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Fans urge clubs to take note as Dorking Wanderers unveil new 5-YEAR season tickets

Fans urge clubs to take note as Dorking Wanderers unveil new 5-YEAR season tickets as a thank you to the fanbase for their loyalty.

Dorking tweeted: “THE ULTIMATE WANDERERS LOYALTY CARD FOR 5 YEARS. We are rapidly developing the best fanbase at our level & last year’s unconditional support was incredible.

“Therefore it is time for us to reward YOU. So how does 5 years of football for only £8.68 per match sound? Saving you over £1000 & 10% off all merchandise.”



Introducing our brand new 5 year loyalty card, which offers exceptional value for money for matches over 5 seasons.

Secure your place at Meadowbank for 5 seasons with our exclusive loyalty card covering the 24/25, 25/26, 26/27, 27/28 & 28/29 seasons. This unique loyalty system provides 5 years worth of Wanderers football at an exceptionally discounted rate.


Adult – £999 – ONLY £8.68 per match

Concession – £899 – ONLY £7.81 per match

This is a golden opportunity to invest in unforgettable moments at Meadowbank Stadium for the next 5 years, and play your part as we continue on our journey.

Perks also include 10% OFF all DWFC Merchandise (at the ground & online).

To find out more and to secure, click here.


If you would like to upgrade your current season ticket please contact us via ticketing@dorkingwanderers.com

Owner and Manager Marc White said: “The fans support was immense last season, and they were there for us right up to the final game. No we want to thank them and give something back.”

On his side being relegated to the National League South, he said: “I’m really hurt by it all. We’re not used to failure. We had so much bad luck last season it was unbelievable.

“If it could have gone wrong, it did. Football sometimes is down to the gods.

“I would go home and I knew in my heart that we were getting relegated. There was a raft of things happening and I felt we were designed to go down.

“You see it a lot when teams win league titles, a lot of things fall in their favour but this was the opposite.

“That was a journey in itself but the plan is to come back bigger, bolder and better. As we sit here today there is a lot of work to do.”


Credit – respirandolondra on Instagram

This is the social media reaction as fans urge their own clubs to take note Dorking Wanderers unveil new 5-YEAR season tickets…

@CazParker1871: Very astute idea this 👌 and a bargain price for people to watch local football.

@CryojuvenateUK: Sounds like a good deal 👌🏽

@Mathew_scfc: Wouldn’t mind something like this for us although Dorkings only cost £999 While ours would probably have to cost about £1500 which I see about 1 or 2 people buying therfore making it useless

@3V377C: 5 year season ticket, for a grand? That’s actually decent 🤣👀

@paulSut57685384: Yes I would UTI

@TonyTheExile: The number of promotions Dorking Wanderers have secured over recent years, that could end up being excellent value for money 👍⚽💪

@J_Goulding86: If @OfficialShots did this then 100% I would buy one 🔴🔵🔴🔵

@Iannic: I bought a 5 season ticket at Woking 3 years ago for £699 – great value

@StephenRushton2: I’d be stupid not to when it works out at £200 per season

Dartford offered a 10 year one for 2k
If I had the money I’d have taken that offer up

@Blind_Tudor: I would if Hemel did this and If I had that kind of money to fork out all at once

@MartinL75279040: You know what, I probably would yes. I tend to buy one every season, despite saying I won’t, so why not

@Madcyril2001: I support Southend – even buying a match day ticket is a risk.

@harrisufc: Sadly don’t know if @SUFCRootsHall have 5 weeks left let alone 5 seasons !!! Also, the club ain’t getting a £ from me until I know that Ron Martin has left the club !

@DavidWa18425508: I most definitely would if I had more than a 50% belief that my team @SUFCRootsHall would be here in one month’s time.

@Chesterfcarewe: Excellent idea 👏, and yes I would buy x 2. One for me and one for my Son. (Chester fc)

@GaryAPrince: Yes I would.

@lloydy2410: I would love if @theyellows did something like this, I’m guessing @ABPerrett11 probably would if @MarineAFC did too. Would be good knowing it’s sorted in advance!

@nige_Avalley: Bradford city sold a 25 year one for similar price. Its just about run out now. Was wiped off during administration but club do a reduction on ST instead for holders.

@RoryMacPherson4: Woking fc did this 3 years ago

@thephilsblogbar: #SWFC fans anyone bought a 10 year season ticket to watch #swfc at Hillsborough

@bpajon: been done before @officialbantams had a 25 year season ticket when they were in financially bad times

@Arthurt27L: Bit behind the times, Darlington fc did this several years ago then extended it to make 7/8 year season ticket, also Newcastle did this back in 90s

@spireriteblue39: If @ChesterfieldFC did this, yeah, I probably would. I’d save for it mind, not many have that kind of disposable cash.

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