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Fans shout “this is embarrassing” over five minute VAR check to see if Burnley goal was offside

Fans shout “this is embarrassing” over the five minute VAR check to see if the Burnley goal against Bournemouth was offside.

Burnley were made to wait for the VAR to check whether Jay Rodriguez’s goal would be ruled out with Vincent Kompany was told by officials a potential handball by Bournemouth in the box was not checked.

VAR initially showed a green line as Jay Rodriguez thought he had equalised for Burnley against Bournemouth, before the original on-field call was eventually confirmed after more than five minutes.

As per Sky Sports, green lines appeared on the screen as VAR checked an offside call against Burnley’s Jay Rodriguez, with the suggestion the decision would be overturned and a goal awarded. However, the check, which lasted nearly six minutes in total, continued and lines were re-drawn showing Rodriguez to be offside.

Image one – first line showing Rodriguez onside

Jay rodriguez

Image two – second line shows Rodriguez offside

The second camera angle showed Rodriguez was offside, with the process eventually making the correct decision

Burnley also thought they should’ve had a penalty for a handball by Chris Mepham in stoppage-time with this not checked by the VAR, officials told Kompany.

– Check began with Rodriguez flagged for offside after scoring what would have been an equaliser for Burnley in the 89th minute

– VAR checked to see if the on-field decision of offside was correct

– Initial replays without lines appeared to show Rodriguez offside although extremely tight

– After being shown a numbers of images, a green line then appeared on the screen suggesting he was onside following the check by the officials in the VAR room

– Green line was drawn showing Rodriguez’s knee level with the knee of Bournemouth defender Lloyd Kelly

– Then the line was drawn incorrectly with Rodriguez’s head the part of his body that was furthest forward

– Wait for a final decision continued, causing confusion

– Miscommunication between the officials in the VAR room, similar to what we saw of the wrongly disallowed Luis Diaz’s goal for Liverpool at Tottenham

– Split screen showed Coote deliberating with his colleagues at Stockley Park

– Two minutes and 23 seconds after the green line first appeared on the screen, a red line was then drawn

– Officials kept this decision and upheld the offside

– Entire process took five minutes and 27 seconds.


Mike Dean said when reporting on the Premier League fixture on Soccer Saturday: “As long as it is the right decision, I do not care if it takes 10 minutes as we rushed a decision at Tottenham recently and that was a catastrophe, but it is embarrassing,

“The first still we saw with the green light, it looked like they had the line drawn in the wrong place.”

Deep into stoppage time, a ball had hit Bournemouth defender Chris Mepham’s arm in his own box when challenging for the ball with Burnley sub Sander Berge.

Burnley manager Kompany was confused as to why this incident was not checked by VAR.

“For the first time as a manager, I went to ask for an explanation and the officials were very open with me,” he said to Sky Sports. “Nobody in VAR has told them there’s something to review – and the handball was as blatant as ever.

“The hand from the Bournemouth player near Berge brings the ball down. Why’s it not reviewed? I’m fairly confident this decision would have taken the VAR 15 seconds.”


Twitter users reacted after fans shout “this is embarrassing” over the five minute VAR check to see if the Burnley goal was offside…

@Little_lee82: Just seen the Burnley Bournemouth highlights. 5mins 30 secs to check an offside on VAR! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Same old argument but anything over 30 seconds is not a ‘clear & obvious error’ so stick with on field decision & crack on! 🤷🏻‍♂️

@martin1715: Five and a half minutes for a VAR decision in Bournemouth v Burnley game. Absolutely ridiculous. #VAROUT

@coachhicksy: VAR IS A SHAMBLES! Bournemouth v Burnley Is a joke, taking way too long to give an offside that’s meant to be black and white. Use the technology from the World Cup!! Or Use a cable cam that runs alongside the side of the pitch behind the linesmen 🤷‍♂️

@kathrynxjane: We need the semi-automated offside that we had the in the WC. There is no need for all this faff.

@JasonGollings: VAR making a fool of itself again today. I just can’t believe, in 2023, with all the technology we have, that it takes so long to analyse 🤔 #afcb

@GuyN72: VAR is embarrassing. I’m directly in line with the lino who gave the offside. The Burnley lad was miles off. There’s absolutely no controversy. No idea how VAR draw the lines but there was no way he was close to being on(side). The system is a total farce. Bin it. #afcb

@Isango8: The original rule for VAR was that it was to be used for clear and obvious on field errors. Taking 5 mins to decide whether a line is wonky or not is not clear and obvious. Nothing will be said of course because it’s only AFCBVSBUR #afcb

@ExiledGooner: Longest VAR check in PL history apparently. #clownswithcrayons 🤡🖍️

@afcbptfcbob: Longest VAR check ever. What a farce. #afcb

@bifana_bifana: Another massive triumph for VAR. Goal on 88′ for Burnley to make it 2-2 at Bournemouth, ruled out for offside after SIX minutes looking at the angles on telly. Once again, if you have to look at it that long, just give the goal, you lunatics.

@Danarsenal87: This really is embarassing from the officials again! Every week 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

@PhilStirling: Terrible experience as well as a match going fan, football needs to learn from rugby

@ptgorst: Difficult to have sympathy for any perceived wrongings for managers now after their chance to make a collective stance to improve officiating went begging after Spurs v Liverpool. Bleating about subjective calls just doesn’t cut it now.

@ChrisAFCB: It’s not even that close. It’s obviously offside. Much closer calls resolved quicker but at least justice done in the end

@Ian1892T: Zero sympathy. They all had their chance to get on the right side of things but instead told us we just need to make the best of it and mistakes happen.

@ForestFanF13794: 🤣 it was painful to watch…. Work experience kid on VAR tech today. Right decision to stick with the on field decision, since it wasn’t “clear and obvious” that the linesman had got it wrong

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