂️ UTO #swfc

@RussAmos333: As frustrated and gutted as ive been over the past 2 days I guess now we can only look forward. For me I would go the Gerrard route however I have a feeling the name not even mentioned or known yet is coming #swfc

@Dastardly_Mutt: Most Owls fans are not looking for DC to spend mega bucks, what they are looking for is evidence of a plan. There should be no reason that Weds should not replicate the success of clubs like Brighton, Brentford, Burnley, Forest, etc but it needs a plan off-field & on field #SWFC

@markbaines64: What I don’t understand about the fans is what answers do you want ? You just want to hear what makes you happy ??? Guy moaning about ticket prices Chansiri wrapped him in rings #swfc

@markbaines64: I’ve come to the conclusion our fans are a bunch of whoppers lol , I’m not his biggest fan but he didn’t say much wrong last night , the overreaction on here is crazy lol. #swfc

@neilbartrop: Have to give credit to Chansiri. Man is actually a genius. Not many people could make 44000 people go from being together, upbeat, feel good factor back To Fans arguing on twitter. Not bothered. Let down. Wanting him out again In just 2 weeks. Well done #swfc

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