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Fans shocked with Isthmian champs, based near London Airport, allocated National League North place

Fans were left shocked with Isthmian champs Bishop’s Stortford, based near London Airport, being allocated a National League North place.

Bishop’s Stortford have no choice but prepare to spend a huge amount on fuel as they get set for the National League North next season.

They hoped for a place in the South Division after winning the Isthmian League Premier Division title.

They will now have to travel long distances, including the likes of Blyth Spartans, South Shields and Darlington.

Peterborough Sports and King’s Lynn Town will be the Blues’ shortest travel distances to players and supporters.

Stortford could have had a completely different outcome if St Albans City had won the National League South playoff final against Oxford City at the weekend, but lost 4-0 in incredibly bad fashion.

They previously endured life in the North, having spent time in that division when they were transferred from the South for both the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons.

The team finished 10th in the 2012-13 season and 17th the following year before returning to the South where they remained until 2016-17 when they were relegated.

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As mentioned, some fans were shocked with the Isthmian champs, based near London Airport, being allocated a National League North place, this is what’s being said…

@SallyJones143: This does allow @fa to claim that Wembley is actually in the midlands, thereby justifying their decision not to relocate the National Stadium

@ClaretsXtra: Understand it’s not ideal, but who else do you think should have gone there? It’s the correct pick, it’s very unfortunate for yourselves.

@ConorW_2000: That is utterly outrageous, Bishop Stortford should be in the South, not the North. Someone clearly within the FA has never read a map before. I hope you appeal.

@PlannerTomB: The National League North will have 5 teams south of Watford Gap next year, and 1 south of Stansted Airport… This is not where the north – south divide goes!

@MaximusOwen: Is it really regional football when the league includes Spennymoor, Bishops Stortford and Gloucester?

@Dodders_02: Absolute joke. 10 minutes away from Stansted Airport but in the Northern League. Pisstake

@DavidSa95438846: Next to London Stansted Airport and in the North, joke decision

@djhancock1980: Get yourselves a big coat bought

@KierenFlanagan: What a joke, travelling up to places like Darlington, how can Stortford be a northern team

@tonywaters: Away trips to Darlo, Blyth, Spennymoor, Shields, Southport, Ashton, Scarborough, Chorley, Chester, Scunthorpe, Warrington. I’ve probably missed other long trips too. Feel for you guys.

@IAmVanDerStaff: That’s an absolute joke.. in the northern division 30 miles from London. Local derby against Kettering town

@rod_stringer: What a blow for BSFC not ideal as there are some long journeys all up north as I have experienced it first hand with BSFC I thought it was a great league and experience to manage in the CN with lots of great memories at BSFC it’s a tougher league then the CN then CS for sure 👊🏻⚽️

@l_j_mx: Stortford away to Blyth 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

@GunnerBeGood22: Hope you’re going to appeal, if memory serves me correctly we got stitched up for the North last time we were in the National League.

@calper97: Killer for the club, and all the people that worked so hard to get us promoted.

@athole52: Blyth away on a Tuesday night

@R0hanF: Oh Jesus Christ that’s so bad, feel for you guys

@Jokerclub: Wtf that’s ridiculous

@badgermatt13: Looking on a map i’m saying by a fractions Braintree is further north than Stortford…….. farcical decision

@JoeToonMad1: @Ryanair Newcastle-Stansted would be a good route to make.

@Tottenham_DC: @fa the most inept organisation in the country.. Who sat round the table and thought this was a good idea? 🤯

@mdavisontafc: Feel really bad for them but unfortunately it makes sense. If you’re gonna travel to Braintree from the North on the M11 you have to get off at the Bishops Stortford exit.

@TheDB30: Seemed inevitable unfortunately. They’ve been in that league before but back then it was actually more southern than it is now. Going to the likes of Blyth, Spenny, Darlo, Scarborough and Southport is gonna be a tough gig financially for them.

@markalanbaker22: Great Travel Links In/Out of Stansted Airport to be fair 😂

@Lewis__Lawrence: 🤣🤣🤣 what a nightmare.

@iphillips_efc: Terrible news after such a big achievement getting promotion this season

@Scott_Weaver14: Does this ridiculous, albeit right, decision spark debate for a third regional league for all the clubs north of London but nowhere near The North?

@AlasdairGold: Mad when it happened the last time years back and mad that it’s happened again. It financially crippled the club with the travelling. Take a look at where Bishop’s Stortford is on a map of the UK & try to figure out how they could play National League North football next season.

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