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Fans urge Bury FC to delete video showing message from Michael Gove

Fans urge Bury FC to delete a video posted on the club’s official Twitter account, showing a message from politician Michael Gove.

In it, he sends them his best wishes, praising those who have helped bring the club back to Bury and into their much loved stadium.

Bury currently sit 3rd out of 24 teams in the NWCFL Premier Division with 9 points from 4 games and 3 off the league leaders Kendal Town with Wythenshawe in 2nd on the same points as Bury. There is only one automatric place and then the playoffs.

Bury FC tweeted: “Thank you. It has been a long journey to where we are and we want to thank @michaelgove and @JamesDalyMP for their hard work over the last two years.

“Without the resilience and belief from our fans and @luhc, we would not be back at #GiggLane watching the Shakers in action.”

In the short clip, Michael Gove says: “Hi. I just want to wish Bury FC and itssupporters all the best for the next season. It’s great that the club is backat Gigg Lane after four years.

“And I just want to say thank you to all thecampaigners who’ve helped to make this happen and in particular to my friend James Daley, your MP who’s been there throughout the Shakers, have a great history and I hope you will now have a brilliant future ahead of you.

“And I look forward to Bury FC securing promotion at this season, next season and every season thereafter until you’re back at the very top.”

But as mentioned, fans on Twitter urge Bury FC to delete video showing the message from Michael Gove, this is what they had to say…

@cathkenyon14: 🤢🤢

@RickLally: This video was sponsored by The Conservative Party! Keep the politics out of football, I hope the club’s media isn’t going to be hijacked again at the next election, we’ve enough division already!

@thengp12: What in the sportwashing is this?

@wroberts291: Is this Bury FC or Tory FC?

@Matt_At9_: It was going so well 😒

@JoeyO94: Not too late to delete this lads

@BradleyS__: Probably demanded as thanks for any help they provided, for PR & to look good by party. It’s what politics is, to win votes. Not great though, let’s keep politics out of it especially as we’re all easing in & many wound up already. Thanks to all who worked hard for this though.

@mcnamara_russ: Seems to me you have forgotten the part AFC played As one club now we should thank everyone and all the volunteers

@mangoholic_trfc: Sake lads

@wroberts291: Who runs our Social Media Team? Because whoever it is, they need to be replaced



@xxKayleighVmxx: Really shouldn’t have brought politics into the foot all club. Its great that the council and gvt have been supportive I mean it’s defo in the councils best interests but incorporating politics into this is only going to cause a divide! Especially this obnoxious piece of work

@heyit5sam: Where were they when you needed them the most 😂

Another destabilising day at Bury FC .
Talk about shooting ourselves in the foot .
“How can we piss off half our fanbase even further” 🤔
I know let’s bring politics into
It 🤬🤬🤬🤬

@ManchesterBury: Absolute joke mate. One of the most divided clubs in English football. What do they do? Bring politics into it. Think most people don’t want the Tories to be #partofit.

@lurkinhead: Just seen this mate, and it’s not a good look is it …. reminds me of when Wrexham had Rees Mogg on their pitch. 😣

@JakeWaddo_: Delete

@alelliott88: This is so embarrassing

@garybrierley: Never change. Please never change 😂😂😂

@treble99united: Hey, you might not be able to afford to eat or to put your heating on, but we’re back at Giggs so swings and roundabouts.

@howardarw: Is this for real???

@PeterKeighery: This is worse than losing at home to Chadderton.

@AlexWilliams01: It appears Bury FC’s account has been hacked.

@pipthepiper_: Oh no guys what are you doing

@Thoma5555: Yehhh maybe get back in the bin chaps

@StevenWilc34988: Why are you thanking these two for? If anyone should be thanked it is Bury FC supporters and the volunteers that have worked tirelessly to help get the club back on it’s feet.

@wroberts291: Gove and Daly recently voted to starve kids in Britain and you tweet this. A government who has heaped misery on million of people and you feel it’s fitting to tweet this. Shame on you

@70_jsr: You’ve got to be joking

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