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Fans suspect Michael Beale of using a now-deleted ‘burner’ Twitter account defending himself

Fans suspect now former Sunderland Michael Beale of using a now-deleted ‘burner’ Twitter account in which he was defending himself.

Its thought that there had been a secret social media account belonging to former manager Michael Beale, where he expressed his thoughts about the club’s owners and the fanbase.

Beale was dismissed from his position as Sunderland boss on Monday, having only been in charge for 12 matches, with Mike Dodds temporarily taking charge of the club again, until the end of the season.

Beale’s appointment was met with disapproval by the fans and he failed to win over the supporters during his short tenure.

He made a series of public relations mistakes, including attributing his unpopularity to his southern accent, a defeat to Newcastle in the derby for the first time since 2011, and seemingly ignoring Trai Hume on Saturday after taking him off.

But it is alleged that throughout his time as manager, a Twitter account named “Player__ID” consistently defended Beale in conversations with Sunderland fans.

The account also defended Beale’s decision not to shake Hume’s hand during the defeat at Birmingham and also asked fans who they believed had a stronger squad between Beale and his predecessor, Mowbray.

However, observant fans have noticed a tweet from 2017 in which the account asked users to follow it, suggesting that it was actually Beale’s new business venture.

Second Tier podcast tweeted: An incredible development in the Mick Beale/Sunderland saga…

Honestly, you NEED to see this.


(Credit to @WhatTheFalkPod for the great detective work)

A now deleted X account called @Player__id had been posting pro-Mick Beale tweets over the last few days.

It includes this, defending him for not shaking Trai Hume’s hand at the weekend.

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Twitter users reacted as fans suspect Michael Beale of using a now-deleted ‘burner’ Twitter account defending himself…

@jonroon93: What the David Brent

@Kimmyjr1981: This has got to be up there on the list as one of the maddest Sunderland things to happen….. and that is a high bar 😂

@rybrown_94: This is absolutely bizarre behaviour. Given the way his spells at Rangers & Sunderland have ended & his ongoing family issues, I really hope he takes a break from the game to sort himself out.

@NickEFC_: A manager using a burner account to make himself look like the greatest manager ever is absolutely hilarious

@Mrcento: I do wonder how just many of these faceless football accounts with a decent following are being run by managers/coaches. Always found it strange how an awful lot of them claim not to be on social media, but simultaneously can claim to be experts with social media…

@_callumfowler: Unreal 🤣🤣 this guys a spaceman what a weirdo

@Matt_Rowney: So you’re telling me. Michael Beale was the hidden user behind a social media account that was continuously defending him while he was at Rangers and Sunderland… That. Is. Hilarious. #SAFC

@King_Kong_83: What a self absorbed cockroach of a man…a complete ego maniac who’s successfully managed to bamboozle club owners/directors with modern day tactical wankspeak bollocks but now been found out massively!

@EveryOtherSatu1: Beale is an absolute goon. The fact that this man was our manager still annoys me and this is further proof why

@svenncfc: 😂😂😂 good luck finding a decent role fella. Even being his own hype man fails 😂

@matthew_j194: If this is 100% real that’s proper embarrassing that a manager is tryna justify himself to football twitter 😂

@Loopy72Wardrope: This is unbelievable. Made a cunt of it at the club I’ve loved since I was a boy & another club that holds a special place in my heart. He is an egotistical sad pathetic excuse of a man. Hope he never ever manages again. Some work @WhatTheFalkPod 👏

@KieranCraig2016: This can’t be true surely, one of the most outrageous threads I’ve ever read😂😂😂😂

@ArrC94: Crucial Michael Beale takes an extended break from football. No doubt a fantastic coach but has been unable to handle the pressure and scrutiny of being a first team manager.

@christo93262782: It makes sense that the only pro Beale account is mick Beale

@subsequentsemi: Honestly this should finish the guys career as a manager and possibly finish it altogether. I defended him as a humanitarian for the abuse he got but I’m starting to see that he is toxic

@Templet69197880: It was always about him. Fans were right from the very start and before he was even appointed.

@Alan_B84: Wow, unbelievable Jeff!! How do you turn this around and restore credibility? A hugely popular figure among Gerrard’s backroom team, his move into management for himself has been an unmitigated disaster, to where he is now deeply resented where he was once loved

@ToonMouthTyne: Wow…. 😱😱😱 This is absolutely astonishing. Very David Brent-esque. @DavidBrentMovie @davidbrentreact #SAFC

@martino67_: Best thing about this is the man behind Rangers’ 2023 summer business running an account named “Player ID”

@JChappers94: Michael Beale being exposed for posting pro-Beale tweets from his work account is definitely what we needed for a Tuesday afternoon on the app.

@kylebarretttt: Hahahaha wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more players/managers who do this

@R1130_: In all seriousness I hope he takes a long break from the game & sorts himself out because that’s not healthy at all

@TomTalksToon: This is absolutely incredible 😂

@PhilipShortland: I can’t imagine he’s the only manager who’s doing this.

@LoftusRangers: Hahaha Mick Beale is the gift that keeps on giving. Surely his days managing in England are done?

@AnnoDomini79: Very bizarre from Beale, the likes of which I’ve not seen on this app since Graham Large had a very public relationship going with an account on here, declaring their love for each other etc…. both accounts of which were him.

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