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Favourites to become new Barrow head coach after decision to part ways with Pete Wild

The favourites to become new Barrow head coach have been revealed after the decision to part ways with Pete Wild on Friday.

The Bluebirds, who finished in 8th place just one point outside the League Two playoff places, unfortunately experienced a winless streak in their last seven games, suffering five losses during that period.

Earlier this season, Wild led the team to an impressive run of seven consecutive wins in all competitions during October and November and were sitting 5th when they beat Grimsby in March.

However, their poor form in the final weeks of the campaign resulted in them missing out on a top 7 finish, with Crawley Town going on to secure promotion.


Following a post-season review Barrow AFC can confirm that it has today parted company with their manager Pete Wild.

It became apparent during the review that the Club and Pete had different perspectives on the way forward, so it was mutually agreed that this was the best and most appropriate way to proceed.

We wish Pete well in his future endeavours.

All other members of the Management team remain in place reporting to our Sporting Director, Iain Wood, who will now proceed with the search for a Club Head Coach.


BetVictor – 25 May – 9am
Leam Richardson – 5/1
Gary Bowyer – 6/1
Phil Parkinson – 6/1
Kevin Phillips – 6/1
Lee Johnson – 8/1
Danny Webb – 8/1
Dean Holden – 8/1
Brian Barry Murphy – 10/1
Simon Grayson – 12/1

Wild said in an interview with the club’s media following the final day draw to Mansfield: “We are on the right track. We’re playing in the right way.

“We do need to obviously bring in more to try and get us over the line, we know that. We’re moving in the right direction, we’re not there yet, but we’re a hell of a lot closer than we were when we walked through the door two years ago.”


“Following the conclusion of the 2023/2024 season, Barrow AFC can confirm its retained and released list.

“The Bluebirds currently have 13 players in contract, and we will be releasing 10 players with several still in contract negotiations with the club.

“We’d like to thank the departing player for all their efforts at the club and wish them all the best for the future.

“The following players are still under contract: Mazeed Ogungbo, Dean Campbell, David Worrall, Kian Spence, Ged Garner, Robbie Gotts, Dom Telford, Emile Acquah.

“The following players have had their one-year contract extensions triggered by the club: Sean Etaluku, Junior Tiensia, Niall Canavan, Elliot Newby, Paul Farman.

These players’ contracts will expire in the summer but they remain in talks with the club over a new deal with renewed terms: James Chester and Ben Whitfield.

“The players being released following the expiry of their contracts are: George Ray, Jamie Proctor, Tom White, Courtney Duffus, Sam Foley, Tyrell Warren, Rory Feely, Owen Bray, Malakai Reeve, Sam Bellis.

“Cole Stockton and Luca Stephenson will return to their parent clubs following the conclusion of their loan deals.

“Also in talks with Josh Lillis over becoming our full-time goalkeeper coach.”

This is how fans reacted with the favourites to become new Barrow head coach revealed after the decision to part ways with Pete Wild…

@StevieDunk: Ridiculous. He’s done an incredible job.

@lewis06797925: club statement : relegation

@Nick_Brown86: Loved the club, loved the area…..

@LewisJamesHaigh: There we go, now we move on and find the right man for the job.

@charliewalduck: I’m not too bothered he has gone to be honest. The board gave the guy a decent squad of players and when we totally crumbled after most of the season in the top 7 he simply said we need to know our place. The negative football wasn’t good to watch. Probably more to it

@KingyG7: That’s so sad. Many many thanks Pete for some wonderful Barrow performances.

@LRbix: What

@CoachsHotline: Remember barrow fans laughing that he was lined up as he was bottling the back end of season at halifax. History repeating.

@SanPaulo37: Not unexpected to be honest, that end to the season was a shambles, but why? There are still many questions about it that remain unanswered. The next appointment will show the hand of the board and in what direction the club want to go.

@benniven8: thank you pete, great servant to the club and community

@JamesHibbert11: I hope our board has a decent replacement in mind already or it’s back to the last few years of struggle and wondering who’s next. And also it’s insulting to the fans to not explain fully why he’s been sacked

@realbazwhitt: Jesus wished we given him the job at Grimsby when we re-appointed Hurst. Presumably the way Barrow wish to go is not from the brink of relegation to play off contenders. Someone is getting a very good manager

@dudeville: Disappointing end to the season but bit shocked by this all the same.

@Parnham123: let’s hope the clubs decision is not as bad as the way they have handled the announcement of the departure !

@RichMalNich: Something about ‘toys and a cot’ springs to mind. He’s clearly done a great job but got nothing more to give. Needs a different challenge.

@StuartandRosie: What were the differences between Wild and the Board? How much of his contract are we now going to be paying him? Doesn’t add up. Even paying him half of his contract left still isn’t economic sense. More answers / reasons need releasing.

@smcmenemy58: Shot ourselves in the foot, but thankfully due to woeful strikers we missed

@StuartandRosie: Mr Hornby and Mr Wood you can’t just give a statement out like that and then not explain further. Makes us look tinpot. Explain the decision in more detail that’s taken over a week to make public.

@CurtisJ91977793: We’re do we go from here then, think we need more answers than just a few lines on a statement, we have to get the next one right or we will be in serious trouble

@Dan__CAFC: Massive mistake, great manager

@robmclovintyler: Wow. 🙈 you have just lost the best manager you will ever get 🙈 you was punching above your weight thanks to Pete Wild now you will be a bottom 5 team next season 🙈🙈

@JSLFCBAFC: Different perspective from the board? I hope the board are wanting promotion…

@mincerayder: Always gonna go to brighter places . Welcome peter mild to your new club oldham athletic ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@positiveshaymen: Are you STUPID? 🤣😂😝

@Homebrewmanjp: Looks at the state of the ground. They are performing well above their station. This is a non league club in all but status and will return very quickly making ridiculous decisions like this.

@mcv1982: Barrow were the best footballing side I saw against Grimsby last season – really good side.
Seems a strange decision

@spireriteblue39: So for that read……we didn’t want to give the manager any more money as we can’t/don’t want to. Hence we had to relieve him of his managerial duties. Similar thing was said when PC managed us the first time and that, my friends, was the start of a very slippery, downward slope.

@TaylorBAFC: It is what it is. Appreciate Pete for his tremendous work but there are flaws to his management. It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. We just have to find a suitable replacement.

@JordanMol20: I honestly don’t know what to say what are they doing whis going to take the reigns im scratching my head with this decision but its happened now. Our new manager has to be top top tier if we are to build on from the season just gone

@dudeville: Big call, get it wrong, we’re staring at relegation next season.

@smcmenemy58: Maybe we could get the guy from Norwich…..at least we might get into the playoffs

@Beardy_11: Wow I’m shocked he did a fantastic job on the face it.

@StuartAkister: Can understand Wood/The Board being unhappy with season end… but he’s also given us a superb 2 years; genuinely bought into the town and the fanbase, if nowt else it was bloody lovely in April not watching some other shite on follow incase they won and dragged you into bottom 2

@JoyTurnbull78: Genuinely Gutted…. utter madness. Even with the poor end to the season this man is a legend for what he achieved.. Lets hope the board get the replacement right and do it quickly so we can crack on ⚽️🔵⚪️

@Dannyowen98: Thanks for everything Pete. Turned the team into one we all could get behind again after a couple of horrid first years back in the football league. All the best in the future

@_AlexForsyth_: We all don’t know the ins n outs. However, he’s given us some great moments. Wish him all the best going forward. The blokes done a lot for us.

@cufcdanny: Very strange decision this. In all honesty he’s done an unbelievable job for tinpot Barrow & can’t see them finishing as high as they did in the upcoming season. Wild surely going to a L1 club. I’d say going to a bigger club but let’s be honest, everyone is bigger than Barrow

@sebtaylorwfc: Going to be a big appointment to replace Pete Wild. A brilliant manager that has built Barrow up to a regular challenging playoff side in the last two seasons. Feels like a bizarre decisions from the club and no doubt will be a real coup for another club. Thoughts #WeAreBarrow

@Jackcoupland29: This is up there with the most mental of mental decisions this summer

@hartsfiob: No note of thanks. Regardless of the last 8 games, he’s done a lot. Pretty empty statement

@scottyconners: Massive loss, going down

@BirdsOfBlue1990: Absolutely gutted but thanks for all the memories he’ll go onto bigger and better things now let’s find the right man that can take us forward let’s just say this he come and made us a fighting top half league 2 side

@0161quorn: Probably out of step on this, but I’m 50/50. He’s given us plenty of good, really good, times. And he came over as a good bloke. But we did bollocks it up last season, he’s a little inflexible and he’s hot-headed in the old technical area – the touchline bans hurt us

@RonanMacca99: To get a few lines on that statement is utterly embarrassing. Seeing as he’s transformed us from cannon fodder to a side with promotion aspirations. Every now and then in football you get one of those people who just ‘get it’. Pete was one of them folk.

@LFC_FCHT: Maybe see Barrow in NL soon 👀

@jordandavies09: He best be going to the league above cos he is your club right now

@kevheaton: Most successful season in barrows history and they sack the manager, barrows problem was being up there all season, bound to have a slip in form at some point. Amazing at Halifax,even better at Barrow, strange decision all round. He will go to a bigger club, and succeed, no doubt.

@Bisonofchad: That’s it??!? Wtaf? He has presided over one of the most successful periods in the clubs history and we get a few sentences. Think we deserve more than this.

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