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Fans reckon they’ve seen the worst VAR decision in the Premier League this season

Fans reckon they’ve seen the worst VAR decision in the Premier League this season and it comes from Brentford’ win over Watford.

Pontus Jansson produced a last-minute header to break the Hornets’ hearts and gave the Bees a third successive top flight win for the first time.

It looked like Emmanuel Dennis’ powerful strike after the break was enough to earn a point for Watford, but the final scoreline pushes them even closer to an immediate return to the Championship.

Brentford took the lead thanks to Norgaard, with Kristoffer Ajer flicked on Ethan Pinnock’s long throw, and the Dane was there to hit home from close-range.

The game turned around in the first 10 minutes of the second half. After Ivan Toney squandered a chance to extend Brentford’s lead, Dennis fired home from a tight angle to make it 1-1.

Initially disallowed for offside after Sarr’s flick on from Moussa Sissoko’s cross, VAR intervened and the goal counted, yet so many thought VAR made the wrong call on this occasion.

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The home side pushed for a winner, and after smashing the ball against the bar with a free-kick through Dennis, Louza couldn’t score from an open goal before Jansson provided Brentford with a late winner.

The result leaves Watford in 19th, six points from safety having played two more games than Everton.

Watford boss Roy Hodgson: “I think had we continued to play throughout the second half as we played in the first half and we’d have lost the game, I would have been standing here telling you that it was fully deserved and we were nowhere near good enough.

“But with the second-half performance, I’m entitled to say that wasn’t the case. We got our equaliser and came close to getting a winner.

“To lose it with the very last action of the game, I thought it was a bitter blow and not one necessarily that the players or the club deserved today, or certainly the fans deserved because for the first time since I’ve been here, we gave them something to watch in the second half that they appreciated.

“When that one didn’t go in [Louza’s late chance], it seemed that maybe the chance we might just create to get that winning goal was going to be Louza’s. The fact they go the winning goal was a real slap in the face at the end of the game because I don’t think it was a deserved outcome.”

Brentford head coach Thomas Frank: “It’s been in many ways a crazy season for us, a remarkable season.

“We’re now on 39 points, try to keep focus on winning the next game and finish as high as possible.

“We’ve had three last-minute winners this season and that shows two things: we are unbelievably fit and that’s why we keep going throughout the game and the character and the mentality of the group of players is remarkable.”

As mentioned, fans reckon they’ve seen the worst VAR decision in the Premier League this season, others debated that…

@nufcchazo2: i was struggling to see how they came to that conclusion

@King_Nixie: Just GET RID OF VAR. It takes far too long, regularly requiring several minutes. It rarely leads to better decisions than we would otherwise. And most importantly, it ruins the best part of the game as players and fans can’t celebrate goals because they’re unsure!

@PStandall: That was never allowed…Surely

@rt_batley: and kane was offside vs Southampton 😂😂

@Pandamonium1881: You don’t need a line to see that this is offside

@FergusCafferty: Everybody focuses on the drawn offside line, looking to see if a toe was a mm onside or offside. Nobody ever asks if the correct frame was paused. Like in this example – there is literally no way to know if the ball has left contact yet with passer’s foot, it’s a complete guess.

@SoCalJohnB: None of the VAR calls make any sense anymore

@markead: I was baffled also. Seen it about 10 times and couldn’t understand why onside. But there you go, the weekly VAR mess continues. Can’t even call it on the badge this time !

@DAZM6988: I said this on Saturday, this is an utterly disgusting decision. Luckily watford lost anyway, but imagine they got a point and it was that point that kept them in league #Unbelievable #Corrupt

@Liamdodson: This goes to show that just cause it flashes up green/onside doesn’t mean it is (I was under the impression the system automatically decides itself once the lines are drawn, apparently not). Decisions can easily be manipulated/changed at the say-so of officials

@BCantona7: We need to change the rule so offside goes off feet and nothing else. Gives a nice advantage to the striker and clears cases like this up. They also have the technology to show these views from above, would be easier for people to understand

@ecleveland1234: Wait, what the fuck???

@DanCCFC_: VAR should really be simple for offside. Just an angle straight down the line, if he is clearly off then give it off, if it is too close to see by eye then go by the referees decision 🤷‍♂️ It shouldn’t be using these lines to decide fine margins

@Tom___Angell: Sorry but I now have no idea what VAR looks at then.

@TheTrickyReds20: Premier league is the most profitable league in world football without a shadow of a doubt but it’s high time we got world class foreign officials not gonna lie.. I mean they have the money to pay them so why not ?

@WatchedToffee: That’s abysmal. Who was VAR? That’s as clear as day.

@AlexMathieson95: What 🤣🤣🤣

@keiranEFC_: Is this acc real? 🥴🥴🥴

@JustIggyy: I literally was so puzzled watching this live yesterday.

@Tunni90: State of our referees running VAR summed up here! Ridiculous 🤣🤦‍♂️

@craigtbfc: @premierleague just to confirm you are allowed to score a goal with your head right?

@srobbo034: Lol what the fuck is this. VAR is pony how ain’t that offside?

@Ethan_LAHK: This is probably the worst call VAR has ever made it’s clearly offside

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