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Fans vent anger with Darlington being denied ‘clear penalty’ against Bradford (Park Avenue)

Fans have took to vent their anger with Darlington being denied what was described as a ‘clear penalty’ against Bradford (Park Avenue).

Quakers picked up a point at Blackwell Meadows against Bradford after coming from behind in front of over 1,400 fans on Bank Holiday Monday.

Although the prospects looked promising when they took an early lead, Bradford pulled back go 2-1 up going into the break.

Nathan Newall got the equaliser with his first senior goal, and while the Bradford defence was under huge pressure, they couldn’t break through.

However, there were many appeals for a penalty in the final minutes for handball, with video footage now emerging on social media.

Reporter Craig Stoddart said via Twitter: “Darlington denied a clear penalty in injury time due to a mistake by referee Richard Holmes. Game ended 2-2.

“If Darlington miss out on the play-offs they will have themselves to blame, but the failure of referee Richard Holmes to award a penalty in injury time today will also be a factor.”

AA: No yet again it’s we seem to come up short and I wouldn’t mind the first 10 minutes really I thought we’re gonna win the game three four nil quite comfortably and there was a big moment where I think Hayes has gone around the goalkeeper for me it’s a penalty and he hasn’t given because it was probably a foul to what for them in the build up to it but two wrongs don’t make a race if he doesn’t give that fold he’s got to give the penalty any unfortunately he’s bottled it and that was the start of a bad day for him unfortunately but after that I thought we we just stopped him for some unknown reason and they got a bollocking a half time they just decided not to bother trying anymore it looked as though they’d give up they were wondering up in the cruising in the game and they’ll just letting Bradford have the ball no pressing no urgency nothing like we’ve done the first 10 minutes nothing that was asked to them and then you give them a good bollocking a half time and tell them what we want from them and to be fair it’s the first time we have I’ve I’ve actually questioned them I’ve actually questioned the desire from them do they really want it how much do they want it and I think they put that the rate in the second half mind I think that was there to be seen but it shouldn’t have to do that yeah no chance we we should have been out of sight in that game but we’ll let them back in it two mistakes from Tommy unfortunately cost us goals and it’s disappointing because you’ve been brilliant but that’s what it is and on another day you win that game comfortably but that’s how one thing I would say how we never got that apparently in the last two minutes is it’s dumbfounded me because it’s clear as the handball it’s going in the net if he doesn’t stop that with his hand it’s a goal and we win the game 3-2 so some buffing decisions by the officials yet again.

As mentioned, fans vent anger with Darlington being denied a ‘clear penalty’ against Bradford (Park Avenue) in the National League North

@AndyClarke5: Lino has the best angle surely?! Poor poor mistake from the officials

@AllanMcWillia12: Shit Ref all game, summed up by this abomination of a decision

@wolveydarlopete: Typical nln officiating

@cpkelly_uk: Red card & a penalty for me all day

@Richardpontone: Shocking decision yet again appalling officials in the the national league north

@1883Of: Most blatant penalty I’ve ever seen but we didn’t do enough for the 3 points. A draw was about right.

@EllisRochester: The fact the lino didnt even see this is astonishing as well @fa @TheVanaramaNL will you be punishing these officials for failing to do their job like every other business would?

@dfc_cam: @TheVanaramaNL sort your fucking shite officials out man. Joke

@Darlo_George: The only job in the world where there are absolutely no consequences for incompetence.

@darloscott: This is the crap we have to put up with every week… how is this not a penalty? #darlo

@DAWUK17: The defenders body language says it all. He knows it’s a pen. Well everyone in the ground apart from The officials . . .

@beatroute66: Clearly a handball and three points today puts us 4th with a game in hand. That said, I’m not sure many of us were expecting to be relying on a 94th minute penalty to put BPA to the sword (with the greatest respect). Six points was the aim this weekend, four was the minimum hope.

@sean_allen3: The standard of refs at our level is shambolic

@lottie03hall: Ridiculous

@ryanjoness_: Another week, another poor refereeing decision. Shouldn’t have to rely on referees against relegation fodder however…

@lmcintosh111: Christ

@TeghSingh9: These officials 😐

@aidanreese97: Absolutely shocking that

@DonnyGav7: On TV you can actually see him move his arm back to stop the ball, he then literally waits for the ref to point to the spot & send him off!! Incompetence at its finest, only the ref knows why he was the only one not to see it?

@chris_vallis: Absolutely disgraceful decision that. Referee was consistently awful throughout the game.

@darlo10: Referee was the worst I have seen

@KevinBaines1883: Even there lad was waiting for him to give it

@Darlobrian: Ridiculous decision…. awful ref for most of the game….. as usual!

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