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Fans seething as Wycombe player gets away with OBVIOUS punch at Luke O’Nien

Fans have been left seething as a Wycombe Wanderers player gets away with an OBVIOUS punch at Sunderland‘s Luke O’Nien on Saturday.

At that point, Lee Johnson’s side were leading against the Chairboys with the score at 2-0, and should have been a player up after the bizarre decision of Anis Mehmeti to hit out.

Unfortunately for many, there is no VAR (video assistant referee) in League One so there was no re-watching or playing back to witness the punch.

While from the stands and touchline it was very obvious to see, the referees missed it and the match continued.

Sunderland had taken a two-goal lead courtesy of goals from new signing Ross Stewart and Elliot Embleton at the Stadium of Light.

When discussing the match on the EFL’s highlights show on Quest, presenter Colin Murray decided to review a clip which showed Mehmeti throwing an arm at O’Nien in the off-the-ball incident.

“Loads of incidents to talk about here including this,” said Murray. “Who punches Luke O’Nien by the way? Literally the nicest man in the EFL.”

Former Reading midfielder and studio guest Jobi McAnuff added: “It was a hard one to see. I think it might have been Mehmeti. I hope I’m not doing him a disservice.”

You can also just about hear manager lee Johnson and Luke O’Nien talking about what happened here…

As mentioned, fans were seething as the Wycombe player gets away with an OBVIOUS punch at Luke O’Nien, though there was others that had something else to say…

@_danmcdonald: The only regret Mehmeti should have is that he didn’t punch O’Nien harder

@karlknight31: @JHunterChron clearly a punch of ball on o’nien surly EFL have to act that’s an assult in am other walk of life

@lewygsafc: Decent first half. Took our chances which is what we needed. Wycombe have been good but haven’t created too much against us. How tf the punch on O’Nien wasn’t picked up and the player sent off is beyond me. League one refs are a joke. HA’WAY THE LADS in the second half!! #SAFC

@trevornelson201: Surely the @wwfcofficial player will get suspended later for that blatant punch on Luke O’Nien

@acacia_jude: That should of been a straight red card on that player from Wycombe Wanderers when he punched my favourite player Luke O’Nien in the face yesterday during the match #SAFC @SunderlandAFC @Frankie____

@snaith_76: Minging that like

@CarlHawman: So glad we beat them, horrible side. I love the physical side of the game but that is a disgrace

@DJB_1976: Hello is that a 3 match ban I see incoming?

@RobLow_7: Let’s hope that #EPL will be looking into this retrospectively…. but I won’t hold my breath

@_reganrobinson_: no officials saw this 😭😭😂

@_Daryl_01: Nasty right hook

@hindsatron: That’s disgusting. Come on @EFL highlight this behavior to the FA.

@watfordmackem: Has their manager called the police for thus assault?

@BretGibbs6: Hope the fucking FA will look at this

@PhilipGibbs73: @daRealAkinfenwa is always a pleasure to watch @SunderlandAFC, he’s BIG, but strong, fit and worthy of a shirt in any @EFL club, his team mate is a git.

@PhilipGibbs73: @EFL and @SunderlandAFC need to have this looked at. @wwfcofficial are a good tough club but there are standards in all sports and this guy is an idiot that needs a talking to.

@PlannerMarj: The @EFL need to review this. Absolutely disgraceful.

@hushlaa: EFL must take retrospective action against this?? @ALS_Fanzine @RokerReport

@_toosb: You dealing with this I assume @EFL?

@jonr1d: Wycombe are the most disgusting team in the football league. Awful bunch. And a manager that thinks he’s out of Guns and Roses.

@Tommyesafc: This to me just proves how disgraceful the refereeing is in @SkyBetLeagueOne damn right bloody disgrace. @SunderlandAFC

@Stuartftm1983: Got to be investigated

@Sunlunfan: How was this not seen btw?

@StewHellens: Possibly.. Probably.. The clearest red card garn….. L1 officials are fuckin pap #safc

@rowansbaxter2: Hope he gets a big ban

@Tezz3x: Still missed his target

@chrisfairley191: Has to be punished for this. Disgusting.

@kielwats0n: Not O’Nien’s biggest fan, but think he is soft as clarts here. If this was Daryl Murphy, he would be tarred and feathered and hung by the gallows for that.

@Capt_Fishpaste: Luke O’Nien was brilliant today. #SAFC much harder to bully when he’s in central midfield. He literally gets punched in the face and doesn’t give a single shiny shite.

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