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Farnborough keeper slams culprits involved in fight after FA Trophy clash at Slough

Farnborough keeper Jack Turner slams culprits involved in fight after FA Trophy clash at Slough Town on Saturday afternoon.

A video has emerged online showing the trouble, which got out of hand very quick, with the safety officer and players shocked at what they had witnessed.

@Jackturner20 said on his Twitter: ‘I speak for my self & my family & every football fan… Who ever tried to fight, insight the trouble or everyone who hit someone today from farnborough I hope you get banned for life. After the week I’ve had you go start shit with another club. I don’t want your support ever.

“This has no place in football. Last week was on a different level, but this week actual fighting at game? You need to grow up. I for one hope you get banned!! It’s a disgrace, should be trying to set an example after what we went through last week… let me down and the club.”

As per a statement via www.sloughtownfc.net: “Slough Town Football Club is aware of the unacceptable behaviour of a small number of visiting supporters after the final whistle at Arbour Park today.

“We are working with Farnborough Football Club to identify the individuals involved.

“We wish to make it clear that such behaviour will not be tolerated at Arbour Park.”

Farnborough said via their website: “Following unacceptable behaviour by a small minority of supporters after the final whistle at our game against Slough Town today, we have CCTV footage and once reviewed, those supporters involved will be banned from attending all future home games.

“Farnborough Football Club do not wish to be associated with such behaviour.”

The game itself saw a professional performance from the home side, with goals from Nathan Minhas and Johnny Goddard sealing a 2-1 win for Slough against Farnborough.

Slough were ahead on 45 minutes, with Minhas receiving the ball at the back left of the Farnborough box, then spun his man, drove into the box and thrashed the ball past Turner in goal.

Just after the break, Farnborough equalised thanks to Aaron Kuhl who finished into the back of the net after a long throw.

The away side felt hard done by on 53 minutes, when Connor Cullen went through on Goal and had been bundled over inside the box which Farnborough thought was a stonewall penalty but the Referee chose not to give a decision.

Olly Pendlebury soon found space inside the box to shoot and his effort went flying towards the top corner until a great defensive block denying a certain goal.

Then a stunning free kick on 67 minutes got Slough back into the game, proving to be the winner.

But Farnborough did come close towards the end of the game, a first shot was blocked off the line, then a second shot smashes the cross bar and the third shot is saved in the top corner.

Nelson and Jordan Norville-Williams went into the book on 85 minutes, with the latter quickly being shown a second yellow card and was sent off.

The chances kept on coming, on the 93rd minute, Folivi aimed for goal with his effort from inside the box but a slough defensive block denied an equaliser, while Jack Turner produced a great save to deny Slough from close range.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted after the Farnborough keeper slams culprits involved in a fight after the FA Trophy Second Round clash at Slough…

@TLedge86: Life time bans – not acceptable.

@kandrceramics: Look at the din in the blue tracksuite top white stripe bouncing about like a football factory extra 😂😂

@MarkPou71979077: Security did nothing to help or detain the guy in the white that ate his little brother for breakfast

@_jbarnes1: Fella in the blue Sergio moving like he’s just been told to warm up by the gaffa

@NickTebbit: Absolutely disgraceful, sort this out Farnborough there’s no place for this in our league or any league. Punches thrown at the players and two elderly men sent tumbling.

@DeanLawson88: All I’ve heard all week is how farnborough fans are victims, would seem that’s not the case.

@SWS1948: Disgrace what non league is becoming 😡

@AllEnglandFlags: Sergio Tacchini fella got trampolines for feet, more bounce than a tennis ball.

@ClaretsXtra: Farnborough involved in more trouble? Common denominator

@redwine_rebel: Sad thing is its just a bunch of 18 ish old kids who can’t hold their drink and spoil it for the true fans…… hope they are sorted out soon !!

@charlay1986: Yet another week where Farnborough fans are causing issues again. Something seriously needs to be done about this club. Horrible lot!

@_billybartonnn: Farnborough causing more trouble? shock.

@nicholas89patel: Bunch off clowns embarrassing themselves

@UKBear1980: My Dad and I went in to try and calm things down. That’s my Dad hitting the floor first then I get blindsided and punched in the face, that’s me who goes down 2nd in the video. It’s made me feel sick and I currently never want to attend another game of football

@Amd55sunshine: My 7yr old grandson was crying his eyes out saying he doesn’t want to go to football anymore! How can that be right? Thugs

@SamuelCol1115: Its a shame cause the club itself is so well run, brilliant away hospitality and always respectful to opposition from within the club. Shame the fans put all that hard work to mud and give the club a reputation they don’t deserve. Not real fans, just hooligans

I my have had a few beers… But can someone explain football tribalism to me? Literally makes no fucking sense at all.
Grow up. Pricks.
Go. Watch some football. Leave.
Why is that difficult for people? Fuuuuuuuuck.

@markusbartley: Wow! I hope those two that hit the floor are OK. Looks like the first guy hit his head.

@Established1890: I chose not to get involved in the stuff that happened with our fans last week but this is now 3 weeks in a row that Farnborough have caused/been involved in issues
Racism the first week
Our/their stuff last week
And now this
They’re always play the victim, makes you wonder.

@BCFCStickers: Too many people have come out of Covid thinking that hooliganism is a thing in non league football. Leave it at home you idiots, it’s non league ffs.

@Kylo2503: A club followed by a load of thugs who aren’t interested in football. Such a shame as Farnborough are a good side, but let down off the pitch on more than 1 occasion…

@darthscrote: @FarnboroughFC fucking disgrace. Sort your fans out. Young lads who can’t handle their beer. #nobheads

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