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Fans slam Hull City as footage shows stewards eject supporter over flag incident

Fans have took to slam Hull City as footage on social media shows stewards eject a supporter over a controversial flag incident.

The owners have seemingly not done themselves any favours again at the weekend, with their reign already under much scrutiny.

The Tigers have been up for sale for seven years but a deal which will see the Allam Family depart has moved a significant step closer.

With these takeover talks in mind, it has got fans excited, so much so that one spectator at the MKM Stadium brought a flag of the country Turkey into the stands to show off.

However the fan, who looked to be a teenager / young adult ended up getting kicked out and it’s not gone down well with a 45 second video of the incident doing the rounds.

As previously reported, a deal to buy the Championship club has been agreed in principle between owner Assem Allam and Turkish media mogul Acun Ilicali.

Hull City have released a statement confirming due diligence is taking place between the Allam family and a prospective buyer as the takeover of the club moves a significant step closer.

The short statement by the Tigers confirms nothing more, as would be expected at this stage of negotiations with confidentiality clauses no doubt in place and neither party wishing to jeopardise the sale of the club.

The Turkish businessman has agreed to pay a fee believed to be £30million for the club, with a further payment taking the total to £50m should the Tigers win promotion to the Premier League within a certain timeframe.

The deal is understood to have been struck over a week ago, with the parties now entering into due diligence as Ilicali’s finances and ability to meet the necessary payment are examined, while the prospective new owner will also need to pass the EFL fit and proper person test.

The period of due diligence and confirmation by the club is a significant step forward in the sale of Hull City, with the possibility a deal could now be completed by the end of November should all necessary criteria be met.

While the statement by the club doesn’t confirm it is Ilicali who the Tigers are dealing with, it is widely understood to be the case despite other potential interest around the club, notably from America.

Hull City said the day after the flag controversy: “In light of recent media speculation, we can confirm that the club has recently entered a period of exclusivity for due diligence to take place.

“No further comment will be made at this time.”

Twitter users have since reacted with fans having to slam Hull City as footage shows the stewards eject a supporter over that flag incident…


@ianswatman: @HullCity this is embarrassing

@Tigercroup: Unbelievable.

@jwhcafc: Everyone needs to get one for the next home game to see what they do

@OllieOllie87: This is appalling.

@ArchE56111461: It’s just an embarrassment this club at the moment. 😔

@Toddy9277: I’m the lad in the orange who was getting lent over whata joke what happened considering @hcafcisaac is half Turkish and they knew he was and didn’t have a care in the world but the police after came up to him and said everything okay and they was disgusted also by the behaviour

@sam_mellodew: Doesn’t deserve that at all, very good of the police to go check he was ok and to reassure him, it’s so strange because we polish flags when grosicki played for us and multiple others over time, just the allams can’t put their egos aside and let the fans have some optimism

@dan1el88: Anyone who attends next home game. Take a Turkish flag with you!!!

@MTommo1454: Mmmm everyone take the Turkish flag next home game then

@1280sue: How pathetic @hullcity, these are fans that keep the club going, that turn up to support you, and you do nothing but bully people. So so sad what OUR club have become.

@Adeg17267926: Ordered my Turkish flag and will have it at the next game.

@Jarvalho1: Blimey, that’s shameful. Stupid too because now fans will be taking shed loads of flags to thr next game

@colinmalin63: Absolutely pathethic @HullCity .No harm done at all. Come out and explain your reasoning 😡

@PhysioPeck: I’m a steward at the ground, same stand too, but not this game. I am ashamed for this happening, especially as I myself am a City fan. Sorry to @hcafcisaac had his flag taken from him 🇹🇷

@hull_city2010: All take Turkish flags next game and see what they do then we all might get chucked out and not have to watch that shower of shit grant McCann football


@nookmell: Due diligence and ehab do not go together at all. Hopefully the old man has told him not to balls this up. Not sure what the Acun is about, but right now the Club is dead on the pitch and off it. Good riddance to the Allams, they should be heroes but brought it on themselves

@TigerDor: Appreciate the update. That’s all us reasonable fans wanted. Also understand that due diligence is a complex process. Onwards and upwards.

@PeterRadiator: cArEfUl wHaT yOu WiSh fOR

@LiamNUFC98: Whoever buys the club I hope it goes well

@FrameThissen: My gut feeling is not a joyous one. I will need convincing that this guy has the best interests of the City of Hull at his heart.


@TypicalBeazo: Thankyou mr Allam, did all you could for this club and I wish you the best for the future! Always in our hearts #allam ⚫️🟠⚫️🟠

@jamesmarr5: Takeover is happening let’s just hope he’s not a cock

@leednorth: Pack up your office and fuck off Ehab, leave some empty boxes for Mcann.

@RichardBibby1: Absolute idiots the Allam’s but we knew that anyway. Get rid of McCann before it’s too late. He’s a dead man walking.Get someone else temporarily in charge. I mean anyone, just to get some fresh ideas in and lift morale #hcafc #allamout #mccannout

@nickmicrotiger: Don’t get too excited guys, Ehab couldn’t run a bath let alone a business deal so there’s plenty of time for the useless, petulant little tit to mess this up!

@LiamWray8: Best news I’ve heard in a long long time!! #McCannOut #AllamsOut

@Soley23_: I’m genuinely so happy. We’ve almost got our club back. 🇹🇷

@HenryWAClark: It MIGHT actually happen. Always a rollercoaster #hcafc

@BenMullaney1: Man oh man I can’t cope with this. Please God let it happen. Give us our club back #hcafc

@inamberandblack: Is this….. communication with fans?! Keeping everything crossed this goes through and the club and fans alike can be reinvigorated and look towards a hopefully brighter future #hcafc

@BrabinsGut: I’m very intrigued to see how they inevitably manage to balls it up from here #HCAFC

@MichaelNUFC_: Hull are getting a takeover aswell, what a month this has been for takeovers

@KDCLegitHD: McCann is 100% sat at home with a paper & pen absolutely shitting it tryna figure out his reasons to stay on as manager, But @acunilicali wants to bring success to the club, New owners & manager before Christmas with some nice January transfer budget. Yes fucking please!!! #HCAFC

@fishoutdolanout: The Allams have been selling the club for so long that I’ll believe it when I see the new owner on the pitch. But I’ll accept the glimmer of hope. #hcafc

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