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Farnborough boss slams ‘stonewall’ penalty not given | keeper disgusted at abusive Weymouth fan

Farnborough boss Spencer Day slams a ‘stonewall’ penalty not given, while the Boro keeper was left disgusted at an abusive Weymouth fan.

On 55 minutes, Michael Folivi was brought down, but his appeals ended up being ignored, with footage emerging and leaving viewers shocked at how it weren’t given.

Spencer Day said in his post-match interview: “Gutted obviously you know when you miss a penalty and stoppage time yeah it’s an entertaining game you know I thought first half, I thought we dominated it but let’s face it we’re 1-0 down, their ball hits the inside of the post and goes in, we’ve hit the post twice Jack Turner let’s not forget it’s made two fabulous saves, so could have been 3-2 to them believe it or not half time I thought it was sort of bit basketball I thought we were quite poor.

“But second half complete domination from start to finish I mean Jack literally says he’s not had a save to make and we’ve absolutely bombarded them um I want to see the penalty on Michael I mean that looks absolutely stonewall penalty it’s an absolute shocker uh both the ref and linesman should be giving that obviously we get ourselves level and it’s again complete dominance but our shooting wasn’t good enough we had some some fabulous chances loads of set pieces they really couldn’t get out their half they’re hanging on for dear life for 47/48 minutes and then of course you get the penalty and stoppage time and our penalty hoodoo comes to hit us again.

“So look we’re disappointed but we’re still unbeaten at home, I thought the reaction from half time, the changes we made I thought was very very good and you know I also want to give way some credit they came with the game plan they they got their goal um I thought they started you know bright with us as well I just thought it was a poor quality game most of the first half but said we’ve hit the post twice we didn’t want to get out of gear again which is an issue we’ve just dealt with downstairs and yeah we came in probably undeservedly behind but as I said Jack’s made a couple of saves you know could have been second half complete dominance and I’m disappointed of course that you know we should have with the amount of chances we’ve had too many shots over the bar, keepers made a great save from Reggie Stonewall penalty we think and um credit Weymouth for hanging in for such a long period of time you know they’re working really hard for Bobby so good you know good reaction from them and we’re very disappointed especially when you miss a penalty in stoppage time but another point I suppose unbeaten still at home and you saw how good we can be certainly second half.

You can see much more of what he said in the video.

Brandon Goodship finishes inside the box and gives the visitors the lead on 23 minutes.

On 36 minutes, Pendlebury played through Reggie Young who cut in and fired a shot from the side of the box smashing the woodwork.

A cross from Reggie Young on 42 minutes found Connor Hall who aimed a shot from inside the box and again it hit the post.

Then came the controversial decision, with Michael Folivi kicked over inside the box, but the referee didn’t award a spot kick. Edon Pruti was shown a yellow card for his protests.

10 minutes later, Michael Folivi was fouled inside the box again, and Farnborough were this time awarded a penalty. Olly Pendlebury made no mistake, scoring to make it 1-1.

There were more penalty shouts after that, Folivi seeing his shot strike a defender’s arm inside the box and Farnborough players appealed for a penalty but no decision given.

On 96 minutes, there was another penalty awarded to Farnborough after a handball. Olly Pendlebury stepped up and had it saved right at the death.

Farnborough: Turner, Norville-Williams, Robinson, Pruti, Folivi, Young, Pendlebury, Maloney (Cullen 64), Saied, Kuhl, Hall (Holmes 64).

Subs not used: Fearn, Mekki, Perez.

Weymouth: Ja Thompson, Howe, Sesay, Rowan (Rollinson 75), Jo Thompson, Durojaiye, Bearwish, Roberts, Goodship (Winterburn 81), Thomson (Touray 65), Brooks.

Subs not used: Cheshire, O’Connell.

Referee: Nicholas Dunn

As mentioned, there was trouble from fans throughout the National League South fixture, with police called in after a small number of Weymouth fans acted disorderly inside the stadium.

They ended up being removed from the ground, and as per Dorset Echo, escorted to the train station after trouble also broke out outside the ground, with no arrests made or reported injuries.

Farnborough goalkeeper Jack Turner meanwhile called out vile abuse from some Weymouth fans regarding his family.

The keeper tweeted: “@welchy123 hello you massive Fucking Nonce …. Saying you would fingers and fuck my 9 year old daughter during a match & then have a kids yourself… People like you are Fucking scum… you said it loads of time & with the actions what would you do to my daughter!!!

“Absolute fucking Nonce @theterras your fan!!! & you bottled it after the game outside… got a kid yourself!! You should be ashamed and don’t deserve kids. What a shit man & dad you are. Love love love to get a chance to see you around!! Absolute shit house!!!”

Weymouth manager Bobby Wilkinson also received abuse from his club’s own fans, a banner with the message ‘Bobby out’ tried to go on show.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Police said: “We were called at 4.35pm on Saturday 11 November to reports of an altercation which was taking place at Farnborough Football Club during the match between Farnborough and Weymouth.

“Officers attended to assist stewards at the football ground and three people were ejected from the venue.

“A second altercation took place in the football ground’s car park once the match had finished. Officers separated and dispersed those involved.

“No injuries were reported.”

Weymouth FC also issued a statement about the incident, saying: “Weymouth Football Club are aware of the events that took place during our fixture with Farnborough.

“At this stage, no further comment will be made whilst a full investigation is carried out between both clubs and the police.”

Twitter users reacted as the Farnborough boss slams a ‘stonewall’ penalty not given, while the Boro keeper is left disgusted at an abusive Weymouth fan…


@daveuptheboro: That is so bad watching it back

@owen__ffc: @refsupportuk try to defend this one

@mattitude_29: How is that not given 😳

@pedrofutball10: cant believe neither the lino or ref who is right there with the best view allows play to go on, stone wall pen all day long

@_archiegrant6: It’s actually comical

@mutch_emma: Jesus .. the refs had a shocker there 😅

@alfecfc: Ref must have had a few

@BoroRmassive: The ref literally has the best possible view of it. It’s astonishing that wasn’t given He should have to explain how it’s not a pen! The one he gives on Folivi after this if anything was far softer than this one! 🤦🏻‍♂️ The push on Pruti in the first half was a pen as well.

@Stu9891: This is probably one of the worst ‘decisions’ I’ve seen all season! 😮😳

@TheBoroWalk: Hahahaha. Ref still in ‘too soon to award another pen’ mode. A tale as old as time. This was much more a pen than the other foul on Folivi.

@SamSaun31680706: This has to be the worst decision this season @radical_referee


@redwine_rebel: @theterras surely to god you are not going to ignore this!!!! He needs banning from all clubs!!

@MattWinter87: This is horrific – so sorry you had to deal with this, I wasn’t there today but I’m sure most Terras fans would find this abhorrent. Goalkeepers take a lot of crap during a match but this is unacceptable. I hope the club does you justice and bans the culprit.

@mattrose18: I absolutely despair about people sometimes. How can anyone, I mean anyone, think that the comments made were acceptable in today’s society. I’m so sorry that you had to endure that Jack. Hopefully @theterras and @HantsPolice ensure this is dealt with properly.

@OllieAFCB: Disgusting.

@darroue_hubert: Don’t bring yourself to his level mate, remember a lot of fans still respect and love you

@jbee44492: I am so sorry you have to deal with him

@Skelly2505: Hope you and your family are ok jack after this,what an absolutely vile thing to have to go through..hopefully the police do the right thing

@SteveBa99880334: Report this nonce to the police, social services and his workplace. Fucking pedo…… 😡😡😡😡😡

@BillyBishop01: @welchy123 Hope your missus and kid find out what a dirty nonce you are! How fucking disgusting, @theterras fans should be ashamed of themselves, how can you let someone stand next to you and come out with that shit! Not sure how you’ve managed to get through that game Jack!

@whereiswelly: That is absolutely disgusting on so many levels on how a low life piece of shit would think of doing that. Hope karma gets them

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