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Fans troll Birmingham over ‘plans to improve the match-day experience’

Fans have took to troll back at Birmingham City as they issue a statement on Sunday over ‘plans to improve the match-day experience’.

The Blues wrote a club update, and among a number of changes, they want to make things better in and around the ground for supporters at St Andrew’s.

This comes after admitting that improvements must be made to ensure that the fans can be ‘proud’ of their stadium.

The Championship outfit appointed Ian Dutton as the club’s new managing director last month and hoping that small steps can push them back in right direction with the stadium having so many issues and stand closures of late.


Birmingham City is able to issue the following Club Update.

Ahead of the final weeks of the season and during the current Men’s international break, we are keen to inform supporters of the latest goings-on throughout Blues.

March has been another month of activity in both B9 and at Wast Hills Training Ground, with information regarding some of the key developments covered below.

This includes continued progression across the Football Club, aiming to keep you abreast of the work that goes on behind the scenes and often impacts you as fans on a matchday.

We will continue to inform supporters through our official Club channels, as well as monitor the feedback and sense of feeling towards such changes. It is this, along with our own in-house expertise, that will be utilised to deliver further positive change and improvement.

Everyone at Blues wishes to thank you for your continued support, whether that be at St. Andrew’s, up and down the country to follow the team, or across the globe – something we will be specifically marking in the near future.

Lower Tiers

In order for the Club to establish the exact method of repairing the lower tiers, we must conduct a site investigation.

Three options were discussed with supporters back in January (FOUND HERE) and to determine which of these methods is the most appropriate in terms of cost and completion time, the ground beneath the stands must undergo a period of testing.

The testing will look to establish the quality of the ground beneath the stands, with preparation for the testing scheduled to begin on Monday 28 March and completed in mid-April.

As a result, seats will be removed in sections of the lower Kop and Tilton stands, to allow contractors to begin core drilling into the concrete and gain access to the ground below.

Providing the ground beneath St. Andrew’s is rendered as adequate, the Club will then seek to proceed with our preferred method to complete the repairs. Further details on this body of work and the final build plan will be released once the Club are in receipt of the test results.

We are keen to reiterate that over recent weeks we have been planning, liaising and meeting on a daily basis with third parties to ensure that this complex issue is resolved in the quickest and safest way possible.

Whilst it may appear from the outside that little progress is being made, rest assured that Club staff are working tirelessly to ensure that this, the most important of issues for our supporters, will be resolved at the earliest possible time.

The Club will issue another update on the lower tier repairs once we have more information on the outcome of the testing.

Matchday Experience

Turning St. Andrew’s into a more welcoming, entertaining and exciting venue for our supporters, is something we all want. The Club is aware that lots of improvements have to be made to transform our home into a stadium to be proud of again. And whilst it is going to take some time, effort and resource to make those necessary changes, the work has already begun.

Independent street food vendors have been introduced around the Stadium, serving up some fantastic culinary options which cater for all tastes and likes.

We can reveal that our street food positioning for our Sky Bet Championship fixture with West Bromwich Albion on Sunday 3 April (3pm) will be:

  • Brum Mi (Vietnamese Street Food) – Gil Merrick
  • Fat Snags (Hot Dogs) – Kop/Tilton Corner
  • Street Kitchen Brothers (Greek Street Food) – Kop
  • Smokey Joes (Classic Street Food) – Main Stand/Changing Room

In addition, fresh signage has been installed in concourse areas across the Stadium, Main Stand reception and the Kop and Tilton directing supporters to the appropriate blocks.

A TV audit was conducted and as a result of our findings, new TVs have been installed in the Tilton concourse so supporters can tune in to the action before and during our fixtures.

With help from the Club’s Community Trust, family activities have been introduced, including a penalty shootout competition and a PlayStation hut at all 3pm kick-offs for the remainder of the season.

The Club also plan to introduce additional bar areas in the Gil Merrick and Kop/Tilton Corner whilst new beer options are being explored, with live music in select areas of the Stadium to help bring matchday to life.

The task of improving the matchday experience and general upkeep of the Stadium remains ongoing, with further ‘larger’ projects pencilled in for the summer.

Blues Women playing at St. Andrew’s

We are delighted to announce that Blues Women will spend a second season at St. Andrew’s.

The decision to fulfil our 2022/23 home fixtures in B9 forms part of the Club’s renewed commitment to the Women’s side.

St. Andrew’s will play host to our Women’s fixtures, regardless of what division we will be participating in.

Despite a challenging season in the Barclays FA Women’s Super League, the Club fully support the efforts of our Women’s team. We have a proud history in the Women’s game and hope that a second season at St. Andrew’s will coincide with a campaign of positive results.

New Staff

This month the Football Club has made a number of new staff appointments across a variety of departments.

We have made a concerted effort to seek out candidates who will help to drive standards in their given area of expertise and considerably improve our current offering.

Amongst them, is former Blues midfielder Paul Tait, who returns to St. Andrew’s as a Player Mentor. He will provide a confidential environment to support players and develop the Club’s Player Care Provision, leaning on his own life experience to help our next generation of players.

List of appointments:

  • Player Mentor
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Facilities and Health & Safety Manager
  • HR Officer x2
Fans troll Birmingham over ‘plans to improve the match-day experience’

As mentioned, some fans troll Birmingham City over ‘plans to improve the match-day experience’ while others had something else to say…

@bxfcjxe: It would of been useful if we had a random 18 months where there were no supporters in the ground, but we can’t ask for miracles I suppose

@saley1984: I seriously don’t see how all that can be sorted in the short turn around due to the World Cup. We need a new pitch as well as the stands being ripped up. Really hope it is cos the atmosphere is dreadful and we need people back in the lower Tilton asap

@Tom1990R: Apologies if this comes across as harsh but this doesn’t read like an update but more of a review of what’s happened in the last month. We’re all aware of the street vendors and TV’s. All for the Women being at St Ans but we need to do more to keep the pitch in good condition

@GuyMaxwell4: Got to be honest, this feels pretty underwhelming. I was getting suspicious once I saw the first 5 paragraphs weren’t really telling us anything. I agree the match day experience needs improving but, as part of that, clearing up the absolute tip around the ground would be a start

@kenzmh99: So u ain’t even started fixing the stands yet 🤦‍♂️ You’ve had 2 yrs to get this done

@SJ_1875: I seriously cannot believe that we’ve now decided to ‘test’ the state of below the concrete now.. how long have fans not been in the lower tiers now?? 🤔

@MaddamsDean: It is simply scandalous that, after all this time, they are at the stage they are. Have not test the ground/soil? I’m not blaming Dutton here but surely the people involved in this farce so far should be brought to task. In addition the fact that they need to point out and try to justify that they are doing all they can, as fast as they can, speaks volumes that they in fact, know they are guilty of doing the complete opposite.

@SuperDaveB9: But hey, we can buy fancy hotdogs now, all is well #BSHLOUT

Nothing to see here unfortunately.
Not even started on the lower tiers of Kop & Tilton.
Not moaning but it’s pretty clear things aren’t going to improve for a long time.
Owners have to go.

@MRMAXBRADLEY_: Rotting in 19th place in the second division and the stands rotting away. The clubs a big mess

An investigation?
We are only NOW conducting an investigation?
Lungi Macebo is stealing a living.

@SamFowler95: Going to lose a LOT of season ticket holders with this shambles with the stands and the awful on the pitch performances. We all know at least 1 person who isn’t renewing, not looking good, bet you’ll smash the prices up too despite offering us less than ever

@Coop8517: Sorry but a site investigation is surely the first thing required? Until then you’re hoping your preferred method is suitable. You should be basing your method off your investigation not the other way around. The seats could’ve been taken out 12 months ago

@KeepRightOn1990: Testing the ground below the stands would of been one of the first things known to be needed yet here we are months and months later and it’s not even started. Clear to see the owners are dragging their heels. Taking the fans for dickheads. #BSHLOUT

@twit0woo: Update: we’re still gash. As you were

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