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Fans raise thousands for fundraiser to try save Morecambe who face expulsion from League Two

English football fans raise thousands for a fundraiser to try save Morecambe FC who face potential expulsion from League Two.

Sammy McIlroy, a former manager of Morecambe, is one of these to have expressed his deep concern over the potential demise of the Shrimps.

The former footballer said it would be devastating for him personally if the club were to go out of business.

Speaking to The Mirror, he said: “It would break my heart to see Morecambe being chucked out of the League, having points deducted or, worst of all, going to the wall because it’s such a long way back.

“It would be a terrible shame if nobody comes to the rescue.

“I hope they are not just waiting for Tyson Fury to bail them out because he’s got other things on his mind at the minute, like trying to win his world title back.

“Hopefully someone from the business community will step in and see the potential.

“It’s a smashing little club and they may not have a big-city following in numbers, but the supporters are loyal and passionate about their club.”

Morecambe finished 15th in the fourth tier for the 2023/24 season, facing a setback when they were deducted three points due to their failure in timely payment of their players.

After the campaign ended, it was farewell to manager Ged Brannan, chief executive Ben Sadler, and 16 players. Consequently, Morecambe finds itself without a manager, chief executive, and only has just five players under contract.

The board directors express concerns about the club’s future unless owner Jason Whittingham sells to a potential buyer from the US.

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Save Our Shrimps #SaveOurShrimps.

Morecambe FC is a proud club, with a history spanning over a century.

We like many other clubs in the EFL, have an ownership issue.

Whilst an independent regulator for football is not forthcoming, us Shrimps fans need to fight for our club survival.

We need funds.

This is a Shrimps Trust fundraiser. We need to get money into our coffers so that we have the financial resources to either have a financial stake in our beloved football club and attempt to secure its future, or protect the existence of a football club in Morecambe should the worst happen.

Please support our campaign. Shrimps’ fans now is the time to unite, now is the time to put our money where our mouths are.

To the wider footballing community- this isn’t just a Morecambe FC issue, this is a football pyramid issue. As such we call on you for support too.

If you don’t want to see another EFL club fold, due to mismanagement, and you feel passionate about the lower leagues in this country. Please help Save Our Shrimps.

This is an impassioned plea from us Shrimps, to the wider footballing community, help us get this campaign to go viral. Help us raise funds to try and save our wonderful, community club.

*** Due to the fast-changing position of the Club’s plight, if this campaign is determined not succeed in raising enough funds to purchase a significant share of the Club, the funds will be used in other ways as determined by the Trust Board. This may include projects such as developing the land at the side of the hurley flyer, or a fan zone at the ground. If you give generously, you can rest assured that the money you give, will go towards either saving or improving our club and spend will be subject to member approval.


Troubled Morecambe warn they face extinction as entire squad leave except FIVE players

Morecambe’s board of directors published an open letter to Jason Whittingham telling him to do business with the “US-based potential buyer” to save the club from potential extinction.

It read: “We are writing this open letter to reiterate what was said to you during the meeting we held with you today, during which you updated us on the critical matters of funding and the sale of the Football Club.

“Sadly, your future funding assurances have now failed to come to fruition so often that, in the absence of substantial funds from Bond Group landing in the Morecambe Football Club account, they come across as meaningless, and we must take them as such in order to be responsible.

“As for the Middle East-based potential buyer you first told us was interested in buying the Club approximately a year ago, you have provided no tangible evidence or introduction during this time to enable us to consider them serious or credible.

“You have one apparently serious offer on the table from a US-based potential buyer which, based on what we know, is the most credible which has been made since you placed the Club up for sale over 20 months ago.

“Please accept this second offer now, so that there is a chance that a sale might be completed, and a catastrophic outcome be avoided.”

This is what fans are saying on Twitter as they raise thousands for a fundraiser to try save Morecambe FC who face potential expulsion from League Two…

@afcb_r0b: Done. Good luck guys, we are all with you.

I’ve chucked a few quid in.
Torquay fans know what it feels like
Best of luck.
Football family sticks together

@shellbell1471: Done from a Wednesday fan. Wishing you all the luck in the world x

@RacecourseRed: Done. As a Wrexham fan I have experienced what damage poor owners can do to a football club. Best wishes to you in your endeavours.

@brownl19: Calling all old mfc players let’s spread this please @kenyon03 @KEVIN11ELLISON @Aaron_Wildig @LukeConlan1 @ripley_connor @g11klt etc

@Hopey_Media: @ellis_platten @BlairMcNally1 @BBCSport @footballontnt @SkySportsNews @chris_kammy @aroundgroundsss

@CassBen1: Please give the above a RT if you can 🙏🏻 @KieranMaguire @JeffStelling

@Brad200101: Can we do something ? @burtonalbionfc morecambe welcomed us to the football league don’t let them die! #bafc

@randomitfcfan: Hope things will go well for you soon we were like this few years ago and know how it feels

@Keil_clitheroe1: No club should ever have to go through this kind of uncertainty. We was close to going before again and wouldn’t wish it on any other club. Football needs to be better regulated. Good luck @shrimpstrust. @ASFCofficial 🤝 @MorecambeFC

@RyanCunningham_: This shouldn’t be happening at any EFL club! Please help raise awareness @GNev2 @GaryLineker @alanshearer @RealRomfordPele @JeffStelling @chris_kammy @Fizzer181 @WayneRooney @KEVIN11ELLISON @kenyon03 #SaveOurShrimps @MorecambeFC

@Matt48Mattvinyl: Good luck we’ve been there at AFC Wimbledon

@lewie74: Another club that is owned by a bad owner. This needs sorting out. We can’t go on seeing the football family suffer anymore. The government needs to get this bill signed off ASAP.

@Brandon98411265: No club should ever go through this! plus morecambe is a rate piss up!

@VaniaMorozov15: Please help us save our club ❤️🦐 #SaveOurShrimps

@CassBen1: We know what you went through with the Allams, please support us in our fight against incompetent ownership @HCOSC_Official

@TrollopeDanny: @Tyson_Fury

@snoopythepilot: Good luck to you all #ReadingFC

@PremiershipYrs: Morecambe FC are my local league team. I’m a former season ticket holder and programme contributor from the glory days in Non-League. Their position is perilous and I hope a solution can be found. No club deserves to be in this catastrophic situation. #OnceaShrimpAlwaysaShrimp

@RayCassar1: If you are a true football supporter please share this. It can not be allowed that another club goes to the wall because of an improper and unsuitable owner. Stand up for the fans.

@TUSTCOYY: If any can help then please do!! A fair few clubs know what this feels like, and if we can help to stop it happening again then we will. #TUST #TUFC #UTS #Shrimps

@Walsallfantasti: Sad times at morecambe and it’s because of 1 person who has mismanaged the clubs finances the EFL need to do better @VitalWalsall @WalsallFanTV Football fans are standing with the morecambe fans

@SellBeforeWeDai: Fully supportive of this. From one set of frustrated supporters to another – wishing you the best of luck. Get donating if you can 👇 #FootballHasAnOwnershipProblem #JasonOut

@ploehmann: Don’t let another club get killed by a so-called owner 👇

@tarniaelsworth: Amazing to see this getting shared far and wide. Football is a family, yes there are club rivalries, but ultimately we all want our wonderful lower league clubs to survive. Please keep sharing this, tag folk, get behind us. And donate if you can. #SaveOurShrimps #UTS 🦐

@OliMGraham: Before our eyes, this community club is dying and Jason is to blame. We NEED independent regulators and we NEED stronger and more in-depth background checks of prospective owners; but all we need right now is our club back. Answer the call, hear our plea, #SaveOurShrimps 🦐

@WorthingtonBaz: #wafc can we give this a share and show support, as Latics fans we know what they are going through

@officalassc1: A situation no football fan wants to experience with their club, help if you can.

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