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Fans vent fury as league leaders Macclesfield sack manager after cup defeat to team a league above

Fans vent fury as league leaders Macclesfield sack their manager after a cup defeat to Guiseley, a team who are a league above.

Danny Whitaker has been axed, coming just hours after the full time whistle of their 2-0 defeat to Guiseley in the FA Trophy First Round on Saturday afternoon.

The Silkmen currently sit top of the Northern Premier League – West Division, 24 points from 11 played, won 8, drew 0, lost 3, have a 22+ goal difference and are three points ahead of second place with a game in hand. AND, this is their first season at this level as Macclesfield FC.


Following a disappointing set of results that have seen The Silkmen defeated in three of the last five home games, Manager Danny Whitaker has been relieved of his First Team duties.

This is a statement that nobody ever wanted to write, yet our current run of form – which has included elimination from the Emirates FA Cup, Isuzu FA Trophy, and two home league defeats from three games has proved to be unacceptable.

The squad we have assembled should unquestionably be performing better than they currently are – particularly at the Leasing.com Stadium where recent showings have been nowhere near the standard we expect.

We believe that it is the right time to make a change and that this is in the best interests of the Football Club – despite how painful it is.

Danny will forever remain a Club Legend and will continue to play a critical part within our Academy structure going forward.


As mentioned, fans vent fury as league leaders Macclesfield sack their manager after a cup defeat to team a league above…

@captain_t_kirk: Sorry to see @dan_whits10 leave top of the table with all that stuff going on in the background as well… always thought it was a ‘long’ term project not just a 3 game (2 cups) project

@Silkmen4Life: This decision is embarrassing we’re a 2 year old club, won promotion in first season, top of this league and very likely champions by the end of the season…. Some people at our club are suffering from grandiose delusions.

@Shoney83122068: Absolute shit show Trying to buy their way up the leagues and God help anyone who is not perfect.

@GateAndrew: Top of the league and sack him? Danny’s a good guy and still learning his trade but he can’t do much more! Dedicated everything to MTFC & now MFC… What an awful decision!

@RHVlogs_: Don’t really care who at the club reprimands me for saying this but this is an utterly pathetic decision. Shows a real lack of maturity from those at the top and extremely poor judgement in my opinion. They’re top of the league for goodness sake!

@jayr3377: Absolute madness, 1st stupid decision @RobbieSavage8

@RobRVernon: We’re top of the league and lost today to a team in the league above. Absolutely crazy.

@andymonaohai: Loyalty right there

@LukeMorley94: That’s absolutely shambolic.

@ScottHo78180008: Why sack a manager when your top of the league and 3 points clear? He brought you up and your top what else do they want 😂😂

Top of the table, end of October, ⅔ of the season to go. Why?
If we were in January and languishing in the bottom ⅓ of the table, maybe I’d understand, but…
Sorry, but this is a poor decision. Very harsh and very premature.

@SimonHolman9: Absolutely barmy decision. Top of the league, going through a tough patch, what about supporting the man who bleeds the club through his veins to get through it?

@SpidWills: You’ve abused and destroyed a club legend, to make yourselves look good. You hired him to please fans, but undermined him by posting videos berating his teams performance and signing players without consulting him. Shocking behaviour!

@Darrenforeman2: Tough gig at Macclesfield , men in power seem to of forgotten where they have come from and where they are now . Deserved a chance to turn things round ……… I mean your only top of the league 🤷‍♀️ getting better crowds than you used to get in the league

@samcufc79: Top of the league aint you???

@JimA1889: Looking from outside in, game in hand over 2nd and 3 points clear. This makes no sense

@ButlerBen92: “The squad we have assembled should unquestionably be performing better than they currently are.” The cringeworthy sense of self-entitlement reeks doesn’t it.

@CalumHood8: You’re top of the league this is mental!

@bhoywonder79: Absolute madness! Top of the league and you sack the manager. Didn’t have a club a couple of years ago and now the board are all prima donnas.

@fred_mitch1874: Gutted for him

@_Spyro___: Pathetic. Sums a club up represented by @RobbieSavage8 saw him the other day at home vs Newcastle Town and only some nipple tassels and mini skirt would’ve made it more obvious that it’s all about him.

@013Tay: There are several players that should of been relieved of their duties before Whit after playing poorly for weeks. Or in Luke Murphys case since he arrived. Savage been teeing this sacking up for months

@RATunited: @RobbieSavage8 you’re a disgrace! First time you’ve had a couple of hard games and you think it’s ok to just get rid of a good manager

@Maurice81091254: Top of the league and sack the manager, only at Macclesfield, expect leek or Kidsgrove to win the title 😁

@HarrySimpson__: Crazy decision- clearly Robbie n the higher ups don’t respect Danny’s legendary status at the club. Shambles

No surprise there – its a project nothing more – not building a club
(To think based on this ownership The greatest manager ever Sir Alex Ferguson wouldn’t have been given time to build the United Dynasty)
Manager was alway on a hiding to nothing but always seemed to show class@

@CoopIan: Must be very hard to motivate players who know that basically know they on a big conveyor belt of players and wont be there long term – probably get offered good money so why not take it while its there

@NickHolman7: What???? We are top of the league by 3 points with a game in hand, with a GD of +22 after 11 games. Madness.

@dawsy21: Unbelievable. Top of our league and you sack the Manager?

@Simjhpy: I’m not surprised, but I am really disappointed

@tom_rothwell36: You’re a joke Robbie Savage 🤣

@robsidnee: Joke of a club..glory hunting ..ha ha..get down to the level your at and build..

@ButlerBen92: Top of the league and you sack your manager. Crazy decision. Joke of a club.

@cmaccineurope: Danny; as long term Macc fans you (and your family) have given us so much pleasure over the years, thank you! A true gent. Good luck to you for the future. Sad day.

@xclaireninax: I echo this entirely Danny. It’s a shame the club couldn’t have thanked you in their announcement

@martshaw163: Absolutely disgraceful

@Ethan641: what an odd decision

@georgerothwell9: Savage caretaker probably 🤡

@joe__connolly: Nothing short of hilarious

@Bottman94: Did this guy not stay loyal to you when you went though all that shit? Disgraceful way to treat him

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