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Favourites to become new Leicester manager and how many points could be deducted

John Percy states the favourites to become new Leicester manager, and how many points the club could be deducted next season.

He writes in the Telegraph: “They are facing a difficult summer with the prospect of a points deduction for breaching financial rules. Sources have estimated that the punishment could be anything between six to 15 points.

“With Maresca likely to leave this week, they will have time to properly recruit a replacement. Contenders such as Graham Potter, the former Chelsea manager, and West Brom’s Carlos Corberan are likely to come into the mix.”

Fabrizio Romano tweeted on the 30th of May: “Enzo Maresca and Chelsea, contract until June 2029 with option until June 2030. All confirmed and documents ready as reported two days ago. 🇮🇹”

According to Sky Bet as of the 31st of May, this is who could be the new Leicester:
Carlos Corberan – 9/4
Steve Cooper – 5/2
Ruud Van Nistelrooy – 9/2
Graham Potter – 5/1
David Moyes – 6/1
Oscar Garcia – 10/1
Liam Rosenior – 14/1
Marti Cifuentes – 14/1
Rob Edwards – 14/1

Sky’s Kaveh Solhekol said Chelsea were given permission by the Foxes to speak to Enzo Maresca over the vacant role of head coach at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea co-sporting directors Paul Winstanley and Laurence Stewart flew out to Marbella for face-to-face discussions with the Italian.

Kaveh said on the Sky Sports website: “Chelsea have had a very thorough process with Kieran McKenna, Thomas Frank and Roberto De Zerbi all considered but they feel Maresca is the one for them.

“The others were all very impressive candidates, but Chelsea feel at this moment in time that Maresca is the man for them, and he shares their vision for the future.

“He’s only been a manager for one-and-a-half seasons. He was a manager at Parma in the Italian second division and then he got the Leicester job.

“There have been some issues behind the scenes and not all Leicester fans have been completely happy with him even though he got them promotion back to the Premier League.

“There were problems about recruitment and problems around the fact that Leicester have been charged for allegedly breaking PSR rules and they’re also under a transfer embargo from the EFL.

“There have been issues, but Chelsea just want a head coach. They want somebody who is going to coach the first team squad and deal with the media. Everything else, they feel they have in place.

“You have to remember that Mikel Arteta didn’t have any prior experience of having managed in the Premier League before joining Arsenal, but he had worked under Pep Guardiola which is exactly the same as Maresca.

“I’m not saying he’s a better manager than Arteta, but he has more experience than he did when he took over at Arsenal.

“Don’t underestimate the Pep Effect. If you’ve worked under Guardiola, you’ve got a head-start when going for these sorts of jobs, however you still have to impress, which Maresca has done during these talks.

“I’ve been told that his knowledge of the Chelsea squad, including the youth team players is encyclopaedic.”

This is what fans are saying amid the favourites to become new Leicester manager and how many points could be deducted…

@dzialowskimatt: They’ll get 6.

@ReeveTom: 15 points fuck me be different if we were a top 6 team

@markham02: 15 points 🤞🤞🤞

@Ryanlcfc2: Anything more than 10 points, it’ll be a massive struggle.

@Rederzz93: If its 15 points they may aswell just relegate us straight away.

@MarkC1992: Love this time of the season your manager is off all your best players are linked with moves away and now the inevitable points deduction. Any positive news to look forward to?

@ShaunVarnham: Think it’s a given it will be at least 6, maybe they’ll try and push more on us like they did to Everton and it will be reduced on appeal. Can’t see it ending up as high as -15. Read there’s a possibility Forest could be looking at another one next year as well…

@JimmyJamFunk: It will never be a higher points deduction than Everton and Forest as they have set the precedent and anything higher would be mitigated against

@BradSmith_24: @CarlosCorberan I wouldn’t bother son

@BarneyLUFC21: Only fair thing to do is relegate Leicester and promote Leeds.

@Bakke_the_net: 15 points and forced to hire Steve Bruce for the season should be a suitable punishment

@Alistai09247528: He’ll be sacked after 18 months max , only managed in 2nd division in Italy and the championship in England. Would have been better off keeping pochettino

@BTL_Analysis: Maybe I’ve missed the trick but I really wasn’t that impressed with Leicester. They had a luxury squad for the Championship. Them and Leeds were expected to go up after spending £40m in the Championship. Leicester did so fair play but really not impressive.

@RichDungworth: His style is to pass the ball round at the back 93 times then occasionally venture forward. It was effective in the Championship this year because we had the players to carry it out (mostly) and it tired out the other teams. It’s not always good to watch though…

@DeanAVFCL7: 6 months until he has his P45

@Jakebroadwell2: We don’t want unloyalty at Leicester.. Used us as a stepping stone to get a big money move… Granted we’ll be given a points deduction but we’ll see! Who do we want now?? Graham Potter? #lcfc

@Mooresy_11: Something tells me that #lcfc have actually got away with one. Reckon they would have gone straight back down with baldy

@chlo_louise_s: Couldn’t give one that Enzo is going on. Moving for the money but the grass isn’t always greener! We can all laugh when he gets sacked within 18 months #lcfc

@WTFox1884: Lobbing on Enzo to be the first to be sacked in the prem this season – not being salty, it’s just a combination of Chelsea being Chelsea & Enzo-ball… worth a tenner surely. #lcfc

@mattyfromle: Urgh. Enzo what have you done. #lcfc

@freddy_soden: now can we stop pissing about at the races and get a manager in #LCFC

@Harri_Burton: I’ll never understand why managers continue to think taking the Chelsea job is a good idea. He’s experienced a great season with Leicester City, is jumping ship with multiple financial issues mooted, and will get sacked at Chelsea within 18 months. #CFC #LCFC

@jhandford11: The fun of appointing another manager! Cant wait for all the shenanigans to begin. #LCFC

@FanHubHatter: Reduced to 4 points around may depending on league position 🤪🤪🤪

@Willkells1: Straight back down, straight back down Leicester City.

@CoreySh1elds: only 2 relegation spots left 😏

@supersouttar: Got the feeling it will be more than Forest & Everton, our breach is significantly larger than theirs & we haven’t mitigated with the prem like Forest did, hope I’m wrong but I reckon it could be -8 to -15 #LCFC

@CBobblers1878: I take it is because they could face 2 separate charges like Everton last season. The 3 coming up, will go straight back down imo comfortably, unless Brentford sht the bed.

@the_title_race: I’ve said this a few times, I can sense a 9 point deduction coming. If the league pushes for a higher deduction, I can see it being reduced on a protest.

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