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Fans send best wishes to Marco Gabbiadini as he faces ‘shock’ triple heart bypass surgery

Fans send their best wishes to former footballer Marco Gabbiadini as he faces the ‘shock’ of needing a triple heart bypass surgery.

The 56 year old has urged anyone worried about potential symptoms to see a doctor straight away after experiencing his own medical diagnosis.

Gabbiadini, a pundit on BBC Radio Newcastle’s Total Sport programme, recalled how he had a “slight issue” in his chest earlier in 2024.

He was due to have the procedure on Wednesday the 22nd, but on the day of it, he tweeted: “Unfortunately surgery not happening today. Nothing serious I’m a priority to be seen asap, not sure if that’s good news really, Good news is no hoovering or gardening or watching sport on TV! A bit stressed but all the messages have been a comfort so will keep them in mind!”

Marco Gabbiadini out for a walk in the fells

The slight issue with his chest lead to him seeking medical advice, and found out the results of an angiogram: “I found out I’ve been working on about 20% of the capacity of my heart.”

Gabbiadini reveals he noticed symptoms after returning to the gym a few months after he suffered a shoulder injury.

He said: “I started going back and was trying to do some cardio and just as I was getting to the higher end of my heart rate I started to feel some heartburn.

“Also, we had a couple of country walks and I was lagging behind a bit on the hills which normally is not an issue”.

He decided to go and see his doctor, then came out of it with an operation scheduled in for a triple heart bypass.

Now he wants to use his profile to help others, saying: “I’m usually pretty private but I just felt we’re privileged to have this platform and I just wanted to highlight it and get people to do something about it if they have an issue.”

Julie Ward, a senior nurse at the British Heart Foundation, said he “did the right thing”.

“Our fundamental message is if you do get any pains in the chest, the back, the neck, the jaw, the arm, don’t ignore them. Get them checked out,” she added.

Gabbiadini, who spent much of his playing career in the First Division, made the announcement on the BBC Radio Newcastle’s Total Sport show, saying he has been struggling with heart disease, operating at around 20% of his heart’s capacity.

The angiogram procedure is a form of x-ray used to examine blood vessels. Gabbiadini said: “I’ve had some tests done, following up from a slight issue I was feeling in my chest. It turns out that I’m having a triple heart bypass on Wednesday (May 22).

“That was from an angiogram procedure I had about 10 days ago. The results weren’t very good so I’ve ended up facing some surgery. So a bit of a shock more than anything.

“They call it heart disease and that’s what it is.

“We had a couple of country walks with the grandkids and I was lagging behind a bit on the hills, which is normally not an issue, but it ended up being something that was a bit of a slow burn.

“I had a stress test in early March this year, then they hustled me through to this angiogram and they found out that I’ve been working on about 20% of my heart’s capacity.

“It could have been a lot worse. I’m thankful that I’ve got to this stage and the NHS is fantastic.

“But we have a few issues. We had a bit of interaction with the British Heart Foundation and the figures are pretty daunting; the waiting lists and number of people.

“It’s our country’s biggest killer unfortunately and I want to highlight that. The littlest thing can turn out to be quite serious as it did for me.”

As mentioned, fans send best wishes to Marco Gabbiadini as he faces the ‘shock’ of having a triple heart bypass surgery…

@DeanoCummings85: All the best Marco

@1892N14197: Get well soon Marco.

@willlin52744521: I went to watch my team ITFC play Sunderland at Roker Park back in the day….We lost 4-1 and Marco Gabbiadini scored a hat trick & then got sent off,Best of luck fella.

@FulwellEnd1879: Best of luck Marco, the SAFC family is right with you lad

@Krs0774: Also I am going to listen right now, I just lost my dad who suffered with heart conditions and it runs in his family. So thank you for highlighting this.

@BolamJeff: Football rivalry doesn’t come into it. Good luck Marco speedy recovery 🇬🇧🏁

@Phillip60156153: Good luck Marco

@73Newton: All the best Marco, I had bypass surgery in December, after a minor heart attack. I probably ignored a couple of signs, and like you I was in the bottom 10% for being susceptible. It’s a massive shock, please keep using your profile to highlight everything about your experience

@bainsharjyot: Get well soon marco 🙏🏾

@mikedun95307737: hoping you have a speedy recovery Marco your total sport family.

@erasmus_binks: All the best for a speedy recovery Marco

@Tonyc1234: All the best Marco you will be fine 👍

@Cambois_Lad: All the best, Marco – John (Newcastle supporter)

@kevba1971: All the very best Marco.

@joegray1892: Best wishes Marco and a speedy recovery

@MillyG71338: Well done for speaking out Marco. You’re not alone.

@mfraser75: Get well soon from a toon fan

@AlanMar09752131: I had a quad bypass 17 years ago. Keep us updated and don’t forget your pillow – they will tell you about that after the opp. Good luck

@kingstonbob01: Very best wishes Marco. Hope all goes well and you have a swift recovery.

@1879RednWhiter: Good luck and best regards with your surgery, (olé, olé) Marco! 👊 ❤️🤍❤️

@toon_jules: All the best for a speedy recovery Marco. Look forward to you complaining about Sunderland next season 😂🖤🤍

@tenchylad: Aw no way , wishing you and you’re family all the best Marco. Wearside is with you. 🔴⚪️💪

@Krs0774: Marco, best wishes for you (and those close to you). Legend and iconic player all the Rams are right behind you. This is important information for all.

@alma54: Best of luck with the surgery Marco, and thanks for raising awareness

@dam_1973: Toon fan here and this is such sad news. Crossing fingers for a successful procedure and speedy recovery

@derbysuperrams: Hope all goes well and you have a successful and speedy recovery 👍🐏

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