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Fans questioned for supporting lower league teams in ‘worst footballing opinion ever heard’

Fans have been questioned by a podcaster for supporting lower league teams in what is deemed the ‘worst footballing opinion ever heard’.

These lads, known as ‘Half A Yard TV”, describe themselves as ‘a group of passionate guys who love expressing their views on the beautiful game, reacting to football videos and providing entertainment for you all!’

But it seems their latest take hasn’t gone down well, riling up the English football community with hundreds of fans commenting their criticism to the unpopular take.

One podcaster said: “I saw QPR fans today and I was thinking to myself, why do people support I would love to have a conversation with QPR fans to actually understand why these must support these teams.

His mate followed up: “This might be controversial, but I don’t think you can proper be into football and, like, only support that team. You gotta have, like, a Premier League team, someone that you enjoy in a Prem or something like that. Otherwise yeah, you know, I mean, it’s like I can’t be Accrington Stanley. It’s the truth though.

After the third guy shuts that claim down, the first person goes on: “Because abroad, that’s what happens. They have their normal team, but then they all support, like a Real Madrid.

“The second guy adds again: “If someone’s an Elche fan, they’re either Barcelona or Real Madrid.”

The third guy says: “If United was to get relegated even to, let’s say, the Second Division, I’ll still be United fan.”

The first guy states: “No, but United already have their history, so that’s different, to be fair.”

Second guy: “That’s a good point.”

First guy: “That’s different though, because you still have your history. ”

Third guy: “It doesn’t matter about your history though.”

Second guy: “QPR. They were recent in it in the Premier League.”

First guy: “No, recently in the prem. When was their success, though?”

Second guy: “I mean that’s kind of success though. How many teams…

First guy: “I can see relative”

Third guy: “You can never write off these teams because you remember Leicester when they won the league.”

First guy: “I can write off QPR for the league”

As mentioned, fans were questioned for supporting lower league teams in the ‘worst footballing opinion ever heard’…

@JayCaulls: Please make microphones harder to purchase.

@Marcello_N: Just because you can make a podcast… doesn’t mean you should

@cole_qpr: Worse than the secondtierpod and that’s impressive to be that bad

@LiamAStewart: I caught things that I didn’t know where contagious watching this clip. Jesus Christ lads🤦

@bwfc_elliot: Is it that hard to understand that you can enjoy watching a football league without caring who wins?

@TweetChelseaUK: Yeah this is embarrassing I can’t lie

@rfc___sam: Armchair supporters never fail to shock me

@Mace_nlr: This is not only disrespectful to the fans. But it is disrespectful to the players as well that trained all Their life to play Football and Professional at that. Football isn’t all about the big teams. This is why games like FM are so popular across the football community

@Lenny_Reid: thinking you have an intellectual advantage by PICKING a football team that wins more 😂😂 i’ve had experiences as a QPR fan that would create the same excitement as a CL final win chemically. don’t tell me making it 4-4 in the final minute at Port Vale didn’t hit the same 🤣🤣

@JamieMellor: That’s what they can’t understand. My emotions following Brighton from League One to Prem, home and away – there have been more intense highs (and lows) than they would’ve gotten watching their side win the Champions League on the telly.

@QPRJake_: You don’t have to ‘support’ a premier league club to watch it 😂

@JackBeighton: trust me fans that properly support teams like Qpr are more into football than any of you clowns

@adam_baker_: Worst football opinion I’ve ever heard tbh

@booni72869: got to be the worst football take I’ve ever seen in my life.

@JackBeighton: trust me fans that properly support teams like Qpr are more into football than any of you clowns

@owls_that: Straight onto my “Not worth a listen” list. You guys need to go an interview proper fans, who support their team in person at any level. Including non league. They’re the ones “properly into football” not just glory supporters. Our game getting very Americanised and I hate it.

@will_pound: If this is you trying to get listeners, this ain’t how to do it 😬

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